Sunderer & Tank transporter

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Drumax, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Similar to the CH-47Ds in IRL that can transport vehicles, I was thinking possibly having something similar to it where we could transport Sunderer, Lightnings, etc. from 1 place to the next.Reason I was wondering was because you always spawn at the warpgate and myself for example I like to use the Sunderer right away instead of an aircraft. I also saw a few sites where later in PS2 we were suppose to have an aircraft carrier, which would be the same, just a ship in the ocean for the air units.
  2. I'm hoping they don't add one unless they figure out a way to make sure sunderers don't end up on airpads and other places they have no buisness being. Last thing we need is one parked on top of the biodome.
  3. Well, for something like that I would imagine that Sunderers aren't allowed to be dropped from a certain distance from the actual ground, not just solid surface.
  4. Yea I saw it last month, looks really nice, something I'm reaallyy looking forward too.

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