The obligational 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' thread

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  1. Because Twilight is my favorite. Purple, science...she is the Vanu poster child.
    Pinkie is best overall, and her repeated denial of physics (I think) works well with our vehicle mechanics.
  2. Touche.

  3. Maybe, most anti-Bronies don’t come across nearly as educated as you do.
    As I said, I very each forum as a new place.
    This ONE thread in a list of many.
    I understand what you are saying, but the problem with your metaphor is that it covers one person (Johnny). We are a group (I think that is the best way to describe us) and so different individuals make these kinds of threads, for example I have never created a Brony thread outside a Brony environment before. In addition, I should point out that not all Bronies are the same (and there was a bit of self-sarcasm to this thread, which I will get to later as you bring up the point)
    Your problem from what I gather is that on many places around the internet have Brony threads and thus you pass judgement on the thread (and indirectly me). So (BTW I don’t think you’re attacking me here, I am just using this as an example) you are criticise my thread based upon what other people who share my interests have done.
    I view many of those as responses and not as spam, but I think we will be arguing about that to the end of days.
    Left alone, once again this thread was clearly marked as such.
    This thread isn’t a case of putting it here for ***** and giggles (I think the censor might be onto that), all I wanted to know is how many other Bronies are playing Planetside 2 (something I couldn’t really achieve as there are a million MLP forums with different parts of the community), having this thread here allows the isolation of Bronies who play Planetside 2.
    Okay say this thread goes horribly off-topic (like the 60s spider-man thing in here before a Mod was on it), that’s an issue isolated to this thread.
    This is one of a many threads on this forum and chances are would have been dead and buried if it wasn’t for our debate thing here.
    It was clearly marked as an MLP thread, if such an interest doesn’t’ interest you (and you know it pains you), why click on it?
    Ironically you seem to be the one keeping this thread in the first page long enough for Bronies to find it and join into it.
    Then is not that an issue for us to deal with, this thread remains out of site until you click on it.
    Maybe so, put if it says on this one thread, then will it not be easy for you to avoid?
    Do you feel compelled to click on threads about things you dislike?
    Possible, like I said, we’re not all the same.
    I do not play WoT so I can’t comment on it, tell me was all the pony talk in one thread or was there multiple threads on MLP, because if that’s the case then I can understand.
    But if it was one thread on WoT (regardless of how large it may get), you can still avoid that one thread surly.
    As before, if this thread gets off-topic from a meet and greet, as long as it stays isolated in this one place surly it cannot be that big of an issue for you.

    After all, since you have already called us creepy, maybe you can think of this place as a contamination bay for us manchildren or whatever you think of us.
    Here’s the irony thing I said a while back.
    The title of this thread (yes I am aware of the error not, I am not good at English) is me being having a go at my own group. Yes that was a bit of sarcasm regarding that Brony threads can be found everywhere.
    MY MISTAKE, was not fully making that clear.
    If it says in this one area, it the virus won’t spread (yes I am being a little sarcastic here).
    Well if you hypothetically kept it to one thread (like here), there wouldn’t be an issue because people who don’t want to talk about Planetside 2 wouldn’t click on it.
    It seems like common sense to me.
    The second point, this is an FPS, I have already seen a few people being hostile in other threads (just us being Bronies heartens it up more).
    Well this thread DOES have the right to be here.
    I cannot speak for other forums you have been on, but there is one thread here so it should be easy to skip (I know there was another one, but it kinda has been merged into this).
    Why do you need to take care of yourself, this is one thread which you have come into.
    Do you feel under attack from us or something?
    It seemed to be switching between which one of just is outnumbered.
    Yes it’s a children’s show, but that doesn’t add or take away anything about its quality.
    I know what you are saying here, but you final comment seems to make it seem as if we are a special case where personal rights do not matter.
    Well why don’t the haters go away, this is clearly marked thread.
    You seem to make this out as if this one thread is affecting every thread.
    Is this what happened in WoT? Because I haven’t seen it happen in other SOE forums, WoW forums or any non-Brony forum (apart from The Escapist).
    I can see why you would say that, but it is not really true.
    Incorrect, if you hadn’t come into this thread, this thread would have died out pretty fast.

    See I know what you are saying, I have understood it this entire time.
    I PERSONALLY do not post Ponies outside of Pony threads and Pony forums.
    We are not all the same.

    PS. I would change the title of the thread, but SOEs ****** new forum system won’t let me (seriously SOE, your old system was fine).
  4. Kill it with fire?
  5. I'm not a tool for your personal use! Kill it yourself.
  6. Not personally a Brony, but I can see the attraction: Documentary discussing the show, its origins, and an indepth analysis of why it's good. An, yes, it is good. That's just undeniable. The voice talent writing, and animation quality is genuinely good.
  7. I was in pony brigade back when I played NC and then the wipe we were supposed to roll Vanu happened and I lost all communication with you guys.
  8. I Honestly ask why Frosty, if he indeed cares so little, chooses to expend all of this time and resources on explaining why ponies are bad.
  9. He has expressed that his issue is that we are threatening his forum experience.
  10. I don't watch, or care about MLP, but I would buy a Twilight Sparkle decal, and put it on every vehicle and infantry loadout.
  11. Yay!
    The final Australian season one dvd is now out :D
  12. I'm on the other side of the ditch, and we have to wait a week till it comes out here...
  13. I would very much love Rainbow Dash decals and would proudly put them on EVERYTHING

    Also Terran Republic is best Republic. Loyalty until death! Rainbow gets it.

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  14. My Little Pony? Hey, I like that show!

    Although Frosty7 is at least more civil in objecting to a pony topic, there really isn't much to object to. I like the show, I like most of the people who watch the show, and I like Planetside 2. While I could make posts about it on a brony website, there are at least 4 I can think of off the top of my head, and there's no guarantee that a PS2 post on one brony website would be seen by all the possible brony PS2 players. Since these are the official PS2 forums, there's a much better chance of finding people I would like to play with. Now, if there multiple pony threads in the off-topic section, or pony threads in the game discussion section, I would be opposed to that.

    As to "obsession," keep in mind that people do act differently online. Outside of the internet, I have other interests and things to do, something that is prevalent online doesn't define who a person is in other situations.

    And some people should stop complaining about it being a girl's show. It's a family show. It is written with young girls in mind, but the fact that it has attracted persistent fans of different genders and ages should be a sign that this show is different from its predecessors.

    I guess now would be a bad time to post a pointless image macro, so I won't.
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  15. But Equestria's most magical pony would surely side with the Vanu...SCIENCE!


  16. You and Twilight can keep your science, I'll just be over here being awesome with Rainbow. Besides, I did say the TR were the best REPUBLIC, and we need something to shoot at or this game would get boring fast.
  17. Rarity and Applejack are best ponies.

    (The TR's stuff looks so good, it has to have been designed by Rarity.)
  18. sees brony thread. laughs at all involved and leaves.
  19. Sees person who doesn't want to be here, so leaves instead of creating giant flame war.

    Thank you!:)

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