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Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by RedVeyron, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. He shouldn't be comparing an ESF to a helicopter.
    The closest real world analogy of an ESF is a VTOL airplane, like the Sea Harrier, not a helicopter
    The comparison is also a bad one because helicopters and airplanes have completely different roles in the real world. The role that the ESFs of PS2 have is a bizarre combination of the two.

    If the AA was aimed manually by some guy, like in PS2, yep.
    He'd fly high, and have launched his hellfire missiles, and gone home for coffee, probably without ever being spotted. Even if he was spotted, the chance of them actually hitting him would be laughable. It's very hard to find the range of a small speck in the sky.

    The whole 'in real life' argument is no way to balance a game. Whether you want to believe aircraft should dominate, or AA, it doesn't matter. This is a game, and needs to be balanced, even if it's unrealistic.

    Despite all this, I should point out that I'm not against the recent buff to AA. I like it, and enjoy having to put a little bit more thought into how and where I attack as an ESF.
  2. I can kill anything by myself in my 1-man ESF, working as intended.
    1 person in a dedicated AA unit can kill me? What the f***, I thought this was supposed to be a team game?

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