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  1. Going to quote the best post I've seen regarding this...
    And neither am I.
  2. +1

    My God, it's full of bloom!

    Death to Bloom as well!
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  3. Hmm.....I know they have that period of time before they go off, and they "sink" into the ground during that phase. I had no idea that enemies couldn't see them at all. After that either. Wonder if EMP nades do set them off, I tested EMP nades mostly on (willing) friendlies in beta, and on friendly mines, didn't seem to do anything to 'em.

    Ah well, thanks. :)
  4. For heavens sake, let us remove this ridiculous FXAA. Apart from it being overly soft.. by far. Getting 10-15 frames in battle is unacceptable.
  5. When did they announce that SweetFX is now bannable?
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  6. Agreed FULLY! They should add options its PC after all!
  7. They didn't say SweetFX specifically is the bannable but all files that are changed or added are going to get you ban. That's messed up but its their game....
  8. Agreed. FXAA is literally the worst.

    Honestly I'm amazed this game is even still in DX9. Even DX11 technology is getting kind of old now.
  9. Signed, SweetFX drops me 10 frames so I'm all for a graphics option directly in game.
  10. In fact there hasn't been an official statement regarding SweetFX yet and as it does not alter gameplay, it is unlikely to attract an actual ban until there has been official clarification. SweetFX doesn't alter any gamefiles btw, but is just an overlay. As of now one should be wary of course, but not paranoid.

    I know a rather large number of people still using Windows XP or DX9-hardware and with PS2 being an MMO, it is important to keep your possible playerpool as large as possible.
  11. How it should be >[IMG]

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  12. XIX

    Please let my turn off this piece of **** FXAA and enable MSAA+SGSS.
    Getting extremely fed up with the jaggies and blurriness on my 42" .
  13. Found this:
  14. I play @ 1440p, I need real anti-aliasing. Get rid of FXAA bring on MSAA please :D

  15. glad im not the only one. Was starting to think I was crazy.
  16. That is old and not valid anymore.

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