This is how Planetside 2 SHOULD look, no excuse guys.

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  1. but there aren't any AA options in the game. In addition when installing all the options im given are off by default.
  2. I want to try it, but I'm not willing to risk my account on this.
  3. Sorry but i have to do it.


    PS.: So how to turn off FXAA in it?
  4. The way I see it is. If Higby says he uses it to make the game look better and I get banned, he better get banned too...However I just don't see a developer getting banned form his own game.
  5. found this

  6. dear god there was such a huge difference in the pictures he was like day and night..
  7. The files listed here to disable the FXAA don't actually exist. This is literally ALL I want to do =/
  8. Then something is wrong with your system.
    I have a i5@4.8GHz and a GTX 670 and I rarely get below 50 fps.
  9. This. Everyone is claiming they have disabled FXAA, but how is it done? The files in that video aren't even there to modify. Some clear, detailed instructions would be much appreciated. I see everyone throwing SweetFX around in these threads, but very few (if any) posters bothering to explain to everyone else just how exactly you're supposed to set it up and disable FXAA with it.
  10. So, how do disable that stuff without getting SweetFX?
  11. the instruction on that video was made while the game was marked obviously there has been changes to the we are clueless to what must be done since its not the same anymore.
  12. To help clarify some things, I'm using SweetFX this is all I did:

    Download SweetFX .7z file, extract the entire contents to the first level of your PlanetSide2 install directory (if you used steam it's in SteamApps\common\PlanetSide2). You will *not* be asked to overwrite anything, SweetFX didn't replace anything just put some new .dll's next to my planetside2.exe. Put all files right in the same folder as planetside2.exe. Open SweetFX Readme (duh) if you want to learn about the settings and how to set it up, open SweetFX_Settings.txt to turn off the options you want.

    From my understanding: Just by running SweetFX and not changing anything, you've bypassed FXAA. I personally went into the settings and turned off SweetFX's AA option and turned off the Luminesence option (the only two options on by default).

    All I did was install it, turn off all options (set to 0) in Settings.text, and my game is much less hazy. It looks so much clearer/sharper. Frame-wise... I've not noticed a huge difference, maybe a *slight* increase - not much. I'm keeping it though cause the difference in how it looks really is noticeable and I prefer non-HDR. Even "real HDR" I hate.

    If you want to remove SweetFX just re-open the 7zip file, take note of all the SweetFX files, and delete them from your PS2 directory.

    Also - it made my loading screen look all funky as well, but that's the only issue I've had - game looks great.
  13. I guess you can do the same with the hacked nvidia FXAA injector, with more options like de-fog and de-bloom.
  14. If you have an nVidia card, you can use the nVidia Control Panel to manually disable FXAA. Simply open the Control Panel, click on Manage 3D settings, then click on the Planetside 2 program from the pull down menu. If PS2 does not show up in the menu, then click Add, navigate to the PS2.exe and click ok.

    Now you should see a bunch of options, just go to Antialiasing - FXAA and select Off.
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  15. Does anyone know if this will get an account banned? I am extremely willing to try this, but not at the expense of an account.
  16. Very iffy on the details of that. Higby himself has noted on Twitter that he uses SweetFX, but an admin on this forum has commented (on a SweetFX thread) that modifying the game files in any way can get you banned.

    The issue lies in that you don't actually modify game files to do this, so it's a massive gray area.

    If you lean on cautious side, don't do it, but I personally do not think SOE would ban for this. Doesn't mean they won't, but I doubt they would.

    Take note that ANY injector will flag you in their anti-cheat system, however. If you don't want to risk it, don't do it.
  17. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll keep on the cautious side until otherwise noted :p
  18. Even IF Higby uses SweetFX, I'm not keen on introducing external DLLs to the game.
  19. Wait until SOE says it's okay. It's the only way to be sure. I'd love to try this too.
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  20. Can you post a screen shot mate, cant seem to find the FXAA

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