Tank superiority for Lightnings

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  1. and air superiority for Libs and Gals. From both sides. So if you kill a Lightning as an MBT, you get the bonus, if you kill an ESF as a Lib, you get the bonus, and so on.

    I mean why the hell not?
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  2. no no no, it's because of its intended niche. lightning is supposed to skillfarm infantry only with its viper
  3. I don't like Viper for farming, it sucks for defense against tanks =/
  4. Get out of here with your logic, this is forumside!
  5. So what's it supposed to do with its AP shells?
  6. Let TR almost one-shot ESFs with a tank.
  7. I posted this under suggestions, but its more likely a bug. I might even open a support ticket about it just because its so hard to ge their attention on the forums.
    When you fight tanks you get less kills and tank sup. would really be nice for all us AP lightnings. We're good tank hunters, we always were. Also, we are tanks.

    Give MBTs tank sup. for killing lightnings too. Lightnings are better anti-infantry platforms, and the most powerful AA threat. AP MBTs that bring these lightnings down deserve an extra award as well.

    High fives for everyone who doesn't think the lightning is an inferior MBT. Except you TR. Lightnings don't really offer much more then a 1/2 prowler already has.
  8. I like the Lightning as a TR, the Prowler just doesn't feel right for me. And I like single shot cannons. And I like speed =)

    And same for AA libs, daltoning ESFs is hard, why not give us a better reward for it?
  9. My Racer 3 Prowler can outrun a stock Lightning while also melting people with HEAT + Vulcan.

    Come at me bro.
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  10. its cute and all what you can do to a stock lightning. Now lets see how you do against a racer 3. You wont see me leaving a trail. All I got is a little AP with zero splash, but when you see me /yell its because you didnt see me stealth behind the lines to your juicy rear.
    Might only be a single cannon, but it fires every 2.7 seconds. You'll be dead in under 10.
  11. In my entire career tank driving on Matherson I have only ever died to a Lightning in situations where I was massively outnumbered and multiple enemies were hitting my tank at once so it wouldn't matter if a Lightning, Sunderer, Harasser, MBT, or Aircraft had been the one to deal the killing blow, I was dead anyway. The Maximum Anchor Mode + Halberd/Vulcan DPS is great enough I can melt a Lightning before it can kill me even if it is dealing back shots.
  12. Thats because I'm on watterson. ;)

    Your anchor mode is your doom. Take AP plus vulcan. You will not out dps me shoving AP in your rear, and you will never see me in front of you.

    98% of lightnings are terrible. its a cheap tank for noobs to pull
    2% of us max stealth, ap, and reload speed, and terrorize the MBTs

    87 km/s cruising speed baby :D
  13. Actually, he will as 2/2 even with HEAT. With AP he could easily do it as 1/2 (you need 8.1 seconds, he needs less than 5). Been there, done that, got front armor to at least have a chance against the 1/2 HEAT tanks.
  14. Here let me run it down for ya.

    Step 1. Grab stealth, and max it.
    Step 2. Drive all the way, way away around the point, and behind the enemy armor.
    Step 3. Shoot prowlers in the back.

    Yeah sure. Your right. They could out DPS me, but the entire point of stealth is that I get the first strike, which, by the way, is 1000 times better then armor.

    Round 1. 32% damage- He looks at his minimap, and reacts.
    Round 2. 64% damage- He is either desperately trying to turn, jumping out of his tank, or frantically trying to shoot me.
    Round 3. If he doesn't wet himself he will hit me. I respond for 96% damage.
    Round 4. Dead. I reload before he does.

    But If I wanna be real cool I'll ram them, which does just enough to bring this to 3 rounds.

    You can punch the numbers all you want. If your out aiming at some poor target, and all the sudden something is hitting you with that kind of power. your gonna die.

    I have yet to fail at a rear attack since the armor buff (which, oddly helped. I don't know how/why) unless there is a very significant threat that has already spotted me.

    against a 1/2 heat I just need to get the jump on him. 1 surprise shot from the side, and I should be fine. I can always outrun him if it doesn't work out. takes 8 shots to kill me.

    But anyway, enough measuring johnsons. The fact that you don't think I can kill you is probably why I can pull it off so easily. They day y'all get wise is the day I'll actually have to get good.
  15. Prowler are definitely the toughest tank to pull it off on though. thats for sure. Vanny's are the easiest despite the shield
  16. Yes, been there (before stealth needed to be maxed), done that. Got the opening shot on the deployed 1/2 HEAT Prowler before he knew I was there. Result was mutual destruction (was before I got around to certing reload). Against AP or a 2/2 Prowler then the MBT would've just gotten free certs regardless of my reload cert level. Vanguards will just pop their shield and then have plenty of time to turn around or disappear over a hill or behind a rock. I shoot MBTs in the back plenty. Sometimes it works, sometimes they get away, and sometimes they're doing too much damage to stick around and try to finish them off.

    Flanking super far around like that is also quite risky even with stealth. I know plenty of Harassers saw me just fine when I was using stealth.

    Stealth just has different strengths than armor or any of the other options for the defensive slot. Pretty much every one of them can be useful on a Lightning in some combination or another (well, Mine Guard mainly just lets you not pay attention to the road, but whatever).

    In any case, just means that Lightnings have to put in a fair amount of effort to kill a MBT regardless of the method employed. Guess the game thinks that superiority was so obvious it didn't need to be mentioned. :D
  17. And just what if i roll behind you in my max stealth prowler and ram Ap rounds up your tanks rear with max anchor your speed won't save you there as you would be dead before you even hit 25 kph. :eek:
  18. lol yes I would.

    You could probably do that if I had skyguard, but otherwise I'm normally rolling around. Still, stealth scares me.
  19. Thats strange. that 1/2 prowler needs to put 4 volleys in you to kill, and you shoot much faster. Deployed prowlers are easy pickings. they are too busy aiming at some distant target. ITs actually flanking the tank thats hard. they hit from a distance, they are pretty fast, and they hit harder then any tank.

    For vanguards its easy. You hit them from a moderate range. If they shield you back off, and hit them from another angle. Vannys are slow and have a slow reload. It's too easy to outrun them, double back, and finish them. The minimap shows their facing so you know where to hit, meanwhile hes blind to you, and already lost almost a third of his health.

    But mostly the tanks I kill are damaged anyway from the main battle. two rear shots, and one any shot is normally enough.
  20. You.

    I like you.

    You remind me of me.

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