[Suggestion] The Thread that will save the Galaxy

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by AJay, May 17, 2013.

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  1. [IMG]
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  2. +1 for agreeing with you.
    +1 for super effort.
    +1 for TR!

    Seriously, everything you say is absolutely right. I frickin' love the supply crate and mid-air resupply. Genius.

    Show the Gal some love SOE. It's a beautiful sky whale!
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  3. I haven't laughed like that at a galaxy in a long time. Love the ideas. Somebody get Higby's fancy haired *** in here now!
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  4. Oh dear, so much effort in one post, I wanted to like it but when you put things in like "unless you're in an outfit!" followed by some unrelated remark regarding ghost capping it makes it hard. We need more reasons for people to play as a team not less.

    You have some good ideas, but you detract from those by including nonsensical remarks which seem to be geared towards the idea of playing LESS with cohesive groups, in which case, why would you need to carry 12 random individuals to the same location?

    Over all, I think you are right to ask the Dev team to think about increasing the utility options of the Galaxy, but you probably ought to consider them in the context of a more organised environment. After all, no lonewolf player is going to care about other peoples aircraft needing re-arming, otherwise we'd see more Ammo sundies used outside of Outfits.
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  5. This thread is the best thread ever. As far as I'm concerned, they can put this on the front page and close the forums forever - they have served their purpose. Nothing that has ever been posted will match the glory of this thread. The fact that the ideas presented are really, really good ideas only makes it a thousand times better.
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  6. This post is 100% awesome!
    Nay, 300%!
    I agree with all points.
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  7. If I had a 640*10970 monitor, this would be my wallpaper. Good work.
    As of right now, If the galaxy simply disappeared, the game would hardly change... instead It needs to have a very strong and *necessary* role in the game.
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  8. I think the agreement from all replies (minus the guy who likes ghostcapping [just kidding]) indicate the community sympathizes with you, OP.

    Just a few comments:
    The whole thing is hilarious. I actually snorted when I read the dialogue for "What Galaxies are actually doing." I'm more of a guffaw guy, this was truly out of character.

    Destination and Estimated Departure Time would be huge upgrades. I'm not sure what is more annoying: 3 Gal pilots relaying pertinent information but trying to yell over each other in a warpgate, or that one guy who just types "COME RIDE (username) AIRLINES!!!!1!1ONE" and proceeds to spam it every 10 seconds, with no indication of where he's going or when he's leaving. Neither one is very helpful.

    I've never seen anyone guzzling Doritos, but I don't question your judgement >_<

    Pilot should definitely get better XP return, and kills should give assist xp to each of the gunners, regardless of who got the kill.

    If point 4 (mobile spawn) is implemented, you can't let simply anyone do it. I can just imagine a 4/12 galaxy, each guy in a different squad, just pouring a platoon of ground-troops onto a point. Limit it to just the pilot or something, and make it share a slot with the other proposed utilities. If anyone can do it, then you only need one Gal to mobilize a platoon, which would make all this effort to improve the Gal a waste. This is my only real gripe, the rest of this seems pretty well thought out.

    That said, I don't think SOE will ever go in for combo repair/resupply. Why not? The usual reason: money. Right now, pilots cert deeply into defense, ammo capacity, and acquisition timer. If you can repair and resupply without leaving the front lines, why bother maxing your nanites or ammo cap? If you're able to regularly repair, without nanites or returning to base, you're not going to need that rank9 acquisition timer. This is all well and good, from a player's perspective. But what happens to the game when people stop spending certs on accessories, and can actually save them up for weapons, instead of pouring out real money for smedbux to buy their weapons? SOE makes a lot less money, the game is less profitable, and they start giving even less of a poop :(

    Just my two cents. Great thread, would LOL again.
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  9. The Galaxy needs not only a reason to get in the air but also a reason to stay in the air instead of landing/bailing out of. Preferably something useful/interesting enough that it would compel allied troops (aka, ESFs) to defend it as well.
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  10. As a Galaxy pilot, I want to make this into a giant poster for my cubicle.

    This is the best post in the history of posts. Ever.
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  11. I fully agree! Awesome post xD
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  12. I . . . I wanna read your yaoi fanfic :( Is that wrong?

    I mean ahem no something about tanks MAGRIDER MAGRIDER

    Poor, poor Galaxy. The Galaxy is like the fat guy that's really sweet, but despite that, you feel bad because you still wouldn't have sex with him for superficial reasons. Actually, come to think of it, the Galaxy isn't anything like that. Where did that even come from?

    I think the Gal's real problem is that so many pilots are selfish.

    ESF pilots: They whine about the "air game" when ******** like A2A pod damage and A2AM spam is what ***** over the air game for 2/3 aircraft types. ESF's themselves are the biggest hurdle to a real air meta developing, and they never comment on this.

    Lib pilots: While having actual justified concerns, they also don't give a **** about the Galaxy. Libs kill Gals so quickly that if Libs were ever made more resistant to G2A and ESF predation, Gals would basically go extinct, as a single Zephyr lib tears them into pieces without any chance of escape. Again, they never comment on this.

    Pilots in this game seem to be 99% short sighted lonewolf types whose ideas are fundamentally incompatible with what they claim to want: a proper meta without the on-offf duality where either G2A or A2G has total dominance. Even the skilled pilots who understand ESF balance very well don't seem to have anything useful to say regarding the formation of an air meta.
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  13. If I could upvote this a thousand times, I'd wish I could upvote it a thousand more. Just awesome. Great ideas and great effort. I like it.
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  14. Oh god I legit LOLed at this. I loved the idea of rearm/repair like the sundie, and I actually liked every idea. +1 we need this, not a stupid ESF update.
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  15. That was GREAT. I lol'd.

    AJay for president! And I like the ideas as well. ;)
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  16. So much better than a video. The music and voiceover in my head was tons better than what most videos come with. It also proceeded at the perfect pace, neither too rapid nor too dawdling due to being dictated by my own finger.

    The message was pretty good too, but the medium was what sold it to me.
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  17. Great ideas. Especially the one of rearming and repairing an ESF close to a Galaxy but currently if a ESF touches the Galaxy it insta gib blows up. :( Kinda risky for both pilots. One doesn't know if the other will quickly turn, evade etc and cause a collision.
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  18. bloody brilliant!
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  19. Badass thread is badass. I approve of this message, 10/10! Must see.
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  20. Not only is it presented in an awesome way.... ....but it makes sense. o_O

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