They should have kept the RPG elements in Planetside.

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  1. You know why doors are great in PS1? Here's an example.

    1 guy, a cloaker with a rek and a locker full of boomers (equalivent to c4 in ps2) Let's say this guy wanted to blow the gens in a Tech Plant that an enemy faction is currently using as it's base of operations to roll out tanks/aircraft all by himself. He would normally approach the back door unlock it and sneak in.

    A good cloaker would take his sweet time making sure it was safe. His destination would be the locker room first, which was usually located by the spawn tubes. Hack the locker and get 3 boomers. Then sneak to the gen room which had another door to unlock. Again making sure no one is around cause a rek can be heard by other players. Giving away his position.

    The cloaker would have to make this trip in total I believe 4 times back and forth to the gen room and the locker room, 9 boomers in all plus 1 jammer to set off the boomers which in turn destroy's the gen. Which is by no means an easy feat but the sense of accomplishment, very rewarding. Something so simple as a door can provide that kind of gameplay. Gone.
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  2. Lol wut. With the exception of the MAX abilities from PS1 what else was there? At least in PS2 we can choose two different damage types.
  3. This is what happens when there is no Metagame......

    (10% discounts and a banner saying "lolz u got ppl warplocks cos of pop advantage" isn't a metagame, that's just giving an announcement and discount to whoever happens to have more people online...... how does no one see this..)
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  4. Didn't read every post but even if they were mentioned already it's a huge problem in my mind. No real difference in weapons anywhere save for a few things it's just different colored bullets coming out of the same gun with a minor % difference in accuracy or rate of fire.

    No real creative weapons like the Thumper, Rocklet Rifle, Radiator , and the Maelstrom. There are more but those really stood out and made Planetside feel unique to me. Even the MAX's had their very own feeling. Lack of empire specific vehicles other than one MBT.

    They got a few things right, the Scythe was a great idea however still unfortunate they only came up with one idea and screwed the other empires. I would have loved to see Reaver/Mossie/ESF for every empire. It would have taken minimal effort to do and made the game feel much more diverse.

    It feels like I'm playing CoD with colored bullets, something is wrong here.

    That was a HUGE thing. VS could fly, NC had a shield, and TR had amazing firepower when locked down. It made them unique from other empires. Not to mention they were also mobile ammo storages for things like gen holds. Carrying med/engi juice and REK was pretty standard for any MAX who knew how to play the game.
    (Some noob always forgot his REK, can't remember how many times that worked out)
  5. You could choose two damage types in PS1, Normal ammo or Armor Piercing ammo for anit-max or anti vehicle.

    You also had the ability to have different kinds of grenades in your grenade launcber, an HE, and AoE dot, EMP etc.

    Planetside 2 really needed to be Planetside 1 + better graphics + better servers + a few other tweaks here and there.

    They SHOULD NOT have removed

    For the uneducated here is what PS1 had that PS2 needs to feel unique and not just a Battlefield Online.

    *LIMITED Certs to unlock weapons and vehicles (i.e You needed to unlock the MBT, not just start with it and you could not unlock everything) You whole outfit could just just pull MBT's and zerg...well they could, but that would mean they lost certs elsewhere. The best outfits had developed characters, who specialized in roles, not just zergs of players pulling whatever they deem would be the best way to rush a base. A medic fully certed medic was a hero on the battlefield. And got COMPLETE respect, because people knew that he gave up a lot of other options to be a good medic, aka probably did not have ANY access to MBT's, heavy aircraft, heavy armors or heavy weapons.
    You could however, once a day or something, wipe your certs and respec, and completely switch roles, but it was only once a day, not after every respawn.

    *Inventory and Looting. The most fun I had would be stocking up on those "OP" guns the other empires had and then using them against them. It also made managing your gear far more rewarding. Instead of ammo drops, you had to make sure you kept enough ammo in your inventory to make it through a fight, while also managing other tools you might want (rockets, hacking tool, medic tool, whatever you certed into and could make fit). Each type of armor had limited space to fit stuff, heavy armors were slower, but provided more inventory space and more health. Infiltrator armor was extremely agile, very small storage and would not show up on enemy radar. Cloak was a certed ability you did not start out with. Vehicle had TRUNKS! YES trunks. Why? Well vehicles also had to stock up on ammo the same with. You could put different kinds of ammo in your truck (HE or AP for example for tanks) and switch them with a keystroke. As opposed to being locked into whatever turret you have on. You could also store small arms ammo, and you could unlock the trunk to allow squad mates to open your trunk and pull out ammo to restock. This means instead of just a zerg, outfits tended to plan there offensives, loading there gear out in strategic manners.

