Strikers are still OP against air.

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  1. I did and I stopped using it. Good pilots on my server won't stay on the sky hovering while I lock and shoot 2 magazines on them. They move around, that breaks my lock even without them wanting it. If I ever get a succesful lock it will get flared. If it doesn't because he already used them then he will just afterburn past a building/mountain and get no damage, and even if I hit he would't allow me to lock on him yet another time. Then he just repairs and rinse and repeat. It doesn't stop them from killing you or your teammates, it just makes them go home after having done that.
    At least on my server they serve no purpose and you are better trying to get them down with a lucky stock RL or bring an AA max. Only time they are useful are when massed (but then it stops mattering it it's striker, annihilator or grounder since it's overkill) on really open spaces like camping some warpgates. However I remember good pilots on my server flaring in the last moment, rocketpodding us and then afterburn past cover or to their warpgate and 100 lock ons DID ZERO DAMAGE. Only thing that could damage such smart pilots was flak.

    Also I'm a pilot myself and I think that complaining about lock ons is pathetic. Yesterday I was farming some poor guys with them, since I guessed where they were I just used my hover airframe to hide behind buildings and cut their locks on purpose and make them rage. Then flare and lolpod them mercyless laughting at their useless weapons that did zero damage to me.

    Also, I was getting a lock on some place but didnt find the guy, so I put third person camera and hovered still so the guy hit me, then I turned back on the direction of the rocket, tracked him on top of a hill with my thermal vision and flared his second lock. Then I stared at him while he tried to get a third lock and lolpodded him before he shot it. If he hadn't shot his useless weapon I would have never see him on that mountain and he would be alive.

    Lock ons are bad. People who complain against them are bad. Period.
  2. There are more deaths to 1 shotting phoenixes than to crappy prediction guided strikers.
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  3. People get so focused on if the weapon kills a target then the other factors. Any lock on based weapon is OP on the single fact that it is such a great area denial weapon. Every pilot has two options once locked and fired upon. Run and perform evasive maneuvers, or pop flares and hunt the HA that fired the G2A nub launcher. Problem is they will be invisible until your about 100 meters off of them and you better hope he doesn't have friends as your *** will be toast.
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  4. Wile this is true, the striker is a pre nerf ani, and the ani was nerfed for a reason.
  5. Oh yes I remember the squads of people just waiting for any poor vehicle to come within lock on range.
  6. It has a 300 meter range and takes about 5 rockets to kill something I would say. The speed/turning radius is insanely horrible.

    The striker has a 500 meter range. Takes two volleys to kill just about anything, and half the time a majority of it's rockets ignore flares. Also, after losing a rocket it has a small chance to RE LOCK the target. Not to mention these things are being spammed like no other. Chances are when something is spammed to the point everyone has one. It's OP. Even if it isn't OP if it's spammed to the point it's considered being abused it will get nerfed, because it ruins the fun for other players causing them to leave.

    I don't think the striker needs a damage nerf, but it does need it's range nerfed to about 300 meters. If they do more too it I'll be fine with it.
  7. Funny how the only people in this thread that think Strikers are fine are the people with TR avatars.
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  8. 300m? LOL! So you want it to be worse than the Anni which is better than our Striker? Anni is cross-faction and has the same bugs as the Striker.
  9. Gotta love the TR using strikers with lock on while just staring and pressing a key to kill esfs then coming on to the forums to say ''gotta love the bads in air crying''

    Also i love how only the TR guise are defending it :p
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  10. I've never had any problems with flares until the strikers were released. Considering the devs wanted anything against air to be a deterrent, and not a destruction I find nothing wrong with 300 meters. Honestly, NONE of the lock ons should go past 400 meters. If a pilot is stupid enough to get killed at 300-400 meters that is their fault, but running from a LOCK for roughly 500 meters is next to impossible to do in 3 seconds. It's either nerf the range on the striker, increase the lock time, or nerf the damage. I think nerfing the range would be best.

    Also, the anni can be smash against rocks, and killed. I don't think I've ever managed to evade a striker rocket once fired. This may be a bug, but it also needs fixed. Perhaps if your faction didn't abuse the weapon it could stay the way it is, but at this rate it is going to be nerfed eventually. I suggest you try being a pilot on NC or VS for a week. I doubt you will feel how you do now.
  11. I fly a mossie, and I, for one, cannot stand ANY lockon weapon in the game. I agree, they add NOTHING to strategy, and encourage many terrible habits. I would love to see the striker gone, as well as all other lockon weapons. All they add to the game is a no-go, automatic-damage, zone.

    Computers doing damage for you in any FPS is bad bad bad bad bad.
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  12. They should just make it 3 shots instead of 5.
  13. Yes let's nerf a tr perk. So after this can we nerf nc scat maxs down so it takes them 4 shots to kill? Then we can add vs damage loss on range back to take that perk out.

