SOE not getting another dime from me.

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by FearTheCow, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. FearTheCow

    I bought the Lasher with SC after looking at all the different Heavy Assault weapons, turns out the description is woefully lacking. The gun is a pile of crap, I thought it was fun the first hour or so I had it, then I realized the following:
    - Self/team damage started o get annoying, would be nice if the description said something about the gun being worthless at close range and indoors due to splash.
    - Damage is all over the place, sometimes it kills in a couple hits, usually it doesn't.
    - The description says "long range" yet you cant buy a scope, the bullet spread is not good, and the orbs travel so slowly you have to hope your target went AFK.

    I tried to get the item removed and the SC added back as I feel ripped off for the $4 or so the weapon cost me. So go ahead and laugh and enjoy yourselves for getting $10 out of me, you wont get anything more for your ****** customer service.
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  2. Ico

    The lasher being bad is a known issue. However, why didn't you try the weapon before purchasing??? Beta players argued like hell for SOE to put it in so these types of situations wouldn't occur, but it seems you just went a pressed the big buy button instead of the blue try one!
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  3. Disrespecting

    Okay eh.. While i understand your frustration.
    The only thing to blame here is your own stupidity.. I mean.. You can try the guns for half a hour for free, and you just bought it on a wim.

    You can't blame SOE for that at all.
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  4. WaRadius

    The Lasher is great, but situational and takes some time to get used to. It's your own fault that you didn't try the weapon before purchasing it.
  5. Falaris

    Wow.. what a cry baby over $4? The entitlement generation shining through again!

  6. xboxerdude

    What happens when you make minimum wage and you felt like you just worked 40 mins for nothing....

    Falaris you must be apart of the snobby **** you it doesnt effect me generation
  7. ItchySox

    I do love these, "If you invite me into your house and I steal everything don't blame me, blame yourself for inviting me in." retaliatory arguments. Politics is littered with this **** atm.
  8. Falaris

    Not really, I am just bothered that people playing a very well developed and costly FREE game have to get so bent out of shape over their own inabilty to use the in game trial feature to test a weapon. Then come to the forums and post such an inflamatory title to a post; which did draw my attention to see what could be so wrong. Then to see it is over a $4 weapon that they failed to test and complain that SOE is so bad.

    If you feel that is justified because you are guessing he works a minimum wage job.. so be it. You will have your opinion and I will have mine. We are both certainly justfied in posting them.

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  9. RageMasterUK

    OP didn't try b4 buy = fail

    You get a 30min trial every day. If you buy something you don't like, it really is your fault...
  10. italktowalls

  11. Lynx

  12. velleity

    The lasher has some hit registration problems when servers approach high. (Actuallly, all the guns I use do but it fires slower) I wouldn't use it as a personal weapon anywhere but tech plant doors or clearing some camped room but grenades are much better. It also owns mana turrets due to the splash

    There you will get a piece of every kill that comes through the door until the rendering bug makes whole squads invisible until they are within 10 feet of you.
    You will get more personal kills with a pulsar lsw or orion, but it does provide very competitive xp in this situation.
  13. FearTheCow

    It took about 6 hours worth of using the Lasher in various combat situations to find out just how bad it is. Only having 30 minutes to try it out would not have helped me much as it wasn't until about an hour and half into using it that I started realizing just how bad all the downsides are to using this weapon.

    It really ticks me off that SOE doesn't lose anything by removing the weapon and refunding the SC, I even said I don't care about the certs spent, I just wanted the SC back, and still got denied. Like I said, they got $10 out of me and wont be getting anymore from me because of this bull crap.
  14. WaRadius

    If you jump from a roof and get hurt, don't blame the architect, blame yourself.
    VS doesn't need a soldier who can't even fire the Lasher properly. Go back to TR.
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  15. Gary

    You cant trial something every 8 hours.
  16. Metallideth

    Honestly the trial button should be side to side the purchase button, not at the bottom of the screen. Most people will glance over it if they don't know. Maybe their placement is in the right place and they want so this does happen, think about that.

    We also asked for a VR room to try weapon side by side but they don't want to take the time to make that, even though we were complaining about lack of VR from the start.

    I agree the lasher is still junk, luperza is too easily impressed :p I remember she was telling us before the change how awesome it was. Graphics are nice, but functionality will always trump silly light effects. At least the damage is slightly better than it was, too bad they decided to thrash our iconic weapon.

    @ Fear, I'm sticking with unlocking everything with least if I make a mistake I'm not wasting cash on it.
  17. Ico

    I agree that it's not the most striking button in the game, it'a blue on a black background whilst all others are yellow. However, when you're spending money on something, regardless of ingame or IRL, you really should look at what your buying!!!
  18. TheOneDragon

    I definately remember seeing a "TEST THIS WEAPON NOW OMER GUHERD!" button before purchasing it. For those that cry about the price and want free handouts, tough shizznizzle.
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  19. ItchySox

    Yeee, no, well yes, but it's not the same thing. The outcome here is predictable and no one else determines the outcome. I agree with Fal ^, watchfulness can be argued to be entirely the responsibility of the individual but tacking on responsibility for the actions of someone else is naughty done the way I suggested. Someone actually said something like that to me once. That's all I meant. It's not a good response. The stuff is 'in the air' atm, well here in the UK it is. :)
  20. TheOneDragon

    If your making minumum wage you should be looking for a new job or go to school so that you can get a new job. If you say that "you cant afford school" then enlist in the military and they pay for your college via the Montgomery Post 9/11 GIBILL. I was in the same exact situation, I worked in a hodunk town's dealership changing oil. I enlisted, did my time, did extra time on top of that time (7 years now) and now when I'm getting out have an excellent work ethic, I know responsibility and how to manage my money. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railways loves ex military since they know they can be trusted and dependable, they all pay good money.

    I agree with Falaris, the upcoming generation is a prime example of what uncontrolled media influence in the homes (not blaming anyone here) can do and how detrimental it can be. Parents just want to shut their kids up so they give them what they want without thinking about it, thus that generation has become to be known as the "Hot Pocket Generation", they want everything now, now, now. If they dont get it there way, they b**** and moan about it until they do which then causes the older generations to avoid them because they quite frankly, are embarrased to be seen with them.

    I've seen this plenty of times with new recruits coming in from bootcamp, thinking they are hot s*** to trot when they board the boat. Yes, I socalize with them and I'm cool with them but being a higher rank I demand respect on a mutual level. Had one sailor that back talked me and went against a direct order I was authorized to give them, thus I wrote them up and it was bad enough it went to the CO who stripped their rank and put them on restriction for disobeying an NCO. They then started to "sulk" and "mope" about and started to really negatively affect morale in the division so I had them removed and sent to work with the BM's up in deck dept. which they then violated their restricted orders and were kicked out with an "Other Than Honorable" discharge.
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