    *Two man minimum tanks. Instead of the BF style, one man army, MBT's had to have a driver and SEPARATE main turret gunner. This not only cut back on tank spam, because it required more people to use the same amount of tanks as PS2, but also made it more fun. Instead of tanks sitting on the hills just shooting at towers and bases, you had massive moving tank fights. Where the best tankers were the ones who could communicate between driver and gunner. The gunner could fire in any direction, without needing to worry about going off a cliff or hitting a wall. In PS2, I think this would cut back on the raging of ESF rocket spam, as tanks would no longer need to be sitting ducks to fire there gun effectively.

    *Buggys and other type small squad Vehicles. These *might* make it into the game, but they were also and should have been in for release. They were small, 3-5 man buggies. sometimes with a passenger mounted forward looking fun, and a turret gun. Some were open air, and you could shoot the occupents, but were extremely fast. Some were enclosed, and have grenade launchers. The original Skyguard was actually a variant of this. It was multi-crew, so you could drive and still shoot at the sky, andnot be a sitting duck.

    *ANT!! ANT's were a recource transporter. Unarmed, carriable by a galaxy, that resupplied bases with there energy units. Energy was drained during combat, turrets would auto repair but use this energy. If a base ran out of energy (for example if left unattended for to long) it woudl flip neutral, this meant ANY empire could hack it, regardless of if it was behidn enemy lines or not. This meant people had to resupply these bases, and during combat, it was a vital role. So vital, that you would have large escorts to protect these shipments, and attack forces trying to find them. This opened up combat opportunities AWAY from any base. There were always battles goign on in the middle of know where, due to these shipments. Stopping a defender from resupplying his base, meant it could be capped sooner. (bases were also spread further apart, so there actually was wilderness, ulike PS2 which is just crapped with bases back to back to back)

    These are just a few, that if added ot the current gameplay of PS2, would make alot of people happy, add alot more complexity, and hopefully, and yes piss off the BF3/CoD kitties, but who cares, there are TONS of games that cater to them already.
  6. I hate to beat a dead horse, but just because someone makes the analogy that PS1 had RPG elements doesn't mean that PS1's RPG elements instantly made it so that an old player was more OP than a new one.

    In fact, the cert progression PS2 lends advantages that are miles more unfair than PS1's horizontal progression system. Coupled with the F2P Pay-to-Win-Faster aspects and a five year player stands in stark contrast to a five minute player, whereas that difference in PS1 only manifested in how many roles a player could fulfill, not how good a player was at those roles due to raw weapon/vehicle/equipment stats.

    PS2, aside from the above problem, also allows players to be somewhat horizontally good like the first game, because there is no restriction on what class you can play and when. If a five year player has certs dumped into all of the classes, he's going to be a lot better vertically and horizontally at ALL classes than a five minute player.

    Honestly, PS1's system was better. At BR20, players could usually do everything they wanted and ignore the rest of the certs in game. Just because a lot of players opted for the infantry-centric build did not mean that teamwork died in that game. Just the opposite. All of those "universal soldiers" as people put it were just the "stock" infantry of each empire. Dedicated support roles still thrived. Heck, even "universal soldiers" in PlanetSide 1 whipped out their medical/engineering tools to repair and heal friendlies far more frequently than I see it happening in PlanetSide 2.

    I don't see how your argument that it creates a chasm is verified. In PS1, a new player's guass rifle is just as good as mine, even if I've played for two years. In PS2, I might have a better gun (that I either bought or unlocked over time) in addition to attachments for that gun, nanoweave/flak armor that directly buffs my health, shield upgrades, medkits (which aren't standard issue anymore), more rockets available, and a better rocket launcher that can lock on instead of dumbfire.

    So in essence, PS1 had a far smaller gap between the old and the new than this game will have 5... heck even 1 year from now.
  7. Nope, thats not correct.
    He, the op, is just pointing out that while the tactical combat is kinda cool. The strategic level in this game is shallow.
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  8. like I said

    you're = you are

    if you are going to flame someone at least do it properly, you are showing your age
  9. you and arcane are both right in your own way

    there was a middle ground to what you are both saying

    the vets knew the game

    the old game although a level 1 could still gun down a level 20, the level 20 knew what was going on and knew a great deal more, it had a steep learning curve

    what they have done so wrong in this version is make a cash rich level 1 better than a level 20-50 f2p (free to wait in the queue) player in terms of who had the easier start in the game

    my thought will always be the Cert system in PS1 was and will always be faaaar superior to PS2

    player advancement, involvement and personalisation

    even something as simple as the stripes to put on your chest, or reaching BR25 to get all the cool looking armour pieces this all goes to what players want, when a player saw them they knew at a glance that the player that is shooting at them is advanced

    now the player who killed you just looks like a golden clown in most cases, if they bought themseleves fancy looking vanity items

