Tank thermal vs air thermal, are you kidding me?

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  1. Tank thermal range, pointless in ALL situations.

    Air thermal range, actually useful.

    Even a friggin liberator bomber, useful.

    So don't tell me the tank thermal is so **** because of balance reasons, an air vehicle has far more angles of attack on spotted targets, hence if an air vehicle has thermal with a range that is actually useful, so should tanks.
    I'm so happy i saw the first video before i wasted 200 certs on this. How can it be more expensive than IRNV but have less range and less usability?

    Fix, please. Thanks.
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  2. Aircraft bias is a wonderful thing.

    This definitely needs fixing. Aircraft thermal range should be relatively low, but right now it seems like its so big that it doesn't really present any kind of downside.
  3. Proof that the devs are ********.
  4. IRNV is the only useful thing we have for tanks, thermal is crap but would like to see it fixed/buff to have a longer range, otherwise spending 200 certs for it is useless better stick with irnv for 50certs :p
  5. What is with the planes? Whats the difference betwen Infrared and Thermal on Planes? I never found someone who could answer this to me.
  6. well other than its less "green" and less blinding.. no difference at all except irnv has a longer range.. if you can bare the green tint, then stick with IRNV much cheaper :p
  7. What is the difference? You cant watch ifr smoke? That would be the only thing + you see much more.
  8. Right? Aircraft should be 20ft from the ground for their optics to work.
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  9. well because we are talking about the thermal.
  10. Infrared Optics is also terrible on tanks. It's easier to see things at night farther than 60m without Infrared Optics.
  11. Thermal energy comes from a combination of sources, depending on what you are viewing at the time. Some things – warm-blooded animals (including people!), engines, and machinery, for example – create their own heat, either biologically or mechanically. Other things – land, rocks, buoys, vegetation – absorb heat from the sun during the day and radiate it off during the night.

    Infrared illuminated cameras try to generate their own reflected light by projecting a beam of near-infrared energy that their imager can see when it bounces off an object. This works to a point, but cameras still rely on reflected light to make an image, so they have the same limitations as any other night vision camera that depends on reflected light energy – short range, and poor contrast
  12. Not sure if PSide will incorporate the full millieu of nightfighting gear.

    In terms of passive equipment, you have infrared detection, tuned to IR since "heat" is just electromagnetic radiation in the longer, nonvisible wavelengths. It would come off of warm equipment, people, fired weapons.
    Then there's light amplification equipment, which isn't specific to hot objects, though "night" in PSide is more dusk, so it isn't particularly useful.

    Then there's active infrared, which would show up like a beam of light to anyone with an infrared viewer. Then there's active visible light, better known as the flashlight.

    I'm surprised that tanks and aircraft have such different thermal systems. But a side-by-side test might be more informative...
  13. For the cost, all vehicle thermals should have the same range as IR. They could even move it in the tree so it is considered an upgrade of the IR. There is no reason it should have even worse range balance wise given the extra cost.

    ETA: I also believe that some vehicle weapons (basically non-driver weapons) should be able to equip two optics with the option to switch between them. ESFs basically have this option now since they can toggle between weapons. (They could put one optic on weapon 1 and another on weapon 2).
  14. Wow - that liberator thermal is SUPER useful - Ill have to get that.
  15. after i finish certing out my mag, i might move to lib a few months. seems like a great way to rack up certs.
  16. I agree that it changes my mind somewhat about thermal usefulness, but I think that liberator is also really low/close to the ground.
  17. Unfortunately not so much as the pilot currently. There are a lot of times you don't get XP (assists). My cert gain is much much higher when I'm in a tank. I do both and while I love flying the lib there are some problems with it currently. Check out some of the liberator threads.
  18. thats why ill get someone else to pilot my lib, there is alot of good pilots in my outfit so im sure a few of them would like a certed out lib to fly.
  19. How do you get someone else to fly your spawned lib? I've never seen that option. For that matter, how do you lock your own spawned vehicles so that random joe's don't jump in when your gunner runs out to swap classes or help cap a point?
  20. What needs fixing is that both NV and Thermal should be removed from the game, since they both only serve to give vehicles/aircraft free kills on infantry that would otherwise be hard to see.

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