Some major issues with this game. THESE NEED TO GET FIXED IF PS2 IS GONNA SURVIVE

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  1. Best thread of 2012.
  2. Funny. The only good thing that came of Halo was Red vs Blue :)

    Wouldnt it be great to see an official PS2 style take on RvB here on the website, hold competitions for real game incident inspired storylines ;)

    And actually, to think of it, a bit of hostile wildlife roaming around could be a bit of a laugh. Dinosaurs included.
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  3. Dinosaurs with lasers......
  4. My nerd level isnt high enough to find this funny.
  5. Thats mean ^
  6. I suppose you haven't seen the concept art for the first PS2 expansion?

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  7. SO do we get sharks with lasers on their heads as well??? .....
  8. Needs to be a lobby too, and join small battle areas of say 10 to 24 people, as opposed to this big field stuff.
  9. Soe it seems SOE is paying no attention to my ideas
  10. Haha.
    But seriously SOE give me my money back.
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  11. I fully support replacing the VS Flash with a velociraptor. No matter what weapons we buy for it, just put a laser on the head.
  12. Purple velociraptors please...

    And where would we stuck the batteries???.....
  13. best thread of the year every year
  14. LOL man, this gave me a good laugh XD.
  15. I'm afraid the poor thing would be squished :(

  16. They atny eart dinosours they are space dinosours
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