    BR serves no real purpose in this game whatsoever for player satisfaction
  10. I just lol'd at all the ragers who think this generic classbased system is better than the inventory system in PS1. Truly shows how much CoD/BF3 audience PS2 has attracted. I bet is the same people from the battelog forums. Topic >"Bring Commander, and VOIP" >>> Ragers with only BF3 on their account >>"OMG OMG no I don't want to listen to 10 years old"( Usually does no happen on PC.... thus> they are console players portraying as PC gamers. I have only encounter few kids in my FPS history, and they are either smart or with their dad/mom next to them. So that audience came to PS2 because it was "Shiny, and bigger battles".
    Which I truly hope DICE by the time BF5 is around they have more players in the matches or even make a better MMOFPS than PS2. You think companies are not going to rival PS2?. Probably in 2-3 years there will be another Huge Open Battlefield Clone MMOFPS, and what will planetside have different?. Nothing since PS2 will be the same as that other generic game hugeMMOPERSISTENTFPS that just came out.
    You remember Mars Wars? That was more of a sequel to Planetside than Planetside 2 is.
  11. Ah, another unsatisfied customer with another thread complaining about the lack of depth in this game that gets moved to "off topic", lol. This game is pretty lame as far as MMOs go. Its good compared to other FPSs but then again most FPSs suck, so thats like bragging about being the smartest ******.

    I wont consider this game good until it offers more than Conquest on a big persistent map.
  12. Someone start a petition to turn PS2 more PS1nish LOL. Is the only way to get change around here. Look at the Dark Souls petition; it was victorious >

  13. No, I really like this game. There are a few things SOE could do to make it better of course. I believe they will do them.
  14. The points here is. 1. You don't cared about your life. People just rush in since there is no point in surviving you won't lose anything. 2. No freaking doors to locked?.. Really that's a step down from PS1. 3. Inventory system could have added variety, and perhaps more teamwork since people wouldn't just be running around without no regard of their life. People would quietly, and swiftly move to the next AO with a convoy or galaxies( probably 6- 15 galaxies). My points being is that. Yes PS2 is fun for what it is, but in the long run it adds nothing else. Is just another FPSMMO that will eventually get boring since there is nothing to do besides capping, and shooting. I could have profession myself in healing, and I could have my inventory full of medic stuff. You see?. You were able to choose what kind of role you wanted to play. In here they just give you loadouts (Generic). The only thing that attracted people is the graphics engine. most people would have been. "Oh wow is just Battlefield in a bigger scale" which pretty much it is. The only thing that has from Planetside is the factions, and continents. On top of all that. Why would you add a killcam?>>>> to cater to the BF3/CoD audiance. I think killcams are the worst thing ever only perhaps in game like CS is acceptable, but BF2(PC) did not have killcams. So DICE added them to cater to the CoD audiance, and Higby/Sony/PS2 Team is doing the same to the franchise. Catering to BF3/CoD players instead of taking everything from PS1, and then involving more of that. You think people would have played Everquest 2 if it was some Action game with no RPG elements like in EQ1?... The point is. PS2 plays like BF3 with Planetside theme in it. Not like Planetside 1.

    Don't give me the evolving stuff. BF3 plays like any other BF game fast paced. Perhaps with a little CoDification in there, but it still plays like a BF game. Planetside 2 does not play like Planetside 1 besides the huge battles, and capping. That's all PS2 offers Capping, Shooting, and Battles... PS1 offer more than just those 3.
  15. I might have missed something but I'm pretty sure my laptop does that
  16. If funny how the devs don't even bother commenting on this. Situation.
  17. It certainly needs more.. especially meta game.. and also different base capture mechanics.

    The current way the game plays out is every base you handle in the same way.. while i think having a unique element to ever unique type of base would make it far more enjoyable and far more diverse. PS2 is not yet getting stale but eventually it will. It has no reason for you to level up.. which as an MMORPG player i kinda miss.

    Would i say it needs a lot like a talent system etc. etc. not anymore.. i think if they would have done a talent system.. they should have made it in the way that every class is a talent tree.. and you start as a general soldier. And specialize in certain styles of combat. And also have a sepperate talent tree system for the vehicles.

    Though this way would break a lot of the competitiveness.. and i dont think it would really be PS at that moment.
    So while i agree it needs more reason to play and a lot more diversity i dont think making it RPG heavy is the solution to that.
  18. While true, the same will be true in PS2. After five years, the veteran will have that "experience" edge as well, plus the buffs.
  19. PlanetSide had a story, which, during installation, was relayed to the player. Upon logging in, you felt the sheer weight of the struggle at hand. In addition to that, you felt both insignificant, and integral to a strange, and wonderous world. It could have been really developed. It wasn't. Nevertheless, there is a story, and this game should do its best to ensure that this so-called "persistent world" builds upon that story constantly. In order to comply, we need to return those RPG elements that really allow for deep character, outfit, and empire development.
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