The obligational 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Jack Pipsam, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. In and out in a flash.

    Only a superhero could do that.
  2. I laughing so hard irl right now.

    Also Pinkie Pie is the best pony.
  3. I enjoy your little rant here sir. It is fun to read your tale of woe. How the bronies forced you to use the internet and see pictures of ponies. Not pictures of ponies! These are horrors not even children in Uganda have to face.

    Woe is your life Frosty7, that in a free country people are allowed to like things near you, and speak of things near you, and have pictures with words about things they like near you. How you can go on with life is simply astonishing. A man with such an iron will and strength of heart such as ye is rare to find indeed.

    Oh and these Bronies, not secluding themselves to be happy with going to separate forums to talk to each other, wish to communicate with each other where they already are located. FOR SHAME BRONIES FOR SHAME. I can not believe that these horrible inconsiderate bronies keep going against the moderators wishes by posting about ponies on a board marked "Miscellaneous". Can they not read that obviously this means no ponies!?

    If only the administrators and moderators had the power to stop this, but no, the running and banning on this board has been taken over by the Pony Hacks already, and so another board dies to the plagues that are FRIENDSHIP and LAUGHTER. How can adult men even watch such things! Why, the other day I found a man watching THE LION KING! For shame was a man watching a show for children that I drew my pistol and ended him instantly, and then burned the television the show was on, lest my maturity be waned.

    And then so many others keep going to movies about children's characters! The "Avengers" they called it. A movie about 'superheroes' from children's comic books. Five year olds have backpacks with Captain America on them, FIVE YEAR OLDS! How can grown men live with themselves watching colorful spandexed men run around fighting villians, when they, the audience of baby men, are the real villians! And next they plan to see this move "The Hobbit" based on the old children's tale. VILE SCUM OF THE EARTH!

    So keep on fighting valiant Frosty7, for you, best of all the Frosty-s, shall free us all of this madness with your sharp wit and mature wisdom.

    Or you may just be a male overcompensating for a societal norm that requires males to avoid any activity which may be "unmasculine" (lest they themselves become effeminate or homosexual) by forcing others around you to adhere to the same rigid social structure. You wish to also remove the presence of others doing something you regard as irresponsible on a social level, from taking part in such activities near you, so that you don't have to keep them in your frame of thought. You also believe that pretty much everyone who is not part of the social group is both the majority, and the ethically righteous, along with being equally frustrated with this other 'minority fringe' group.

    You will probably try to respond to this by instantly saying I didn't understand your argument, and them see if you can hold me hostage through a minor loophole, probably from my original sarcastic rhetoric, because this will free you from any ownership of being wrong. If you could actually logically form a debate against me about how ponies being on a board marked "Off Topic" (The Topic of the forum being Planetside 2, therefore being anything not about Planetside 2, which ponies is unrelated to.) does not properly fit there. I suggest you do not try to argue about how the administrators or moderators are against this, because if they were they would have already removed this thread.

    I really like the Lion King.


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  4. I still pop in and out from time to time to check in on them and help out where I can.

    The current PoW isn't bad. At least they aren't stealing our money like Discord was on the original site.
  5. But that's exactly what you did isn't it? Multiple paragraphs of ad hominem attacks meant to make it look like I'm upset that people are engaging in something I don't like. Proclaiming I cannot form a logical debate does not make it so, rather it is just another ad hominem attack. I've laid out numerous arguments as to why it's utter bs to keep posting pony crap in every single forum on the internet (the fact that they do this is exactly why I am arguing about it here). Isn't the line "You will probably try to respond to this by instantly saying I didn't understand your argument... because this will free you from any ownership of being wrong" exactly what you are doing right there? You covered your bases by saying I will accuse you of bantering, which when I do that will only make me look like a tool. Except you never did respond to my actual arguments, you merely lashed out with sarcasm without ever tackling the subject itself. Heck, you proclaimed that I am upset over people having freedom of speech and that I don't like people exercising that freedom around me... That's far from the point here and you, myself, and anyone else here knows that.

    The point is that the MLP fanbase is everywhere shoving their stuff in our face where it only vaguely can be justified for existing via "off topic" loopholes. No forum needs a dedicated sub-section for ponies. Heck, the only people here who even bothered posting pony stuff are those with meaningless image macros which, under any other circumstance, would be considered spam. Heck, those other two guys are catching up with each other over their past together. I'm glad that they found each other but seriously, this once again proves that this isn't about MLP. It's about them wanting their own dedicated sub-section so that bronies can bond with other bronies. It has nothing to do with mingling with the PS2 community at all except for those who are PS2 playing bronies And they aren't even pop-culture for that matter. It's a sub-culture of a sub-culture (that being the furry one).
  6. Haterz gunna hate, ponies gunna pwn.
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  7. I love MLP, I hope the new generation gets the experience them the way I did.
  8. [IMG]
  9. People cannot control what produces dopamine in their brain, so making fun of bronies is like mocking biological functions. I, personally, have no use for the show, but I understand the biology of pleasure and realize that commenting on other people's taste is the equivalent of commenting on their eye colour being wrong.

