Thanks for taking the skill out of dogfighting

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  1. In fact did anyone during beta even suggested or slightly hinted at that we needed A2A FAF missiles (they weren't ingame in the beta up untill the last few weeks I believe)? I don't think so.......
  2. Some genius decided they wanted A2A to move towards a missile fighting system and sapped all the fun and skill out of dog fighting.

    A2A missiles definitely still served a purpose in beta. Now they are ruining the fun.

    But like you said, I don't think anyone actually wanted a fire/forget system to be implemented. I liked the game best when there were fast TTKs via the rotary cannons. ESFs were actually a threat to eachother. Now they are only a big threat if you're out in the open, or your 40 seconds flares are on CD while some no0b points his mouse in you general direction left clicks when the box turns green.
  3. The fact that they can do an instant 180 turn after passing their target is the only thing wrong with A2A atm. It's a 50/50 right now, sometimes you can out maneuver them, and sometimes they 180 on you.
  4. I have to agree, the reload on flares is rubbish and we can't avoid missiles. Flying seems to have edged up from the "Who can brake and turn to shoot" to more of an actual chase with rolling and weaving. I know on a couple of times I've had to roll off a target because his buddy came up on my 6. It really does put a thrill into A2A when you're chasing one another across the battlefield.
  5. That's the issue, right here. The lock on cone. If it was smaller, you could easily just roll and try to avoid them. I wouldn't ***** then because they'd have to be on my *** or going straight at me to get a lock.

    Truthfully, they should replace A2G missiles with some locking Hellfires (perhaps two that can fire off in succession? Or just some cluster munitions?) If they made the A2A a smaller cone, It'd be awesome. I'd be fine without flares.
  6. The A2A fire and forget missiles have been in the game since early beta. People whined about them and they got nerfed to being useless kinda. They boosted them again and i never had any problems with A2A missiles. If i want to, i will always outmaneuver it and lose the missile. Your main concern should be the ESF on your tail. The way i see it missiles aren't reliable for me, the nose gun is way more effective. Have no idea why anyone would be having problems with those unless you're just bad.=)
  7. No problem with them when they're on my 6. But normally, they aren't on our 6. They're coming in at an angle and getting the lock. Not really a fair dogfight when they just pop a missile off without having to really engage.
  8. I was an "ace" pilot in PS1, but I'm new to the mechanics of PS2 flight so I'll just say I'm a noob there.

    All I get was "lock lock lock lock" while flying, it reminds me of flying Vanu in PS1 where both sides had locking weapons and yours did not, only far worse.

    Horrible mechanic, I'm thinking of sticking to ground pounding.
  9. In the future we will use weapons of the Second World War!
  10. I don't know man. In my experience i would prefer not to fire the A2A missiles until i get relatively close to my target and sometimes i even wait until i get on their 6. I keep my nose gun so I don't scare them with the lock and then do my stuff
    from that close spot that I think is good enough. If I fire the A2A missile too early when the target is not very close then there's a high chance the ESF will lose it or it's gonna take a bit until the missile hits if they don't lose it and take evasive maneuvers.
  11. D0n

    You need more than 15 seconds to kill someone with A2A? also LOL@skill with A2A.

    Have them buff the main cannon and then speak of skills in dogfights.
  12. You know, Everyone that hates on A2A probably just wants to go A2G/Scout Radar/Composite Armor. Too bad there's players actually flying anti air loadouts now. Besides Dogfights? 80% of the time it's just about who gets the jump on the other. If the standard ESF nosecannon kills you in one clip, what kind of dogfights will actually happen?

    I'm actually thinking about dropping my PPA for a Hailstorm and do dedicated AA flying only. Why shouldn't I be superior to your A2G rockets? You mad?
  13. That is true for more mediocre players, but if you see 2 top notch players go at it, I think you'd be surprised at the maneuvering you see happen.
  14. just because this is true, does not mean it is more fun... hell, what if there was some kind of advancement in countermeasures that makes fire and forget 100% useless...

