They should have kept the RPG elements in Planetside.

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  1. Planetside 2 ought to have been developed by Michael Bay.

    Every day it's the same. Log in cap a couple bases gain some certs which is just addicting. Then log out. If I had some good battles then cool, but I don't have much to show for it besides certs.

    And really this game is just so simple. It's just point-n-shoot, spot, point-n-shoot, cap that objective, move on to next base, oh no we've lost territory we've been cut off. Rinse and repeat. Gun play is basic and all the unlocks just aren't worth saving for. They are just slight variants of the same gun with different stats and a slightly different artwork. Just really shallow stuff all-round. The MAX in particular has almost no flexibility when it comes to a build. It's just AV, AI, or AA. Take your pick or choose another "class". Really insulting that they even call them that.

    Battles are rarely well balanced and much fun. You're either steamrolling over the enemy or they are steamrolling over you. Sometimes you get an even fight which is the most fun I've had in the game, but those times are quite rare. Also joining an Outfit doesn't improve your chances much. If the enemy have more numbers any kind of organization is thwarted by the endless waves of tanks and air spam.

    Maybe I'm just growing tired of FPS games. I think I need to go back to an RPG for a while where I might need to actually use my brain and be compelled by a story or some deep leveling system. I'm getting a headache just by thinking about how much time I've wasted on this dull game.

    It's a shame because Planetside 2 really could be something grand. Planetside 1 could be considered a FPS-RPG with it's custom class system with certs and an inventory. PS2 is just a generic FPS. A dull, flat, boring shooter that tries to impress you with it's explosions and epic size. And it does impress, but only for a little while.

    It's not good enough. The game in it's current state is in no way going to work in the long run. What's going to keep people from moving on when the next big FPS hits? NOTHING.

    Honestly, I reckon the execs over at SOE just want to make a quick buck on this then let it dwindle. Why not? Most of the development costs have already been spent. The artwork is done the mechanics are done and the models and environments are done and all there is to look forward to now are the profits. The product can be considered finished by the $ guys. Why bother develop this further besides tweaks and tiny features thrown in here and there to give the illusion it is constantly evolving..
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  2. totally agree.
  3. I agree, signed too!
  4. If they develop it further the game can run for 4 years easily. There aren't even computers out there that can run it properly with everything (including ultra textures) on max.

    Add in proper continent locking and a few other things etc ...
  5. I hardly think that classes are the main difference between PS1 and PS2, nor is it what will make or break the game.
  6. Nostalgia, and wanting a different game. That's all that this thread is.
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  7. FPSs, by nature, have minimal progression. And I'd rather it stay this way.

    The problem with straight up crazy RPG progression (Like PS1 had), is that it creates a VERY like chasm between the new and old players. This in turn, prevents new players from joining the game. And with that, your game kills itself.

    PvP is VERY different than PvE.

    Progression on PvE is great. Progression in PvP is not so great. Because it reward people not for their skill, but for their time spent.

    If you have been playing for ages and have a gun that does twice as much damage as mine, I'm not going to want to play.
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  8. never played ps1 but whats so different here?
    gain certs (skillpoints) and invest them. looks pretty RPGish to me.
  9. loads more to advancement and level

    signed to this post, bravo OP

    examples i would quote
    SC will buy you what you look like < old version blood sweat and tears did
    implants? < old version implants earned from hard work
    weapon and vehicle unlocks anyone has them < unlocked from play
    cookie cutter classes unlocked all the time < unlocked skills from play

    all of these kept you playing.... why did they take them out?

    a week after it opened people are already saying the game is dull, i am rolling around saying i told you so, so bad right now (to my chums the only people that will listen to my rants)

    they have missed such a boost to player longevity by taking simple things from the game and making it a quick buck

    like someone said in a previous forum post before the heavies came in $OE rather than SuperOE
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  10. @op,your wrong and anyone who agree's with you is wrong planetside has been and always will be a fps,it isnt like wow or anything this is how planetside will always be and ill leave this here

    I see alot fo people complaining the game is dull, thats their no story, or PVE. I dont get it, its a MMOFPS, not a MMOFPSRPG.

    Did you come to PS2 to see dungeons and a epic story line and spend your time killing 10x "Diseased Archanids" to get 5x "Vile serum" to coat your lvl 50 "Archanid Chest plate armor"??? This is a FPS, like BF3, like COD, just bigger and more epic. Is there a point to COD/BF3 other then getting the best score and ranked on the leaderboards? No, atleast in PS2 compared to other FPS their is a point to the game other then stroking your own ego on a leaderboard. Why complain, this isnt WoW or EQ2, no story to follow, no PVE. Now grab a rifle soldier and get in the war!

    P.S. Sorry just seen people constantly saying their is no story or content or the game is dull, and im wondering what AD or friend told them something other then epic battles, base capturing and continent conquering.

    credit to ShakareeNC

    @op me and the true planetside players that know this game can only be 1 way,will always fight with you with threads like these,we will be here a long time.
  11. you're new here

    you never played the previous game.

    if you did you would realise the RPG part of any game is mostly in the players head, planetside WAS an extremely good MMORPGFPS

    it had everything, level exp sandbox story line, squad stories, pictures in the sanctuary picking up new players

    you are wrong sir
  12. you know what happens when you assume right,im a ps1 vet,

    your the new one,your the wrong sir

    you dont understand
  13. Battle-Side ? Planet-Field? Wheres my rek?
  14. To those of you who defend the game. Can you deny that PS2 is just Battlefield on a larger scale? Because that is all it is and we all know it. It's the elephant in the room.

    You might argue how that is a good thing and it's what makes the game fun. The problem I see is it's not going to be enough to keep players around. At this point it is just another FPS and that is just the wrong direction to go with it. If SOE want the game to succeed they need to do something different, something no other FPS does. THAT is what will keep people coming back. Not this casual shooter rubbish.

    Anyway, I feel as though there's no point complaining. SOE and the execs already have their mind made up. There's only so much that will change from here on out. Don't expect PS2 to become something grand in the future because it wont. I predict new things to spend certs on, a few new continents, some new guns and that's it. Maybe they'll even port it to the console! Imagine that.

    Planetside 2 is a disappointment.
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  15. you obviously didn't 'really' play it then

    nope i understand what an RPG is

    please do tell us what versions of Lol and Lmao you have contrary to the popular school of thought, because you seem to be making stuff up for yourself

    Planetside 1 was an MMORPGFPS, and it was heavy on the RPG

    you're = you are
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  16. What? Why was this thread just moved to the off-topic section? The thread is clearly about Planetside 2.
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  17. People don't realize that the insane gap between new players and old players is what prevented new players from joining PS1 and is what choked the game to death.
  18. Trying to keep morale up in the shop I reckon.

    They intentionally chose this direction as stated by devs. Been following this game and interacting with SOE for years about a lot of things in this discussion but the bottom line is the bottom line. If they want to go this route they will need to churn content quickly and right now they have a lot of resources bogged down in bug and performance fixes. They need new continents, vehicles, capture mechanics, dynamic content etc but for now they are in the mire of basic game improvements. Time will tell how all this works out but I have been in beta nearly 4 months now and not playing all that much as the repetition for marginal gain and/or fun factor just isn't there.
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