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  1. PPA nose gun gets me way more kills than the pods
  2. If you want to bust up armor fly a Libby. If you want to harass ground and "deter" them, fly an ESF, that should be the extent of ESFs impact on ground targets.

    An ESF currently is not an A10, it is a swiss-army-jet that can do any role it pleases. Split the vehicle in to two or three aircraft with varying performance capabilities like land forces currently are and then we can talk.

    ^This. A thousand times this.
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  3. Rocket Pods and ESFs with them are a nuisance, but I think what would bring that into balance is buff the damage, range, and arc on the Libs tail gun, also buff the range, acquisition time, flight time, and speed to ground to air AA rockets, and buff the mostly useless mobile AA turrets.

    In beta, I enjoyed keeping air at bay with fixed turrets, then they nerfed them to the point of uselessness. They truly were an equalizer, b/c air had to focus more on SEAD (suppression of enemy air defense) then they did with rocketing grunts and armor.

    You can ton down rockets, but you'll still have ESF spamming them, because there is no decent deterrent to them ATM. Also, how AA is scored needs to be tweaked, currently its pointless for CP and XP for a AA grunt. Most will fly off and rep, bail and crash, and commit suicide, so you get a whopping +44 for the aircraft downed...which is all regards, is a kill....but not scored that way.
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  4. Just going to point out that without pods killing a Lib becomes very dangerous. Flying A2A I actually avoid Libs and go for the airscreen. If I go for the Lib... by the time I get to the center of that tootsie pop, I'll be killed by their escort...

    The really weird thing is that A2G ESF are best at killing Libs... A2A ESF need to attack them in groups to be safe about it. If I've got pods on Libs are cake, but the A2A esf will eat you alive...

    delicate balance is delicate.
  5. Regarding AA, why not have damage effect the maneuverability of ESFs? After all if you blow one of the flaps off it's clearly not going to maneuver as well. I'm not meaning anything quite that intricate but rather if you do enough damage to an ESF there's a decent chance of it crashing because it starts to fly like a brick attached to a weak firework unless it manages to land and repair. Realistically you don't have to score THAT many hits on an aircraft to disable it, you certainly don't need to 100% blow it up.
  6. Because clearly A2G rockets being the most viable way to kill an aircraft suggests that there is nothing wrong with them.
    This suggests other A2A weapons need to be more effective at killing heavier aircraft rather than rocket pods need to stay in the game.
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  7. I wouldn't disagree, but I would point out it would need to change this also.
  8. Like the idea of WW2 type escorts. Could make it so squad fighters in the area get say 20 points for every kill a squad mates lib gets.

    I say replace rockets with bombs (people used certs/sc already afterall). Make the standard bombs HEAT equivalent with a cert to upgrade to HE or AP like what tanks get. Three bombs total per reload ( belly and each wing). There would be no reload time so a pilot could drop one bomb or click two- three times for dropping two or all three bombs (one click, one bomb).
    AP bombs would insta kill any vehicle they direct hit while doing some diminishing slash damage out to 20 meters. Same with HE except on infantry. Damage would be a bit better as infantry arent tanks.
  9. uh, no they dont.

    the rotary cannon will absolutely ANNIHILATE a lib. no rockets needed. it deals far too much damage. yes its made for anti air. but so is the a30 walker, and you dont see that thing destroying like rotary cannons do.

    whenever i fly a lib, its almost always a rotary/a2a missle esf that kills me, in under 10 seconds. i do get attacked by rocketpod esf's but honestly, i almost never actually get killed by the rocketpods, cause im always moving. whenever a rockpod esf manages ot kill me, the kill screen looks something like rocketpod 20% damage, rotary cannon 80%. rotary cannons are way too overpowered right now. either they need to be brought down to the a30 walker's level, or the walker needs to be brought up to rotary levels.

