Thanks for taking the skill out of dogfighting

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by NoXousX, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Flares:
    40 Second CD - 100 certs
    35 Second CD - 200 certs
    30 Second CD - 500 certs
    25 Second CD - 1000 certs

    Just remove skill from A2A fighting why don't you.


    25 seconds is a very long time in the air. 15 Seconds may have been a little too frequent, but 25 is definitely too long. :( Rock/Paper/Scissors doesn't belong in an FPS.
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  2. well this is disheartening... why to they think A2A missiles is the end all for dog fights when they are fire and forget?

    I hate all fire and forget weapons as they are so easy to use...
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  3. I'll quote myself from beta (as I basically predicted this would happen and warned against it).

    The day good players lose to bad players in dogfights will be a sad day.
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  4. Well, modern day dogfight is mainly with fire and forget ballistics rather than WW2/Star Wars aim-and-shoot. Why is why there are countermeasures.

    Speaking of which, are the CM any good against A2A missiles ?
  5. I never understood why devs would decide to put selfguided weapons in competitive shooters.
    Plz get rid of those no skill A2A missiles, they are no fun.
    Exciting dogfights only happen with cannons.
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  6. Havn't played my first official post launch game yet but I will fight these changes on the beaches, on land and in the air!

    Sure is dissheartening to read they dumbed air down even more. Not good at all for the longevity of the air game in general.

    How much room for improvement is it on spamming A2A missles bobbing up and down from behind your mountain ridge or tower?

    Let me fast forward this a cupple of days/ a week and people will have realized reavers can chase after other aircraft ( faster speed anyone ) and you can flare one missle, so that means you need to achieve 3:1 ratio to force people to flare -> run, enemy reaver AB after you 2 people lock on u and you are instant gibbed.

    Yay fun gameplay \0>
  7. Wow wtf is this, flairs were in a pretty good spot at the end of beta. Bring the old flairs back and reduce the cost please.
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  8. K, take out A2G rockets too, because **** letting people attack things that aren't air.

  9. Sigh.

    Real life =//= as fun gaming mechanics.

    Maybe infantry should be forced by their "C/o" to clean their weapons and Sundys for 5 hours every 8 hours? I mean after all that is pritty much what you do in the military, clean stuff endlessly.

    Air cav and flyboys should be forced to sit in the comfy "players lounge" and drink Millers after 65 min in the combat zone?

    Your right, that would be stupid...

    Nobody drinks millers.
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  10. Damn right, there is a reason why star wars,while being scifi, goes for the WWII dogfight approach and not some boring longrange missile BS.
    Because its more fun, and its scifi,you can come up with tons of canon explanations for why this is the case if you care about such things.
    I dont,i just want to have fun,and weapons that find there target alone without me doing anything are simply no fun.
    And all the good PS2 pilots i know agree on this one.
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  11. You've got a 6 second window... you mad that you can't spam flares?? sorry here's a tissue
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  12. Am i mad that they still promote no skill play with the a2a missiles?
    Well yes,i actually am.
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  13. The only lock-on missiles for aircrafts should be A2G and work only when friendly infiltrator marks a target with laser designator. This would at last promote teamwork. Guided A2A missiles aren't needed at all. I would accept them with proper flight model for missiles and better flare system, but not in current state.
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  14. I suspect one possible reason they did this was that everyone and their dog was certing flares (for the obvious reason) in the last period of beta and they are wanting to make other ESF builds (generous word there) more attractive.

    I'm kinda pondering a big dollop into Scout Radar with no secondary weapon for the AB fuel instead (to generally run away like a big girls blouse) and trying to play "empire support" when I'm up in a Scythe.
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  15. LIKED and totally agree. Buff machine gun, NERF A2A MISSILES!
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  16. Garbage.

    I am tired of the old 'that takes no skill' mime.

    Just because you are lacking any kind of evasion skill does not mean that the devs need to remove a system from the game. There is no less skill in tracking missiles than there is in aiming your rocket pods at the ground and murdering infantry. There is far more than the myopic view of the battle you are taking in. Stop whining that something is killing you and learn to deal with it. Air is extremely powerful in this game, you have flares that make you essentially immune to lock on missiles and lock on time is obscenely long. Learn to deal with the challenges on the battlefield.
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  17. I would love to have this especially for my HA AA. However, when the target is designated, make flares have no effect.
  18. Lets make a few things perfectly clear.

    1. You cannot reliably evade A2A missiles in the air. The only evasion possible is losing them through terrain.

    2. I can tell you right now that NoxiousX, along with many of the main pilots against this rarely die to these missiles. However, there is no skill progression when these are the primary methods of combat. With a range of around 500 meters, and a lock on cone that requires no actual aiming to use, anyone can get kills with these. They're currently the most effective weapon in the air by far, even when the enemy has flares. Just wait a few seconds and fire again.

    3. The lock on cone is massive, range is huge, and lock on time is relatively short even with the default time. You're flat out wrong here. With minimum flare recharge rate at 25 seconds, you will have 20 seconds of downtime when someone essentially glances in your direction.
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  19. Yeah I am mad. Rock/Paper/Scissors once again, does not belong in an FPS.
  20. I have no problems with aircraft farming aircraft.
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