The reason why I hate pc gaming.

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  1. I don't hate pc gaming at all. But man thing I hate is the most, is that it cost so dam much, it really does. Yesterday this guy was bragging about building his 3000$ computer and then he going to upgrade his computer in couple months; for 300$ or 600$, he saids he does this every year; like jesus ****** christ, buy your wife dinner my god.. No wonder people go to console on pc it cost so much, to play your games for the best experience. Most of my friends can't afford to pay thousands of every year or spend hundreds of dollars for 3 or 6 months, they can but they would need to make a lot sacrifices in their lifes, if they want the best gaming experiences.

    I know this going to make pc gamers mad if I say this but it is true. I hear a lot of people saying That they looked at the ps4 conference and they said that "I looked the graphics and character models, my pc could of run all that in 2002 or 2003" the funny thing is that it is not true because the technology doesn't even exist what you see today. There a lot of myths pc gamers make up with their thousands of dollars of pc gaming rigs. So please stay truthful. O ya when I play crysis with a 1000$ pc gaming rig with even higher rig, I can't tell the differences with the graphics. Just better frame rate and you can do more on screen like 40.000 thousand barrels on screen something like that.
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  2. It is a fact that you cannot compare a 500$ console to an even 1000$ PC rig. Fact is that as a PC gamer you can go with the times and continuously upgrade your rig (as I did for the last 5 years, must be around 1500 bucks worth now) while you are stuck with the same hardware for a long time if you buy a console.

    What makes me mad though is that PC games get dumbed down for consoles, both graphics and gameplay-wise.
    "Oh, controller doesnt have more than a few buttons? Too bad PC gamers we are too lazy to give you a proper port."
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  3. I upgrade my PC every 2 years for ~200€ (260$) and never had problems running any game on good enough settings.
    The games I play usually cost me 10-15€, PC gaming can be pretty cheap and joyful.
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  4. Same here too. But it cost a lot of money if you want the best you know.
  5. Why would you buy the best and spend 3k dollars? lol

    You can buy one for 600-800 and run every games on very high settings right now. And you will only need to change graphics card in time, maybe the CPU too in 5 years.
  6. The reason I hate PC gaming is that some people have more money than sense. Or they equate having an expensive gaming rig with their own person worth/epeen.

    Great, you have a $5000 gaming rig. I have a $1500 one and the differences between the two are maybe 10-20%. Diminishing returns really start kicking in fast when you are looking at high end gaming hardware. And a lot of people think that just because you spend 2x as much you are going to get a 2x better cpu/gpu/whatever.

    For example, the differences between a $225 LGA 1155 Core i5-2500K and a $1000 LGA 2011 Core i7-3960X equate to about a 10% speed increase at over 4x the cost. But people still buy i7s....
  7. You be surprised a lot of people pc gamers I met for the last decade what they spend on there pc gaming rigs.
  8. Consoles have never and will never be an option for me.

    No realistic simulations, no hardcore strategy, simplified controls, simplified MP.

    PC's lets me read, research, watch what I want when I want, and play the most excellent titles with better graphics and depth. I bypass most console ports.

    Guess if all you need it for is to play a game, then the cheaper console is it. If you want the good stuff on a PC and cant afford it, then you need to learn how to build a computer picking out the components with the best bang for the buck. As someone said you get build a decent rig for PS2 for probably around $800 usd.When you build it you need to get decent stuff and not sub par, otherwise it will not make it a year. Plus you must backup / wipe and reinstall OS once a year if you install lots of stuff to clear it out.

    I upgrade every two years and am able to keep up, by just overclocking or adding memory or new vid card and keeping background process use down. Console replacement is only a little longer. Will the possible console version of PS2 even be able to handle Ultra settings, doubtful.
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  9. Pretty much my view.
  10. It seems you didn't understand what I said My PC gaming is rig fine with me. All I was saying is that if you want the best it cost a lot of money. I don't need advise no offence.
  11. I agree with you in general tho I'd mention that the I7 range covers more than just the LGA 2011 system. I7's in general don't offer much of anything to gamers compared to their I5 counter part these days.

    I do happen to have a 3960x in my work box but that's because it made sense for what I do... I've already made up the extra cost in faster production times (as an example).

    The only person I personally know with a system that likely cost in the 5 grand range.. is pushing 3 high resolution monitors and has 3 top range video cards in his system. Howeverr, playing at a resolution of around 7680 x 4320 (that's with 3 2560x1440's it can be higher with 30" monitors) takes a bit more than me playing at 1080.

