'Spotting' dead friendlies.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Rebone, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Sometimes I find myself frustrated running through hell taking fire and tank shells to reach a dead soldiers, starting the revive only to see them disappear right in front of me.
    We really need a way to let dead players know the we are coming for them and that they should wait a few more seconds.
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  2. Press Numpad 4 and say callsign I am rezzing you do not release.

    Numpad 4, at least on my system, is proximity chat.
  3. As a note however, I would fully support the Q system being upgraded to work as follows:
    - Someone with a H over them or a Rez Symbol, and you are a Medic, when you hit Q you say I'm a medic hold still!
    - Same thing for someone with an Ammo or Repair Symbol and you are an Engineer.
  4. When I see a teammate dead way out BFE and I would have to run through sniper fire, rocket pods, tank shells, MAX's and a bunch of angry assault rifles... I just get the next dead guy.
  5. Why you want to go on a suicide mission?
  6. Why not? That's the fun of being a combat medic.
  7. Didn't it use to say someone was trying to Rez you in beta? Or was that PS?
  8. ps1 ive been trying to get it implemented for ps2
  9. you sir put the combat in combat medic.

    on topic though it'd be nice in general to have a call system for medics.... between the kids who spam "need a medic" then run while you try to heal them and the reviving people only to have them disappear or not take the revive... it's kind of annoying...

    in the same family though i'd like to see players have the option to turn off the skull and crossbones on death and ability to be revived so you dont put your *** on the line to res some kid who's going to decline it every time anyways...
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  10. That was only in PS1, when you died you could actually see stuff going on around you, so you could see if a medic was approaching you, also when he was attempting to res you, you would get a flash blue text saying 'X is trying to revive you".
  11. Yes yes yes yes yes. Best feature from PS1 for me, might convince me to start rez'ing people who aren't in my squad.
  12. For those knocking the suicide medic.... do it for a bit, with a high rank medical applicator. With Max-1 medical applicator I rez fast enough that I can run into enemy lines and pick people up. Its like on band of brothers where the officer runs through German Lines. There are a bunch of WTF? going on.

    Knife, Rez Rez, pew pew, Rez, pew, Knife, Grenade, Rez, Rez, Pew Pew. 30 seconds in a combat medic.

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