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  1. I'd like to first thank SOE for this amazing game, it has been very satisfying and a huge leap from the last game, moreover I am glad that you are guys are getting the gaming communities' attention and proper funding.

    The game is in it's infancy and I am sure that most of what I write has been said in its developmental stages, and it up for a healthy debate. The overall aim is to increase realism and escapism because when in Auraxis, half the enjoyment comes from the other-worldly sights.
    1. Weather
    2. No Crosshairs
    3. Blood
    4. Terrain Engineering
    5. Light Air Transport
    6. Orbital Drops
    7. Artillery
    8. UAV
    Weather: Rain, clouds, sandstorms, snow, and heavy fog. This will change the dynamics of the battle, limiting the effectiveness of certain weapons, vehicles, and tools at different times. For example, when cloudy, it will be harder for air units to spot ground targets. Squad beacons might not work during over this cloud cover. It changes how to play the game, adding a new layer or dimension to the already complex game structure.
    No Crosshairs:This is an option. It gives players a disability in return for a small bonus percentage in experience, say 10-25%. Mini-map and all Heads Up Display features are revoked, increasing the difficulty on a local level.
    Blood: This would add some blood stains, pink smoke, and drips for a bleeding, near-death soldier. Again, this would be an option due to personal preference and game performance issues. It would add a certain level of severity and mortality to the game increasing the pathos and realism for those who seek it.
    Terrain Engineering: Blockades, walls, bunkers, and barbed wires. This would change the accessibility of the terrain and could be used at a tactical level to set up road blocks, a fortified position in a mountain skirmish, zerg-protection and trap with MG.
    Light Air Transport: This would convert the liberator into a Fire Team transporter, changing the secondary weapon for a cabin to fit four exposed infantry. This with a few certifications put into an agile air frame could prove to be more effective than a galaxy for air mobile infantry for tactical drops. For this, I would set a limit on how high they can eject from and/or include a rope to belay from. This would in turn not step over the Galaxy's function as a high altitude parajump air transport with higher capacity, and would also fill that role in between an individual air transport and a squad transport.
    Orbital Drops: A secondary usage for beacons for a squad leader: At the cost of a hundred or so infantry resource units, it drops supplies to heal and restock ammunition. Won't repair vehicles. It could potentially drop a stock Flash ATV.
    Artillery: This would only work with an infiltrator's sniper rifle's laser painter attachment. Artillery assist experience should be equal to actual kill. Artillery would in fact be a Lightning with an Artillery Primary Weapon and Utility to clamp down for stability. Ammo can change for Armor Piercing, Smoke, Illuminating, and Heavy Explosive. Infiltrator's Laze Painter is a Weapon Modification for 100 Certs for a Sniper Rifle, laze is only visible with Night Vision. It takes a few second to calculate the data with GPS satellites and where the Artillery should point at. Would appear as a waypoint to distinguish the X axis and a secondary line for the Y axis, then the artillery knows where to point her weaponry.
    UAV: This is a tool for Infiltrators to see what is going on, replacing the slot for the Recon Detector Device; can go cloak with attachment. May have the laze painter, from above, if certified. Would be nice addition for the battlefield.

    These aren't all going to get implemented due to current optimization limits, performance issues, and game balance, so please don't act like this is going into the game tomorrow. With that said, if you have something intelligent to say, please address the weaknesses and supplement with your opinions.
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  2. Things I'd like, agree with and why:
    • Weather -Yeah weather, something I want the devs to make really soon! :D
    • Light Air Transport -Sounds interesting. More details?
    • Terrain Engineering -Could you also explain how that would work?
    • Artillery -Sounds sweet!
    • UAV -Would be a nice feature, though doesn't infiltrator already kinda act like that?
    • No crosshairs and no HUD would definitely make the game more fun however I doubt they'll put a big bonus like that. Perhaps 0%-5% bonus tops. (Just being realistic here).
    Things I don't agree with as much and why:
    • What's the point with blood, I see no necessity as to why they should put this in the game. I know blood is seen in other military games however this is a sci-fic world, who knows what happens here (true there are bullets though...). Also it takes time away from the devs to make something that we don't really need (at least I don't need it).
    • Orbital Drops -Hmmm, gotta say kinda reminds me of Tribes and unfortunately I don't see how a drop of ammo (and health, how would that work???) would help considering how there could be an engineer that could dispense ammo. Also another thing we don't really need.
    Once again hope weather is implemented into the game! :D
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  3. Mimicing the previous post, things I agree with are;