    Would I spend that? um no.. but if its their thing and they can afford it..

    some people spend stupid amounts of money on vehicles, tricking them out or home theater systems for example... my hobbies are pretty low budget I guess.
  12. You did need advice. You said you hate PC gaming, then the only option is console. So I said what consoles cannot do, justifying a higher PC cost, but not as high as what you though was necessary.

    I stated why it was in no way necessary to spend as much as what you said was necessary. PC gaming does not cost 3000 per year, and then 300-600 to upgrade a few months later. Even to run on Ultra settings 1920x1080 74 fov, 50-60 fps.

  13. Exactly, there are people who need i7s for work, compiling/rendering/hardcore math computations. There are people who need dual 8 core Xeons. But for gaming you just don't need it...

    And I hear you about higher resolution needing more expensive equipment. The difference between playing on high settings on a 1080 and a 1440 is the difference between a $200 video card and a $400 one. (speaking in general terms). I had to do that when I upgraded to my 2560x1440 monitor.
  14. Fixed it for you :D
  15. Nope, its not only the gamers, its obvious a controller has limitations in comparison to a keyboard, something like ARMA II could never ever run on console because there are so many commands that not even a keyboard suffices without having to use combinations.
  16. $1000 GTX690 *cough, no comment.
  17. You missed the pun and you're preaching to the choir. I've been building my own gaming rigs for 16 years and the only reason there's consoles in my house is for my kid, and that's pretty much how I view consoles, toys for kids
  18. I have never said I completely hated pc gaming I didn't trashed at all. If I hated pc gaming I wouldn't be playing this game. Did you read the first sentence? Yes I put my topic as The reason why I hate pc gaming.
    The reason why I put it as that because to get people attetion. I have never said it was necessary to spend that much. I never told people how much they should spend. I never stated that. I said if you want the best expserience you would need to spend a lot.

    O ya I never said consoles are the only option, never said that too. Of course pc gaming does not cost 3000$.
  19. You seem to be taking my points about PC gaming costs the wrong way, I was not attempting to offend you. You said why you hate the costs associated with PC gaming, I stated why I do not feel as though that is an issue, I added console as an option with downside to the cost of having a decent PC gaming rig.


    John A. Buys a kick butt Alienware with all the bells and whistles for $3000, gets 90 fps in all his favorite titles

    John B. Reads about each piece of hardware and gauges the best bang for his buck. This includes knowing which video card is doing what by reading reviews and tests and deciding how future proof it is, IE for overclocking or adding a second sli down road or if a new card is about to come out lowering current prices. (purchase timing) And match the PSU, get a bigger one if you plan sli later as an upgrade.

    The same goes for the motherboard/cpu/ram combination (which is the most important). You must know if your cpu will oc on air unless you are going oe fan replacement or water(expensive) Normally you will get a cpu that will run current stuff fine without having to oc it it. Then the case and fans and how well temps stay down. Then check HD performances, SSD are not all the same.

    Then monitor choice that will hopefully last through 2 or even 3 computer upgrades, get the best res/size you can afford. My grandfather is still using my old 21" Sony trinitron CRT tube knockoff that I bought like 10 years ago, supports 1600x1200 still, (just as an example)

    Speakers are usually easy, there are great 5.1 sets for cheap. Keyboard/mouse plenty of decent ones for little money even Razor mice are lower price than before.

    Install OS, decrease unnecessary processes, clean up programs. Add an antivirus that does not hog resources and is gaming friendly.

    John B. now has a computer that does 80-85 fps for $1200.

    John A. feels as though his computer is not keeping up 3 months later, he gets the newest video card. $600.

    John B. feels as though his computer is not keeping up and overclocks his cpu and video card and maybe his memory, and then defrags and cleans out a few resource using programs for $0 cost. Or alternatively he goes overboard and adds a second video card for sli $200-300.

    1year later

    John A. computer is sluggish and slow and instead of total wipe of his OS and reinstall he decides to get a new computer.

    John B. backs up and reinstall's OS and necessary programs and software.

    This really is a semi accurate portrayal of why it costs a lot more for some, though some people have the money to spend so they do, but it is not necessary to keep up with PC gaming.
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  20. Just don't upgrade as much and play on increasingly poorer settings.

    Ta-da, console gaming on a PC.

    Console games theoretically should be easy to optimize due to unified platform, but in practice devs can be lazy and stop supporting the product (coughcough Bethesda, I'm looking at your console ports!)
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