Thanks for taking the skill out of dogfighting

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  1. ****ted on
  2. and sure you know that the user name on the forum has nothing to do with the char name even nothing with the acc what you have.
  3. Ale

    Can anyone link a post-release A2A exclusive video where the player is doing well using a nosegun? No? Now why would that be?
    How about a video of someone consistantly dodging missles without flares? Specifically anyone who claims dodging missles is easy for any good pilot? Anyone? Bueller? No?

    Screw it though, dogfighting with nosegun and shooting the A2G planes down was crap. I'm totally going spend the 6000 certs it takes to stay in the air outside of a warpgate for longer than 30 seconds just to do the "skillfull thing" that "any good pilot can do" and spend all day dodging missles. Constantly. Ad infinitum. So Skill. So Fun. So possible to fight back while doing. Nosegun A2A is a completely valid playstyle. You get to go real fast and turn to the left sometimes...

    Nosegun dogfights were boring anyway. I'm glad they've been culled. The more skilled pilots benefit from this somehow in a way I'm not going to bother to explain or qualify with empirical evidence.
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  4. The only people who complain about A2A missiles are those who are carrying A2G rocket pods.
  5. Haha, no. There's a few people on this forum I regularly fly with that exclusively use A2A missiles and are criticizing them. They use those weapons because it's so incredibly easy to rack up kills you'd be stupid not to use them if you want to clear an airspace.
  6. What on earth did I say to make you think I believed you couldn't equip the two at the same time... I'm completely lost.

    Reading comprehension? Jumping to conclusions?
  7. No a2am = rocket pods on 100% of ESFs = no fun
  8. i think the A2A missiles are fine they just need to make them easier to shake off and require ur cross hairs to be centered on the target for longer. they shouldn't be able to lock on if they are just in ur view.

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