The TR are hiding something

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  1. did a quick search to see if anyone mentioned this before and didn't find anything, but there is a TR BFR on indar.

    It's north of hollowing pass check point in a building. Interesting easter egg to find.
  2. The location of this BFR is already know.. We are working on ways to extract, re-program and set it on a killing spree inside of TR sancturaries.

    If you NC scoundrels, my apologizes. Counterparts.. have any useful information perhaps we can have a meeting of the minds on insuring the destruction of the Tyrant Republic..

    Good day scum... my apologizes... good sir..
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  3. yeah just managed to find an old thread. Apparently battle frame robotics gave me better results than BFR, but guess this can inform anyone who didn't know like myself.
  4. When the devs finally bring there guns inline with the rest of the empires, they still have that ace up their sleeve.

    That is the new and improved BFR

    The BFZR (Battle Frame Zerg Robot)

    Basically, it walks to the battlefield and then the TR zerg crawl out of its butt and zerg the base, they will then crawl back up and move on to the next base, leaving the one they just took undefended, because hey, zergs don't defend duh! XP or NOTHING>
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  5. It used to be located in the Defunct Solar Hub. The TR know we're on to them!
  6. I wonder if there's anything else hidden around. I found pointless buildings/outposts on both Esamir and Amerish, but they were both sealed up tight, with no windows.
  7. As representative of the TR I am sorry to say that it is just a Mascot for the local football team, made by the Chinese Engineering division.
    If you take a closer look, you'll clearly see it is not capable of any battles. As the legg designs are far to off for any proper balance when moving, so in all honesty, it cannot actually walk. And who would actually use any walking robots except for maxes?
    I mean, this is Auraxis, not Gundam.
  8. It is plastic and fires Nerf rockets, jelly-been dispenser located in the rear.

    Nothing to see here.
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  9. Damn. I was hoping that we had actually shelled out for black out windows.
  10. The only thing the TR are hiding is their schlongs between each others butt cheeks!
  11. The smiling shot has to be the sickest thing about this introduction.. LoL..

    Wait till they get the gold edition on the production line.. **** this **** bro.. hahah
  12. *Jedi hand move*

    This is not the BFR you are looking for!
  13. *Crazy watto voice*

    Mind tricks don'ta worka on me, Only money
  14. "OOOO Meesa theenk dat not a BFR boss! Meesa theenk dat a beeeg macheen dat walk an shoota da meeseels!"
    <Han Solo walks by the smoldering Jar Jar Binks corpse, holstering his weapon>
    "The hell I didn't shoot first....."

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