This is how Planetside 2 SHOULD look, no excuse guys.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Braxton, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Just saying that the Planetside 2 team has absolutely no excuse for making the game look so horrible.

    Case and point is the following video:

    I've tried SweetFX after seeing in multiple areas (forums, and twitter etc) that Higby himself uses it while playing. After trying SweetFX I was absolutely blown away. The video above absolutely doesn't do it justice. All it was is just a simple disabling of FXAA.

    I then forced NVIDIA AA methods that are known to be more taxing than FXAA, but all around looks better. Keep in mind you can also disable the "FAKE" HDR visual effects for Planetside 2 with SweetFX which just extend the game into godlike status on how good it looks without all of this FAKE-HDR methods being used.

    It isn't the fact they need to "test", or make anything new. It is simply adding in MORE options to disable stuff that makes the game look better. Also, these FAKE methods of making the game look less like crap ironically make it look like crap.

    As the video maker said in his video, why do developers find the need to make their game look WORSE? I apologize if this comes off as condescending or insulting, but it is the hard truth that needs to be said.

    I'll leave it up to you guys to google for SweetFX :). It can't be bannable, it'd be too stupid to make it a bannable offense. Hell, as I said before, Higby himself uses it. What kind of idiocy is that :|?

    Sorry, just a bit frustrated as devs for years keep ruining good games with FAKE HDR methods, and it has just gotten ridiculous :|.
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  2. Give me 1,200$ for PC Upgrades and sure, you can make this the default graphics.

    The reason people make their game look worse, is so that people with lower end pc's can play, Not everyone can afford to purchase new parts for every game.
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  3. Yeaaah my GPU doesn't like this game as it is, I don't want to go making it work harder.
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  4. This entire posts reads like a sales pitch for SweetFX due to the writing style...
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  5. I have to play on low settings, but that's irrelevant because low settings would still be there wouldn't they? Why cap the graphics? If it can look that good, put it in.
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  6. Maybe those people are unaware that there are graphics settings. If they added these features, they wouldn't be forced, just an option to people with nicer computers.
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  7. How much did your FPS dropped using those SweetFX settings? I'm reluctant to try it since I barely get above 30 fps in huge battles using a OC'd i7 920 4ghz and GTX 680.
  8. They took out the Ultra settings from beta, not sure why though...
  9. I believe the ultra settings are still there, you just need to alter the config files to get them.

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  10. All I want is to disable FXAA. I'm really not sure why that isn't an option. During early-ish beta, there were a few shenanigans we could pull with the xml files to disable it, and the game looked awesome. Maybe I'll try SweetFX just to turn FXAA off. It's godawful.
  11. I'm not sure of the accuracy but I've read that they were removed due to optimization issues.

    This makes me feel stupid but, would turning off FXAA increase your FPS if you're on an older GPU? I'm running with a Geforce GT 335m and with my current settings I get about 50-60FPS in the warpgates but can drop as low as 20 in combat.
  12. The devs said the ultra settings caused stability issues with the client.
  13. i remember the devs saying they had to take down the ultra settings they used on their mighty machines they have in the office. I didn't really understand why people with awesome rigs were being punished so people with old computers could run the game at 15fps. the game may be free to play but theres no shame in setting a high minimum requirement. Especially when you are limiting the quality of the product. Then again maybe its a unavoidable performance issue you cant really blame them if thats the case.
  14. No, not really. The "good part" about FXAA is that it requires almost no CPU or GPU resources. Turning it off won't help, most likely.
  15. Alright Braxton I got one question. I tried this sweetfx and saw no difference in looks but I think that is mostly due to not knowing what to turn off and on. I've seen no option to disable FXAA or anything of the sort, so if you wouldnt mind sharing your config I'd like to give this thing another shot.
  16. According to many turning it off has increased their performance dramatically, in fact you are the only one I've seen thus far that says the opposite. I for one can't find the freaking option for it so I can't say.
  17. Allow me to correct myself: FXAA allegedly has almost no impact on performance.

    The default settings on SweetFX worked for me. The help file says that if it doesn't seem to make any changes, try turning off all forms of anti-aliasing in the game options.
  18. Now if only I figure out how to do this usin sweetfx, the default settings make my game look like this:

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  19. Either way.. FXAA is bad.. it's on par with just throwing a blur filter on everything like the 360 does.
  20. I'm confused, I thought it was impossible to turn off FXAA as of release?
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