    Jeez people learn something that's not lolpodding. Each side has something going for it. You deal with that when you fight them. Nc got scatmax indoors is a pain as they pull a lot of them.tower battle just 10 mins ago had 10 or more in the tower we could not get I n had to take it by holding the 2 outside points.

    Vs are bloody ugly to fight at range they geT called the point and click empire for a reason, aiming with their weapons is simple.

    Tr have a striker if you enter our 500m bubble you should expect to get a lock warning.

    So if people want to take away the perks of 1 side let's take them all.
  14. I'm not denying there are bugs with the Striker that need to be resolved (such as the one where if you fire as they pop flares, your lock is maintained), not to mention that the effective range of the striker is < 350. The Anni and Striker (as well as each G2A RL) are experiencing similar bugs and flight pathing due to GU08. The missiles are avoiding terrain now, which is a plus and minus. The Anni suffers the same lock bug as the Striker so... yeah. Let's see an un-bugged version and THEN decide whether or not it deserves a nerf.
  15. Lol you are just saying L2p. What if I tell you that I have not run the so called 'lolpods' in months, that I run AB pods + vortex on a DF3/max flair/max nanite build that is made for air to air fighting, yet I still have a major problem with All lockons and the striker due to their prevelance and the fact that they are a pre nerf ani. Lock on is not a TR perc, If anything, the striker should be turned into a similar firing setup as the engi rocket turret or raven and not this lock on BS. In fact All lock on launchers should require you to track the target and hold the lock.

    I dare say, You need to L2P and stop using the cruch knowen as 'Lock Ons'. At least with the other things you said, they require at least a bit of aim.
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  16. But they all fall under the same line as a perk. Yes it,s lock on and a fire forget system still does change the fact that it's one of tr better perks.

    And a bit of aim. At cqc if your missing a lot of shots go see a doctor you might be blind. Vs using the range they can ya sure they need aim. But a scatmax needing aim is like asking you to point at a moving person just out of arms reach. If ya can't do it ya need help

    The whole point being is yes the strikers bugged tr players have even said so, I made bug reports on it.
    But the nerf this and that threads, people think everything they dont have is op..
  17. How about we buff the Ani back to how it was when it came out then?
  18. The Strikers are okay if you ask me, if you don't have flares up then you should leave the fight when you get locked, simple as that.
    But I would like to see a different lockon sound for the Striker so I know when I should fly away for real.
  19. Some usage numbers from

    Striker: 1159 players used it for an average of 2 hours and got an average of 9692 points per hour.
    Annihilator NC: 750 players used it for an average of 2.77 hours and got an average of 3763 points per hour.
    Annihilator TR: 678 players used it for an average of 2.64 hours and got an average of 3744 points per hour.
    Annihilator VS: 663 players used it for an average of 2.69 hours and got an average of 3785 points per hour.
    Annihilator Total: 2091 player used it for an average of 2.70 hours and got an average of 3764 points per hours
    M9 SKEP(TR G2A): 637 players used it for an average of 2.57 hours
    HAWK(NC G2a): 1014 players used it for an average of 2.53 hours
    Nemisis(VS G2A): 826 players used it for an average of 2.61 hours

    When you lump all of the AA capable RLs together by faction
    TR: 5745 player-hours of AA RL usage
    NC: 4642 player-hours of AA RL usage
    VS: 3939 player-hours of AA RL usage

    Data for the other ESRLs
    Phoenix: 778 players used it for an average of 2.16 hours and got an average of 8080 points per hour
    Lancer: 478 players used it for an average of 1.78 hours and got an average of 9177 points per hour

    Striker: 2318 player-hours of usage
    Phoenix: 1680 player-hours of usage
    Lancer: 1384 player-hours of usage

    So from that data I draw these conclusions:
    The Striker is a significant upgrade over the annihilator(2.5x increase in average score).
    Most of the people that use the annihilator are 4 factioners who wanted one launcher for across all factions(the annihilator numbers are very even across the factions).
    The striker performs only slightly better that the other ESRLs, but it is carried a lot more frequently.
    The NC and VS use their G2A launcher to counter enemy air(25-50% more usage than TR). This weapon is no better than the default RL for dealing with ground targets, and thus leaves them vulnerable to a ground assault.
    When flying against the TR your are 24% more likely to have to deal with lock-ons over the NC, and 46% more likely than the VS.

    So, yes the striker is giving the TR a huge edge against enemy aircraft. Sure a good pilot can avoid getting killed, but against the TR it is flares or die, and even then you spend half your time hiding out waiting for your flares to recharge.
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  20. Thanks for doin this, Will the TR now admit that the striker is a bit over the top?

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