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  1. Everyone sound off!
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  2. Hear hear - and now that they've banned all use of injections to alleviate these things this can not be fast enough at all.
  3. +1 for this.
  4. I want to disable FXAA and Bloom
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  5. I want to have options for EVERYTHING.. and most importantly I want it IN THE GAME GRAPHICS MENU.

    I want to be able to turn off flora in the graphics menu in-game. I want to turn off AA and be able to choose what type of AA I use should I ever want to. I want to have bloom be able to be switched on/off with an option for intensity. I want to be able to fully disable shadows on players within the game.

    In short.. I want to be able to set everything the way I wish for it to be, not what they want it to be.. because my graphics card only 'meets minimum requirements' I want to be able to get the graphics as bare as I can so I can have more performance in heavy battles. Right now I'm GPU-bound with 30 FPS cap in small areas with 10 or so people, and 10-15 in large scale battles.. if that.
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  6. Yes please, i have a Dell u2711 monitor and really dont need AA that much when I run the game @ 2560x1440.
  7. We. Need. Options.
  9. I haven't even tried this game without sweetfx and other graphic mods. what will happen if i go to play the game right now without removing the things that actually make the game playable?
  10. so they banned life-support system for their child born at death's door. how mean.
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  11. Agreed.
    Please stop taking steps backwards in the evolution of PC-gaming.
  12. I hate how they seem to be going the Guild Wars 2 dev's way by threatening to ban anyone who finds a way to improve on the things they failed in their design.

    +1 Give us proper options that PC games deserve. No AA control makes me think of lazy console ports.
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  13. Absolutely. This game is one of the first non-console ports in a long time. So they should at least let us make the proper adjustments.
    That's part of gaming on PC
  14. Agree wholeheartedly. TotalBiscuit spoke about how the game was poorly optimized and had random frame-rate drops and hitches in beta and wasn't ready for release yet.

    I agree, but I also agree with him that this game has some great promise, however not everyone can run this game effectively with the options that are set. I never turn on AA, because I have a 1080p monitor, I am above the minimum requirements, and almost hit the recommended, but despite all the things I've done I still tend to hit 20 fps in big battles and that's just unacceptable.

    Please give us more graphics options and better optimization!
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  15. I agree. It needs an option.
    You can still turn FXAA off via the nVidia control panel by using application profiles instead of letting each game decide. You will however lose ambient occlusion effect when doing so (fancy neon look).

    How to turn FXAA off.
  16. Been asking for this since the start of beta. The FXAA filter has improved dramatically since then but compared to adding SweetFX's LumaSharpen it's still like playing through a layer of Vaseline.
  17. Most if not all of what you are saying in that post is wrong.

    First off, turning FXAA in the control panel off WILL NOT turn it off in Planetside2 simply because this effect is directly controlled by the game's shaders. (there was a way to edit/delete those shader files in the beta but the way the game handles those files was changed, rendering these methods useless)

    Secondly, Ambient Occlusion has nothing to do with neon effects. It's designed to simulate depth by providing shadowing in places where edges or meshes approach each other and cannot be controlled by the NVIDIA Control Panel either.
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