The obligational 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' thread

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  1. I never said he was insane, I am merely questioning why he comes onto a clearly labelled thread and complains about people with different opinions than him wanting to play together.
    I don't feel the need to be connected, I like too.
    And even if I did, why would that be your business?
    Is this one self contained thread somehow hurting you?
    We're on a message board right now, forum and message board are the same fundamental thing.
    Well it would be as I don't use 4Chan and nor do all Bronies.
    Well it's not really an excuse, it's the truth.
    This is the off-topic section where (within the rules) you can talk about anything.
    This thread hasn't broken any rules, this is an off-topic thread hence I made it in the off-topic section.
    I think that's completely valid.

    If you think that this thread doesn't have the right to live, then go and report it to a moderator.
  2. Ok fine, I give up with you. You're opinion isn't gonna change and I'm ok with that. However we aren't gonna just go away. We've done nothing wrong. Doesn't matter what you personally think since this isn't YOUR forum.

    I'm gonna to do to you what you can't seem to do with us. Ignore you, and move on.

    I wish you long live, and good food.
  3. This thread

  4. Oh boy all of my ex BF3 friends are in this thread.

    Small world, eh?


    OT: I like the show but I dislike the community.
  5. Which part of the community? Not all of us are the same ya'know.
  6. The part which likes to let their roots on every part of the internet they touch (Official game forums, etc.) You don't see Batman and Sponge Bob fans, or any other than Bronies to be exact, making constant threads on every forum they can.

    But that's only my opinion.
  7. Posted this in a seperate post earlier today, but I think it's more suited here :D
    Liberty or Apples!
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  8. I approve of this thread.

    Remember ponies, gotta love and tolerate the **** outta them haterz.
  9. That BF3 thread.
  10. This guy pretty much summarized it exactly and far better than I seem to be doing. This is why most non-bronies are getting sick of having to wade around all the ponies because they want to bond with other pony lovers. That, and they're a bunch of grown adults finding a personal identification with a television show meant for little girls... I can't be the only one who finds that creepy, right?

    That doesn't make me feel much better knowing that for the rest of eternity there will forever be swarms of bronies everywhere getting into everything where ponies don't belong.

    1) It isn't contained though. Sure, this thread is unique now, but then you take a step back and notice that people create this exact same thread on every single forum in existence. It's a spam is what it is and that's all people ever do in it. How many pointless image macros already exist at this given moment in this given thread? Quite a few, and they add nothing to the discussion at all except for proving my point; Bronies demand a special place on the forum where they can exchange their photos and justify it by proclaiming "well, it's the off topic section isn't it?" Yes, it is. But it isn't the "let's discuss all the things we love about other franchises" section. Kind of insulting to the developers eh? Using their generously provided, and free with all costs falling upon them, message board as a place to host your own private cross community. The only reason it's allowed is because MLP is not a video game franchise, so they don't need to worry about that whole business competition thing.

    2) Yes, and this is the PlanetSide 2 forum. They have MLP forums meant for fans of that show to mingle with. If you wanted to ask "anyone here also like MLP?" that would be fine. But it's the fact that this is being used as a discussion group of its own that makes it rude.

    3) You respond to what AdrIneX said by, basically, proclaiming that you are too lazy to open an account on the appropriate forum for your interests so you'd prefer to use somebody else's (he asked if it is really too difficult to use the proper MLP websites. You said it is difficult because you don't have an account here). That's a pretty disrespectful thing to do and rather counter intuitive as well. How do you think the fans of Deus Ex would feel if I just went over to their gathering place, started up a PlanetSide 2 thread, and justified it by saying I don't have an account here? They'd look at me like I'm a moron and tell me to go away.
    I say again; people are tired of the MLP fan base and totally hostile to it because they shove their subculture everywhere and act like children.

    Don't go hiding behind the moderators and tell people to take it up with them. They can't go banning every little thing like this; it's bad marketing. They have their orders and they obviously won't include shutting down the MLP fans because MLP fans might just be willing to spend a couple hundred dollars each. The mods are, usually, given a decent amount of personal judgment but stomping on subcultures is definitely not going to be allowed. That's part of why the users have to do this crap, because if nobody complains then sooner or later we are all neck deep in absurd pony junk. Then again, if too many people start linking to e621 you could probably loop hole it into a paedophilia (stupid confusing spell check) report... Then again again, that place loop holes it paedophilia into justification.
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  11. I thought your name seemed familiar.
  12. Nice overclocking on ur 2500K LOL.

