SOE not getting another dime from me.

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by FearTheCow, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. DeadAlive99

    It would certainly be better for the trial button to be next to the buy button, and to be honest, in this game, 30 minutes is a very,very short time. It's pretty easy to spend 10-15 minutes just finding a decent battle (no, I'm not kidding), and to get settled in, so to speak. I have easily killed 30 minutes in this game doing nothing but traveling and dying.

    If it's only 30 min. per day, they should change it to 2 hours per weapon.

    On another note, as everyone and their brother has complained about the Lasher, and SOE knows this, they should just refund the money and keep him happy. Really. If it's a bad weapon that they know about....refund the money.
  2. Imij

    I hate when people say this. Stop saying the Lasher is great. It's the worst damage gun in the ENTIRE GAME. It does less damage and less ROF than a pistol. Stop saying it's fine so it gets fixed. Go test for yourself if you don't believe me. Or even check reddit, they have an entire spreadsheet of all the weapon statistics.

    As others have already said, OP, try before you buy.
  3. WaRadius

    I'm not just saying that. The Lasher is the only primary weapon I use as HA and I enjoy it. It's like BFG from Quake III. The Lasher has 100% accuracy if you're not holding the trigger or moving, AoE damage and a huge amount of ammo. It's fine as it is, don't change it into a typical any-purpose pew-pew for CoD kids.
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  4. Imij

    Get your Lasher, I'll get any other primary weapon, and I'll kill you 100% of the time. I have it unlocked. I did so knowing it was garbage. It's bad man. I got it in anticipation of the buffs it will eventually need. You can live in denial and be underpowered all you want. But stop posting that the Lasher is fine. It's not.
  5. WaRadius

    You got on the wrong bus. Planetside 2 is not meant to be played 1on1.

    P.S. If you still didn't get the idea, try killing a ESF with A2G rocked pods. And then create a thread about how useless they are.
  6. Cyba

    Great way of hijacking someone's serious topic to show the world how good you ran your life.

    This is a stupid arguement and why? You don't know if he plays 8 hours a day or only 2, for all we know he works his *** off 10 hours and spends 1 hour a day on a game to have his relaxation.
    I personally am certified 3D artist without being able to get a job because it's a ****** period.

    People can yell and cry about how ''our generation'' is so lazy and all, but you do forget it's not the 80's anymore, back then you had 100.000 more options, you could run a company with only having 2 socks.. These days if you try anything you need 99 licenses, education, friends, people that back you up, and don't forget, government not being on your *** constantly asking for money.

    Simple as that.

    OP has a point, which is... Don't ask for money if the product stinkt. Trial or not, it's not the way to gain money.
  7. Sparks

    Don't worry OP, you got them good your missing dimes are what will put SOE into bankruptcy very soon!
  8. Imij

    lol I'm done with you and your 2 week old knowledge of Planetside 2. Good point man, you totally got me. /sarcasm
  9. WaRadius

    Look who's run out of arguments. If you can't use a weapon properly that doesn't mean it requires a buff. I hope you won't ask for a shotgun buff next time you fail to take out a tank with it.
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