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    Hey SOE Guys, im less motivated to play because of the BLOOM OMG THE BLOOM...
  2. Have we got an official response from SOE in regards to two issues on this topic:

    1) Does disabling FXAA from the Nvidia Control Panel actually disable it in game?
    2) Does setting a particular graphics setting change the AA from FXAA to another type? (I read that setting textures to High does this)

  3. Sorry but had to comment, this isn't just aimed at you. But you do realise turning off FXAA will make near enough NO(none in fact most the time as the game is CPU heavy and the fact that it is applied AFTER the display is already drawn so the GPU is essential free at that moment) difference to your FPS? you will still get 10-15 FPS. Do most of you lot even know what FXAA is or are just jumping on the bandwagon and repeating "FXAA" because you heard it on the interweb?

    FXAA is used for AA as it is extremely fast and efficient compared to the usual AA methods which require a lot more processing power on the GPU. It's as simple as that. Sure there will be some artifacts, but guess what, so is there with other shader based AA like SMAA, it is unavoidable for post processing shader based AA. Typical AA is applied while the rendering takes place on the game world, then the UI etc will be placed on top and sent to the screen. Shader based AA like FXAA/SMAA is applied after everything is drawn including the UI, and you can easily see the effects this has on text for example in the cutscenes in GW2 or on skill icons, or just look for where you expect high contrast edges ie a light colour on top of a darker shade and you'll see FXAA/SMAA in effect. You can see it in TL2 or any game with and without SweetFX SMAA, ie in TL2 some skill icons will look different with and without SMAA.
    So to recap, FXAA is almost free in terms of processing power(~4%) needed compared to traditional AA(MSAA is ~40%+), but that comes at a price which is image quality in places, but overall it is extremely good.
  4. FXAA? The thing that makes everything look like you just smeared bacon all over your monitor?
    My opinion on it: it's ****. Just and only ****. It does nothing but eat away your GPU's performance and make everything on screen look bad.
    I want an option to turn this useless pile of **** off.
  5. That's not what FXAA does, that is some other sort of post processing that PS2 does to give everything that very blurry/more of a film look.
    Again people saying stuff without actually knowing what they are talking about.
  6. +1 FXAA is awful. Please give us options.
  7. I agree on this 100%. FXAA costs nearly 0 performance compared to other AA and gives okay results. For me though it is not about performance, it's about picture quality. And I do feel that the picture is a bit too blurry for my taste. I would love to use SMAA instead.
  8. I don't see how giving us more options is a bad thing. Would really enjoy having options in the menu to turn things like shadows and flora off instead of having to go into the UserOptions.
  9. True that FXAA is Fast, its not real aa because of that that, i understand what you are saying here.
    I just want to tun AA Off, or get rid of this Burry, Fog Vision Stuff, call it what you want.
    Of course SMAA needs more power than fxaa, but did you ever see the Difference with you own eyes ?

    There is nothing wrong with more Options for the User in my Opinion.
    Be aware that English is not my Mother tongue, i dont want to sound rude or wrong here ;)
  10. Agreed i really really dislike the blur. :I
  11. My 2560x1440 doesn't need AA, I don't even notice the difference unless the game itself uses low-resolution shadows and what not (which is really rare with any modern game). FXAA just looks like ****. Everything is just blurry, a layer of mud has been laid all over my screen and I don't want that!
  12. FXAA is horrible. Trying to override in my graphics card drivers results in nothing being displayed.

    An employee of SOE admitted to using SweetFX themselves. Can we please get someone to ok it? Heck, a 'tweak pack' based on SweetFX released by Sony that is specifically allowed for PS2 would be hugely well received (after the ini option to disable FXAA).
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  13. I wonder how much of what people don't like isn't FXAA at all, but some other shader effect.
  14. Actually, SMAA has the exact same performance hit as FXAA, but without the blur.
    In short, the best AA currently avalible.

    But I don't know where people are getting that SMAA is more demanding then FXAA.
  15. Good old testing mate.

    Did you do some good old testing?

    I got an application that supports FXAA and SMAA at ALL their quality levels. SMAA at high costs more performance than FXAA on high.Why do you think they put in FXAA into the game? It's cheap.

    Another example. Read the first post. This guy works on arma2. arma2 supports FXAA and SMAA at all their quality levels. So I can test even without my application. SMAA costs 1-3 FPS more than FXAA on my machine.
  16. Just shut up about FXAA/SMAA, the debate is literally going nowhere (forum debates rarely do). It's clear very few people here have any idea what they're talking about. SOE is already looking into sweetfx to see if they can improve their own game with similar shader technologies. Just be patient, and see what they say, once their testing has completed. If you don't like their answer, quit. It's that simple.

    BTW back to the original topic, yes more options is good!
  17. The **** is this post? Be constructive man.

    Also, enlighten us please with YOUR knowledge about FXAA/SMAA because believe it or not, I am very interested and a side effect would be that the "debate" would actually be useful because someone's knowledge helped someone else understand a subject better.
  18. Going to sign this as well since sweetfx is out of the window (now officially confirmed) i really want an option to get rid of this thing.
  19. What size is that screen? my 27" 1440p screen has a metric ton of aliasing, most noticeable on the guns but everywhere else as well. I need at least 2x msaa for my eyes not to bleed. My eyes are bleeding SOE. Add MSAA.
  20. Yes please. If I could disable AA and Disable Shadows, and other optional effects, I would probably play this game because I could get a decent FPS. I would buy Station Cash.

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