  13. Different forums have different people with different opinions with different discussions.
    For example I have never seen someone like you in an MLP discussion before, thus this is new viewpoints (you may think I am not taking a word you’re saying, but I am).

    I agree it would be spam if there were like a million different threads spamming one page. However, I see each forum as a new place.
    For example, let us say that on every forum in the world there was one thread called ‘the politics thread’. Regardless if every forum on earth had one, if there is only one within a given forum, I do not view that as spam.
    In addition, as for what happens within a thread (I disagree with most Brony threads having not discussion, but that is beside the point), well that is blocked off from your view until you click the thread (as I keep coming back to, this is not some kind of Rick-Roll, this was clearly marked as a Brony thread).

    Well there is five image macros in this thread (three of which are Brony ones). I have gone back and checked.
    The batman one is an anti-Brony response to the thread.
    Two of the Brony ones are responses to something (thus, I think part not pointless).
    One is response to a Brony one which in itself has little context.
    Therefore, by your rules, there is one ‘pointless image macro’
    So given the choice would you like to stick to this one Brony thread or for us to go everywhere else where it is not a Brony thread?
    Because in the end, having us stick to this one clearly marked thread I would think would be better off for you anti-Bronies.

    Actually, I think that fits within ‘off-topic’, what would your definition of ‘off-topic’ be then?
    Well I have already spent around $60AUD on this game and (in my view) the forums are part of the service with an account. (I have to be careful here, as I do not mean to sound like some rich kid who looks down upon poorer players, I really am not). Also connected with my Station Access sub, I (in my opinion) think I have paid enough to cover me making one thread and not put any drain on SOE.
    I am guessing you have not been on many game specific forums. Many off-topic sections in game forums (including many of SOEs) have discussions regarding competitor’s games.
    As a side note, you just said yourself that this thread is allowed, so really this whole thing is just coming down to you attacking us for our interests (something I think I can back up with your other comments regarding what you think of us as group).

    It is also the off-topic section of the Planetside 2 forum.
    That is pretty much, what I made this to be, however you turned into a debating thread (I am not mad about that or anything BTW, I always enjoy a good debate).
    Firstly this is not a ‘discussion group’ it is a thread in which discussion is held (you know, what forums are for). Secondly, I do not see how that is rude.
    No he asked about 4Chan (/mlp/) and I don’t like the layout of 4Chan. I do have an account on a couple of Brony websites.
    If hypothetically you went to the Deus Ex forum, went to the off-topic section and made a Planetside 2 thread, I really do not think anybody would care. Chances are some of them would say if they play the game or say something like ‘yea I am thinking about playing it’, I say that because that is what happens on pretty much all forums when a thread is made about another game (excluding Battlefield/Call of Duty relations).
    You mean in this one clearly marked thread.
    Oh I get it now, you view yourself as some kind of vigilante, heroically going into threads and bashing peoples interests.
    How honourable.

    You are kidding right? Many people complain. Besides the ‘absurd pony junk’ reached its peak a little while ago.

    Ponies of War, good times before it all fell apart.
  14. Well, this has been a very nice discussion/debate. Definitely worth taking the time to smell the flowers that were your comments, guys.
  15. If your reaction is going to be the following, why do you even look? I see no logical reason for entering this thread only to call ALL of us 'obsessed'. People should really just chill out and tolerate stuff instead of going for one another's throats...[IMG]
  16. I came into this thread ready to throw down the anti-bronie hate. With some, I hope the world ends hatred filled with more hatred because of all of you but...

    Then I laughed.

    I guess you god damn things win this battle today. So i'll give you that until tomorrow.
  17. While I have nothing against bronies, I cant see why people keep "attacking" their topics and all in pretty much any forum. as long as they keep their image postign etc inside the topic in an off-topic session theres no harm to it right?

    oh who am I kidding... 'tis the internet afterall.
  18. Yes it was...
  19. I know it's still around on the new site, but it just isn't the same.
  20. yeah after the shutdown of the original site it never felt the same.

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