    flying a lib is like using a skyguard right now. sure you may get a few kills every now and then, but the majority of the time, you're useless.
  10. Again about rocketpods being able to kill everything too effectively including other air units - I was flying a full galaxy yesterday when some guy in a reaver decided to come and hover behind me. He was there for about 5 seconds, 5 meters away, spamming his rocket pods into my ***. I was destroyed before anyone in my squad managed to bail.
    I still feel bitter about someone with such a lack of skill getting 12 free kills plus a galaxy kill bonus in one go.
  11. Absolutely NOT.
  12. Just today I was flying a dual A2A scythe, keeping the skies clear when I spotted a lightning coming towards the base. I fired a few rounds of hailstorm as I flew overhead. Then I did a lazy turn and fired two clips into his rear. He was dead before my clip was dry.
  13. Guided A2G missiles. I laughed so hard at that.
  14. care to elaborate?
  15. I said an ESF with rocket pods is an A10, which makes sense to me. An ESF with A2A missiles is not an A10.

    Yeah I like the idea of splitting them up, it really makes the most sense. I like the idea of rocket pods being either AI or AV, it makes a lot of sense and would probably alleviate a lot of problems.
  16. AI rocketpods will be a disaster. If you want to warrant having them at all, they must be stronger vs. infantry than the current A2G pods, which means they'll probably increase the splash radius and A.I. damage. It's not like it's currently too hard to farm infantry with the rocketpods, so putting something like that in just because there is a problem with balance elsewhere is plain stupidity.

    This game is too much rock-paper-scissors already and eventually everyone will unlock everything. Tower fight? Nm grab AI rockets and screw everything up. Vehicles inc? Nm grab AV rocketpods and wipe everything in half a second.

    Balancing like is proposed here might seem sensible now, but I bet you'll all think differently when the game is 6 months into it and everyone will have unlocked all the lamest stuff in the game.
  17. I see, not going to elaborate then...
  18. #1 thing that needs fixing is the speed with which they can kill a tank with rear hits....

    It's absurdly fast... like under 2 seconds fast.

    I was dead before I even knew he was there (I was being rolled out of the spawn point, he dropped down and killed me before I even had full control)... of course the moment I blew up I knew the cause before I saw the killscreen.

    And yah, they're also amazingly effective vs Libs and Gals... so much so that they trump A2A missiles in this capacity.
  19. I have fully upgraded Liberator and ESF, as well as spending a lot of time on the ground.

    From my point of view, Liberators die far too easily to anything. You take the time to fill up with gunners, fly out slowly from wherever and get shot down in half a minute. The damage they do is good, requires really good communication between gunner and pilot, but regardless, you will get shot down..

    ESF rocket pod damage seems to be fairly fair now, mid damage to ground infantry and weaker damage to ground vehicles, I do a fair amount of rocket pod hunting and i'd be lying if I said it was free easy kills.. My problem is that the rocket pods do far too much damage to enemy air vehicles... You should have to switch A2A missiles or use your rotary gun if you want to take out other air vehicles.

    Yes I know "you can out-manoeuvre rocket pods!!!>@#" but it doesnt work quite so well in the liberator, with the sluggy whale controls as well as needing to keep things smooth so your gunners can fire accurately..
  20. hey guys can i have please the official post where anyone says the ESF is only an A2A ? i read that rly many times on this forum so show me pls ..

    erm anyone of u rly fly an ESF in an battle ? i play my mosquito 99 % of my ps2 gaming time so i know what i say ..

    if u got no ground support .. u cant just RAMPAGE ALL END EVERYTHING .. i just say 1 thing .. AA =)

    my last battle @ ps2 was like we are 5 mosquitos and 1 lib .. and we cant come near the enemy base cut there was 1 sunderer with 6 + aa maxes and we where useless cant do any dmg .. u come near them and than the "invicible lock on man" gets u

    sry but i said that in every thread of ESF are so op i cant play mimimi .. make rocket pods tank killers (like the AP shells on the tank (its hard to kill inf with that zero splash dmg) but than + 20% dmg on vehicle . and make them like - 50% dmg against air

    i need 8 rockets in the back of an tank to kill them.. but for an inf i need 6 o_O that guys are all cyborgs !

    sry for my bad eng .. so cry more >.>

    i play planetside 2 .. i think u guys are not in the right forum here .. cuz everytime i read an thread here i just think : omg they play another game than me ..

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