The Terran conspiracy

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by NightShift, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. This is relation to the WaterSon server. May apply to ever server.

    Ever notice how the other 2 faction gang up on you.

    I'm a pilot and i swear VS and NC are ganging up on TR every time I play or fly the VS and NC kill me and leave one another alone...

    Anyone else have any others
  2. i remember back in beta when the vanu was getting it's *** kicked against the tr, so what did they do some of them changed side to tr and started team killing and letting there boy's get the upper hand then rejoining vanu.
  3. Haha this will always happen on 3 faction fights. On Mattherson it is either TR/NC vs VS or we just do a constant threeway where we all just run around chasing each other taking over bases behind the other.
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  4. He knows too much.
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  5. I'm sorry to hear that my fellow Vanu on your server gangs up on yall , cousin. Here, I think, I think I love our other family, (the TR), even if we dont always agree or if we homewreck each other's homes.

    Once again I am truly sorry for your pain and hope a consilation hug will brighten your spirits. *hugs*
  6. That's just cause you guys often have much higher pops, so we're used to teaming up on you. When you don't, we still do, because **** you, that's why. *flips table*

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