    Though I do find it a bit funny when bronies try to excuse their love of MLP by talking about the writing, the animation, etc... sounds like they're trying to hard. They like a show about colourful magic ponies, and there's nothing wrong with that and they shouldn't feel the need to make excuses for it.

    Not one of us can control the things we like. We see things, our brain either starts producing the good stuff or not. You had no choice in what your favourite anything was.

  10. 1) I highly doubt that. I've seen "someone like [me]" in every single one of these threads on every single forum I've been in. I'm just incredibly more vocal than anybody else.

    2) You aren't thinking big picture here. Yes, there is only one of these on the PS2 forum, but it's the fact that bronies insert this thread everywhere that makes it an annoying spam. Looking at each individual case as if it is not in any way shape or form connected to anything or anyone else at all is very... inefficient thinking. As an example; people's criminal records are looked at as a whole whenever their case is being presented in a court of law. If they were to say "well, Johnny robbed this particular grocery store only once so he's not that bad of a person" would be very terrible. I know it's a pretty harsh example, and I don't mean to imply bronies as criminals, but it drives home my point perfectly; one must look at both little and big pictures at all times if they truly want to understand something in its entirety and pass appropriate judgment/decision/whatever the context calls for.

    3) Well there are four on this one page actually and one video about "pony pride". Not the page this post will probably end up on (page 7). I mean page 6. The first of which is just a person saying they like this thread (Me Gusta translates into "I like"). Don't see the point in posting that and it's really nothing more than, you guessed it, spam. The second is Apple Jack in a New Conglomerate uniform. No surprise there since that's a big part of pony sub culture it would seem. The video is, like I said, some guy/chick informing us that he/she is proud to be a fan of a little childrens show. The others are essentially the same thing as before. Page 5 has two; Rainbow Dash in the clouds, once again contributing nothing and mere spam. The second is a photo-shopped image. I think I'll just end this paragraph with these examples.

    4) This implies that if bronies are not allowed to have their special thread they will bring all their pony stuff everywhere else. I, and I'm sure many others, would simply prefer to be left alone and kept out of sub-cultures which we have no interest in. MLP has it's own forums. Go there. Don't push your pony threads, and pony specific posts in general, into every single forum just because you can.

    5) Yes, this is off topic. We both agree on that. Everyone here agrees on that. But it's the fact that bronies don't just want to say "anyone here like MLP?" They turn it into forum within a forum. That is abuse of the off-topic definition.

    6) Not much to say here.

    7) I've seen this swing in numerous directions. Most of the time, people aren't doing what bronies do. Like I said, it's almost always a "has anyone played?" style thread or it's a quick two page thing which wasn't meant by the original poster to turn into something more than a small passing conversation. Developers usually don't stomp these out though regardless of the nature of the thread because they wish to maintain a friendly image and to avoid the insane rivalry that we see between CoD and Battlefield.

    8) Off-topic does not mean "let's insert our own miniature community".

    9) Sadly, you're intentions are not reflective of the MLP fan base at large. You may have been asking that question, but we all know that this will be forcibly turned into a three page review of why Spike and that white one with the purple hair totally need to hook up... Which is kind of sad (admittedly, I've only seen that happen once but I thought it was funny enough to include as an example). I honestly do wish it could stay the way you intended it to be, but as we can see, nobody has said "oh yeah I like that show!" Pretty much everyone who hasn't been ranting about it (which includes me) is posting images and videos which mean nothing in particular at all except that they have ponies and some white text.

    10) It starts out as a thread. It always starts out as a thread. But by the end of the month there's a good thirty plus pages of image macros, videos, weird *** links to e621 (god those make me shiver some times.. Seriously what the hell are some people thinking when they make those URL links?), and people giving honest to god reviews and reflections of the most recent episodes. Or maybe I just have the bad luck of always stumbling across those particular threads. In WoT, for example, this is exactly what happened. I haven't been there for a long time though so maybe things have changed. Still though, the over saturation of ponies everywhere in that forum was exactly what I am attempting to persuade people from doing here.

    11) You don't have to go to those exact places, of course, but keep the ponies in their relevant websites. Once again, I honestly wouldn't care if the pony stuff here remained vague and minimally contained to "does anyone here like ponies?" But it's the fact that it never stays like that... Anyway, you said yourself you have accounts on pony related forums, and I imagine the others do too, so there's no reason why this thread should exist. Well, other than the "does anyone watch?" thing. But judging by the name of this thread that doesn't seem to be the true intention. Either it's a joke to the fact that every forum is forced to host massive pony discussions, or it's a deliberate attempt to begin one of those. Keep the pony discussion to the pony forum please? Pleeeease?

    12) Hypothetically, I wouldn't ask people things like "which your favourite class?" and "does anyone know where such and such is the best location to cert grind?" Bronies do exactly that. Well, they ask pony relevant questions and talk about pony relevant things...

