Some major issues with this game. THESE NEED TO GET FIXED IF PS2 IS GONNA SURVIVE

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  1. Ok so planet side 2 has been out for a week now and the game has some very bad issues that need to be resolved

    Number 1. No zombie mode. How they can release this game with out a zombie mode baffles me are they out of their mind?

    2. No kill streaks. when i camp i like to be rewarded for my skill. Thus this game has no kill streaks I have gotten 13 kills in a row no uav no air strike nothing all i get is a +10 xp bonus.

    3. NO QUICKSCOPES!!! Seriously SOE how am I surpposed to make a montage if i cant quickscope the guns take way to long to zoom in and reload.

    4. Copies halo. as any true gamer knows halo was the first FPS ever that had space and lasers in it it was the best game of its time and made xbox cool. Planetside 2 completely rips of halo cause there are lazers and purple and also space things.

    5. No Russians?How are you going to make a game without any ruussian terriost trying to destroy the USA are you an idiot or something everyone knows every great action game has Russians and also the united states saves the day cause america is the only country that matters


    6. No dinosaurs SERIOUSLY????? how are you gonna make a game in space without any laser beam dinosours

    I believe if these mistakes are not fix planet side 2 will just become another game i wasted 60 bucks of my not my mos hard earned money on
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  2. Dammit, you're right.
  3. best post on these forums so far. +1 good sir, +1.
  4. I would definitely agree with the zombie mod !!!!
    MMOFPS ZOMBIE MOD will be a whole new generation of video game.
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  5. Amd thats another thing we should dicth the mmofps crap whats that all about?
  6. I think this game is the worst cod game in the series
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  7. SOE: "How could we have gone so wrong .... all our dreams lost ... like tears in the rain...."
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  8. We need herds of PvE dinosaurs running around on Amerish.
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  9. Veratu SOE

    Props to the OP, this thread made a handful of us literally laugh out loud... good job :)
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  10. Im offensive and i find that russian
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  11. Liked. Brilliant and hilarious post!
  12. LOL, this was great.
  13. this made my night
  14. This was awesome! Thank you!
  16. On a more serious note, why do the vanu have nice butts and everyone else doesn't? :confused:
  17. The irony here is that it's already shockingly close to what the OP jokes about.

  18. who knew purple would accentuate us

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