    I have been running pure A2A lately and it is just lolzie. this is how a fight goes.

    1. missle away

    2. ping at them with the rotory

    3. when the rotory is empty, its time for another missle

    by now 90% of ESFs i encounter are dead, all in about 10 seconds.

    also, I tend to survive most of my 1v1 fights, its only when I go full Durp (over extend) and have 3 to 4 enemy ESFs on me that I die.

    I really want to fight you nox xD. what server are you on and im assuming your TR?
  15. Ok perhaps i'm missing something here but:

    If they are behind you, it doesn't matter what weapons they're using - you're not going to win the dogfight.

    IF anything the lock-on gives you a very good indication that you are being tailed (depending on the situation of course) and you need to start making some aggressive manoeuvres in order to shake the tail. The flares avoiding the first missile and the 5-seconds after should give you more than enough time to locate the threat and respond to it. This is exactly the reason why heat-seekers have become redundant in Battlefield 3.

    The point stands that if a pilot is staying behind you long enough to keep the lock-ons and reload his missiles, he could have shot you down with his main cannons - although it would take more skill, it is rewarded with a faster kill and a better element of surprise.

    This is how it's worked for me, and I'm still chugging the standard cannon on my scythe...

    The only exception to the rule is when 2 pilots use lock-on missiles in a coordinated attack, and unless you do some pretty sick flying - they're going to win this fight. Not because of A2A missiles - because they are working together.

    Again, perhaps i'm missing something?
  16. No you aren't, some people are just mad because they get shot down while trying to easymode farm infantry/tanks and pretend that it is any more skillful hitting a target that can barely hit back.
  17. Honestly, sometimes I think my A2AM are a liability. I still get most of my kills with my rotary cannon. I just use the A2AM to chase reavers cause I can't do 300kph all the way back to their warp gate with them. Also the whole Reavers doing 300kph pretty much as long as they want thing, is getting kinda old.

    A2AM are also great if engaging multiple targets. FOF one target, kill one target, turn and FOF guy on your tail, kill next target, kill last target make it back to air tower... and thank your lucky stars all the ground n00bz don't rock the G2A missles.

    Anyway, were pilots, we adapt, it's horrible agreed, just adapt.

    My fear is SOE will break the missles and leave the A2A guns borked break pods for good and then buff the every living daylights out of every Flak cannon in game... mark my words... it may come to this.

    Thank god I love infantry fighting as much as air, or this game might shortly become unplayable.
  18. I would be fine with the missiles if their flight was a little more... predictable. At the moment, I just have absolutely no idea what they will do.

    I made this video a few days ago showcasing the missiles:

    You'll see that sometimes they literally double back on themselves to hit their target, and other times they just miss for absolutely no reason at all. It's hard to make any sense out of what the missiles do. If you could reliably counter them by dodging at the right moment, it would be less crazy than they are now. At the moment the only way to be sure is to put something between yourself and the missile.

    Also, the third person camera glitch makes me rage.
  19. Yup yup, nose guns are way more reliable than A2A.
  20. Yeah, I've been doing a lot of esmir flying today, and without stuff to put between you, A2AM is nothing short of overpowered. However, I have noticed one thing really odd today. And a question too. Lots of misses on scythes (that thing where the missile passes through the engine area and just starts flying straight (which is sort of cool, but really annoying). Like, launching up to three or so and having them all miss), lots of reavers just crusing at 300 or so away from missiles till they detonate.

    How does one avoid missiles in a mossie?

    Also, offtopic, A2G noseguns need a AI buff, like, actual splash damage. Tried out the A30 Mustang yesterday. Lots of fun using it as A2A, but the thing is useless as A2G. Seriously, it says it has HE rounds, but I haven't really gotten much splash damage out of it, like, ever.

    Honestly, I like the nosegun damage at the moment. It means that mediocre pilots aren't instakilling eachother, and we can actually have sort of fun dogfights, were it not for the current missile state. But honestly, if we want the secondaries actually acting as secondaries, we'd probably have to nerf the Rocketpods along with the missile pods.

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