    13) I'm not sure if you mean people are only hostile in this thread or this is the only thread where bronies conjugate or what... But well, why does this thread have to be here anyway? It's called the "Obligational MLP: FIM Thread" (that should read "obligatory" by the way) which implies that it must exist and that it has a right to exist. That's exactly the entire complaint I am making; bronies put this kind of thread everywhere to the point that often times you have to sift through numerous amounts of them (on the larger forums) just to find something that actually catches your interest (I wish I didn't have to keep repeating that).

    14) I didn't say that exactly. I meant that the moderator staff is neutral by regulation and if people don't like something they have to try and take care of it themselves. Of course, we both know exactly how this ends, don't we? The pony lovers come swarming in and they drown out everyone telling them to go away (which seems to be pretty much just me now, since the others only made one or two posts... Thus further supporting the following sentences) by doing exactly what I described above (image posts galore, pony pride stuff, and talking about episodes of a childrens show as if it's farkin 2001: A Space Odyssey). The live and let live minded folks who couldn't care less about anything at all other than "personal freedoms" either sit around and watch or take part in defending the bronies freedom of speech (which isn't meant to protect wild obsessions with cartoons for children, if I must add). Eventually the "haters" get tired of trying to protect themselves from being forced to put up with buckets of little kids things and go away. A few months later, provided the community has grown to large enough numbers, pony crap is everywhere and becomes a regular part of the PS2 forum experience, whether you enjoy it or not. It cannot even be justified by saying "well, pop culture is like that too and we all need to put up with (insert teen idol of the year here)." Ponies are a sub-culture of the furry sub-culture. It's a relatively uncommon interest, considering the sheer size of the human population, but the fans have an incredibly loud voice. Once again, I point to World of Tanks and the ridiculous demand there once was for pinky pie skins... On battle tanks... Often times coming from individuals old enough to have a paypal account...

    15) Read number 14. That overlaps with this. And well, obviously it is either still at its peak or the downhill slope is incredibly shallow. Page 6 alone, as I pointed out in response 3, has five absurd bits of pony junk and two more on page 5. That's two pages in a seven page thread where the only people not posting absurd pony junk are myself and everyone else who is debating whether or not this thread should be allowed to be here (I do expect the overlap to grow substantially in the future though). The worse part is, I only calculated two out of seven pages. The left over, non-analyzed pages, are still a statistical unknown. The ratio of crap to non-crap would be (and most likely presently is) ludicrously higher if the debate wasn't as lengthy as it's current state.

    I guess this would be a good time for me to provide the disclaimer that I don't exactly care that there is a "does anybody like X?" thread. I couldn't care less if some people want to mention something else in passing. These are pretty normal behaviours. Just stop making the pony stuff a mandatory experience and stop inserting ponies in every possible place where they cannot possibly belong. The ponies are never contained to this one specific thread; it gets everywhere and no matter how much you avoid it you run into a brick wall of Flutter Shy sooner or later. That's all I am trying to get people to understand.

    That, and the fact it's a children's show. Obsessing over it is very creepy.
  11. If posting one thread, on one forum (the correct forum) is obsessing, then you are obsessing over the obsess-ors(?). You clearly claim to have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Equally as creepy.
  12. tl;dr
  13. I need a pony avatar already, preferably rainbow dash.
  14. What are you so afraid of here? Is the internet not moving the way you want? The truth is that sure, ponies are everywhere. Ever since there has been /mlp/ you kind of got screwed on that one if you didn't like ponies. It is how the internet works, it is a collective of the strongest pop-culture references and memes, and some are more prominent than others. Ponies are now one of the largest growing fanbases, especially on the internet. And you are going to be forced to see things about them same way you would see things about football on television. They aren't going away, if your worst dreams come true and NC, TR, & VS become Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns, then I'm sorry but that is how it goes. Life isn't fair bucko, especially on the internet. Strongest and loudest voices are heard, especially in the Herd, and your voice isn't powerful enough to stop this from getting a booth at Comic-Con next to SoE. Trying to prevent fanbases from overlapping is insane, and I would love to see cosplay of NC Wonderbolts and Spike the Vanu soldier. Then have them dress up like they are from Lord of the Rings. This is the internet, nothing is sacred, it is the WIld West out here. So I'm sorry it may suck for you, but the Herd wins.

    And I am trying to watch the Extended Editions of LotR as I post here, so if you could make your responses in bullet points so I can reply without having to pause too much. ;)
  15. Feed your mind.

    I personally know very little about the bronies, and while I initially jumped on the hate bandwagon when they first appeared, I've come to instead despise the people who hate the bronies just for the sake of hating them, even before watching the video I posted.

    As far as I'm concerned those who want to hate a fandom for the sake of hating it are worse if not just as bad as those who take a fandom too far.

    And seriously, this is just one thread posted appropriately in the off-topic forum. The internet is a big place kids, you didn't have to click on this thread when you read the title.
  16. This game needs to be made.
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  17. NO!

    Everyone knows Pinkie Pie is the best pony, why would you want anything less?
  18. As a fellow Vanu why would you not be reppin' the rainbow?

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