[Suggestion] Territory Locking

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  1. The Basic Idea:
    • All territories will have a universal capture time of 20 minutes, said capture time is not effected by influence.
    • After a territory is captured, it becomes locked for 24 (real-world) hours.
    • Locking can be broken if Multiple Enemy Platoons enter the locked territory, thus unlocking the territory.
    • The territory will stay unlocked as long as there still are Multiple Enemy Platoons
    Creating Front Lines:
    • A territory can not be captured unless the attackers have adjacency to said territory.
    • Every territory will have a SCU, destroying said SCU will deny the defenders the ability to spawn at the territory through the main spawn point of that territory.
    • Let's say the TR captures, and locks a territory from the NC.
    • The NC defenders can no longer spawn at said territory.
    • They would only be able to spawn at adjacent territories and the warp gate.
    • Remove suicide hopping so the dispersion effect is controlled.
    • Every base would have several teleporters allowing teleportation to adjacent territories owned by the faction.
    • This would immensely help the defenders, even those without mics, squads/platoons/outfits, coordinate a defense against the incoming Zerg/Mini-Zergs
    Warp Gates:
    • If a faction looses all territories except for their warp gate, their warp gate's shields power down.
    • Each Warp Gate will have a SCU.
    • If this SCU is destroyed, that faction can not spawn on that continent for 7 (real-world) days.
    • If a faction achieves a "World Lock" every player on that faction gets 1000 certs.
    • If a server has been World Locked, nobody can spawn anywhere for a week.
    • When the week passes, All territories adjacent to the Warp Gates will be unlocked and can't be relocked by the faction that had the World Lock.
    Down Time Ops:
    • If a server has been World Locked, there would be something called, "Down Time Ops"
    • These would be organized battles with different scenarios, some of which would be:
    • 2-way/3-way open field tank battles, there would be an open field, teams consist of 100, one capture point in the middle 100 meter's radius. Unlimited tank respawns game ends when territory is captured.
    • Same as above but with aircraft, except objective would be in the air.
    • Siege of Quartz Ridge Camp. 2 Teams 250 each. Defenders would need to defend Quartz Ridge Camp, from the attackers, who are coming from Indar Bay Point. There would be out-of-bounds zones. The only other addition would be a series of trenches running East to West across the entire battlefield. There would be an additional trench every 50 or so meters. Tanks would be able to drive over trenches. No aircraft. Defenders need to last one hour.
  2. There was base locking in the beta. After it was capped there was a 5 minute period where the capture points were safe.

    That was just 5 minutes, and everyone hated it in the forums. Imagine if your 24 hour idea was included...
  3. It helps establish front lines and improves the flow of battle.
  4. Good intentions man, but never worked in practice and people hated it.

    Sometimes they just want static frontlines, like the hoards at the Crown.

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