The Smear Campaign Against Magriders...

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  1. I jumped in a magrider and in seconds was wrecking people.
  2. Tee hee, judging which faction I play by my avatar eh? Funny you. Clearly, then, you must know nothing about tanks because your avatar is that of a futuristic bento box. But no, it's ok. We all make mistakes.

    That being said...

    Even if I did play VS, the lightning is common pool and has to deal with both arc and bumpy roads so learning how to deal with it isn't just a TR/NC thing. However, when I said arcing projectiles being a point of contention regarding accuracy for a decade, I meant "arcing projectiles have been a point of contention regarding accuracy for a decade."

    I honestly thought you were making the same "Boo hoo, I can't hit unless I'm firing in a straight line." complaint that people have been making since PS1. Hence my note about NC/TR players making that complaint since PS1.

    You nut.
  3. Magrider is getting a nerf on the 30th I am hearing :(
  4. Sauce?
  5. lupo ur so bad lol

    mags getting nerfed and you know it son


    say it with me

  6. Yea but in what way and confirmed by whom?

    Inquiring clones want to know. I got no problem with nerfs. My issues are with patience and lack of info.
  7. ofc business as usual, VS getting nerfed and NC getting buffed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Has nothing to do with what faction you play. You can play VS or TR and simply not roll in tanks and be completly clueless to the issue but still find a few spare ignorant opinions that you just must share with the world.

    The way you deal with bumping and jerky sights on lightnings is that you stop, fire and then move. This is possible since lightnings are lightning fast, they got the acceleration to stop fire and move effectivly.

    Now if we take a vang, it takes it 9.x seconds to accelerate from 0-53/54 mph when going 100% straight and on 100% flat ground. That is not a vehicle you want to stop once you gotten it to move, and you don't wanna get off in a hurry once you come to a stop.

    Really, I am getting sick of how ignorant trolol ppl try to straw man agrument in every single thread.

  9. Just out of curiousity, I not having a dig at you.

    But as a none native english speaker, I do wounder.

    When and why did people start saying "sauce" instead of "source?

    Is it a meme I missed? I seen it for like a year, people asking for "sauce" I mean you have sauce on your potatoes, you have sauce on your steak.

    A sauce and source are not the same right?

    Really I honestly just wanna know where this comes from, it must be a "funneh" I missed?
  10. Hm...

    In a thread about the VS MBT being overpowered and then we talk about the TR/NC tanks accuracy are you trying to claim that by "the other side" you meant "people who drive tanks versus people who don't"? I'm going to call you a big fat liar on that one, there.

    It's ok man, people assume I'm a VS apologist all the time because they can't get past the avatar. Just don't make it worse by trying to pile more crap on your mistake.

    Yea, it's just a thing. I don't know where. Reddit maybe? Lots of folks probably know, I'm not one of them. It just made me laugh the cheek seemed appropriate at the moment. All in good fun.
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  11. You are again trying to straw man me.

    You cannot expect me to get lured into your side points and bicker about whether or not I was assuming you were a VS apologist.

    The wording leaves enough room for you to be a pilot, a VS, a none tanker, an infantry guy basically any other side then A VANGUARD TANKER.

    If I had said it was rather rich of you as a magrider tanker to not look at the other side of the coin then yes I would focus on you as a biased magrider driver. Now I leave enough room to include any other side that is not in a vanguard day in and day out experiencing the wobbling gun realizing from experience ( not bias ) that the gun problem is real and it is much worse on the vanguard then it is on a lightning or a magrider.

    You know as much as I know that driving in rough terrain with a lightning trying to aim and actually hit is "impossible". The diffrence is that you can quickly stop, fire and then start moving again, utilizing the lighnings high acceleration and turn speed to "manuever" and dodge incomming rounds well enough that stopping to fire ( when stable ) is a legit tactic that works decently vs MBTs, stationary guns and infantry.

    Diverting my core point into a straw man argument about semantics is pointless, it will never work on anyone older then 20 years.
  12. And again your argument is able to be seen through in about five freaking seconds. :rolleyes:

    In one case we have the Magrider which excels in group combat (which the game is about) and then we have the Prowler which excels in 1 v 1 (which the game is very rarely about.

    You say don't push? Guess what, if you don't push in a Prowler you are going to lose. You have to push to actually do any decent damage at range.

    The game is a group combat game. And if you think the Prowler's playstyle isn't near suicide then you need to take the purple visor off of your eyes because you can't see the freaking obvious right in your face.
  13. I'm sorry but this thread is just another "Don't nerf Vanutech" whine fest. I find piloting a Magrider is a LOT easier than the other two tanks due to it's maneuverability and ability to go up terrain impossible for other tanks.

    True you have to turn your body to turn your main gun but (b) you have a sniper secondary gun that you can use if you're placed yourself in a great spot and (c) a boost you can buy to help you get away with ease.

    The fact you have to use the 3rd person perspective as part of your argument is flawed since the good drivers don't really use 3rd person except to make sure they're not running over their team mates or trying to figure out what they're stuck on since they don't float. (or looking around cover).

    I pilot a magrider when I want to pilot a fun tank that is a bit easier to destroy other tanks than in my Vanguard or Prowler, that can boost and mow over infantry for fun before turning and blasting them. That can easily dodge rockets at range with a simple strafe. In fact I feel the Magrider should be a bit weaker armor/health-wise because of the fact it's a glorified hovercraft.
  14. I am sorry, but what you are talking about is not even a L2P issue, its a lack of common sense and IQ.
    To me its common sense that i wont assault a zerg head on
    To me its common sense that i wont go after a caravan of MBTs
    To me its common sense to wait for an opportunity where i can take out tanks that stray away from the enemy lines
    To me its common sense to use the Prowler as a fast moving and hard hitting close/mid range vehicle and i wont try to challenge a magrider on the flats of Esamir to a sniping contest from 500m range

    Sorry, but your "arguments" are completely unrelated to magriders.
    If someone is impaired enough to charge into the enemy lines instead of picking off the players who make positional mistakes, then that person is unfit for playing games with tactics of any form involved. This remains true completely independent from what MBT you drive. This stupidity will get you killed with a magrider just as much as it will get you killed inside a vanguard. Team play or not.
  15. And you have utterly missed the point.

    ~The magrider can operate in just about any terrain and just about any range.

    ~The Prowler cannot.

    ~The Magrider is perfectly capable of sitting inside of friendly lines and engaging outwards.

    ~The Prowler has to close distance to attempt to do damage.

    Hence the freaking problem that you seem to want to willfully ignore.

    But by all means keep on posting while ignoring the blatantly obvious in front of you. :D

  16. need more? GIYF
    i think we should all stop.
    just lean back.
    enjoy the equailty.
    shoot some tanks.
    (especially the magriders)
  17. I knew they could climb...but wow...
  18. It's from 4chan, normally used to ask for the source of certain images.
  19. Im really getting sick of these post of vanu players trying to defend the PWNrider. Here is a couple facts about the magrider.

    1. Its the best tank
    2. It has the best secondary by far (Saron)
    3. Look to 1 and 2 if you disagree with this please seek medical aid.
    4, Ive played vanu so i know how good it is
    5. Post like these show you how dependent vanu is on the Mag
    6. Seriously tho the saron is a joke. Have fun 2 shoting a tank from a mile away and 1 shoting infantry
    7. It can fly
    8. Its spiderman
    9. Vanu is ez mode :p
    10. It deserves to get nerfed. But probably wont because SoE doesn't want to make all the vanu cry like they did in beta
  20. Let's leave it alone, so Vanu players can pad their K/D

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