    • Weather: No brainer, makes the experience more unique. Make it non-togglable so people who want the experience aren't at a disadvantage to those who want good K/D ratios.
    • Optional HUD changes: I see no problem with that, in accordance with Sky on the experience tho, 5% max would be the most realistic.
    • Combat Engineering: I'm all for being up to throw up some small shields, blockades (like TRAPs from the original PlanetSide), and perhaps even motion sensors / sensor disruptors (also from original PlanetSide)?
    • Air Transport: Oh I do miss the Phantasm from the original game... I would love to see it returned for smaller units like my outfit. The Galaxy attracts way to much attention for truly effective covert airborne flanking, smaller transport ftw.
    Things I'm on the fence over and how I'd change them:

    • Artillery: I'd be okay with this so long as it's Spotter / Gunner kind of relationship. Using the artillery piece, Howitzer for example, should require the spotter to mark the target and provide the gunner a rough icon of where to aim so it's not insta-accurate and requires some fire control correction and communication between the two.
    • UAV: Almost agree with you, would replace the recon-detect to be a more permanent area scan over a wider area. No cloak though, if you're going to have something like that then people need to be able to do something about it. I do think it should orbit at a fairly high altitude though so it's not immediately obvious that a UAV has been called in. No laser pointer, at least not with the first installation until it's tested in game, but would be cool with the Infil's being able to switch to a camera view with zoom and spot enemies that way. Leaves room for human error (which makes things more interesting).
    Things I'm against:

    • Blood: Sky already said it, it's not needed. There are more important things for the devs to be worried about. Besides the game is perfectly successful without it and allows for a T rating over an M essentially reaching a wider audience (speaking from a business standpoint). While it can add realism, "Fun > Realism" which is a concept people are forgetting in games recently.
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  4. blood carries o2 to all the cells in our body
  5. Most of these would just be good gameplay addons that would increase variety.

    However the only things I dislike are blood, weather, and UAVs

    Blood is unnecessary, it really is and time shouldn't be wasted on it.
    Weather would be really cool if it had some in game effects, the only problem is it would tank performance in an already poorly optimized game.
    ESF carrying radars are the current UAVs and they'd be displaced.
  6. I like the idea of weather too. Rain on low graphics settings could be done by having a plane in front of the player with animated texture, instead of the standard particle effect. Rainy wet terrain could make it more slippery, making it harder to move uphills and slower acceleration. Lightning bolts that could strike tall objects and hurt people nearby would be good, mess with airplanes too. Special solar flare-electromagnetic-something that messes up anything electronic is another idea. I don't think a few lightning bolts would cost much performance. Fog is something I want too, makes sniping less effective. All weathers should be predictable, no sudden lightning strike without warning.

    Some would complain that this gives too much benefit for infiltrators with SMG at close combat, and shotguns. It could however be propotional to distance between shooter and target.

    Should be in. The lack of blood effects was a big turn off for me when I first got the game. I did learn to like it later though. As long as it's optional I'm sure everyone would be happy. Bodies that gets blown to pieces would require lots of work and mess up the whole reviving mechanic, sadly.

    Digging trenches sounds cool and could be achieved by simply lowering the terrain vertices and change the texture. After some time the trenches would slowly go back to normal terrain. Digging would only be possible on the right terrain. Force field walls would be good yes. It is mentioned in the roadmap that engineers will get more stuff.

    Nah, just add a passanger seat for the ESF.

    Artillery stuff has been suggested before. With the infiltrator requirement it could work yes.


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