This is how Planetside 2 SHOULD look, no excuse guys.

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  1. That's just what I did. My isp's hamsters are hungry so I won't be able to see if there's a difference till the morn.
  2. Open the Nvidia settings.
    Go to 3D Settings > Manage 3d Settings > Program Settings tab.
    Use drop down to Select PlanetSide2 or Add it if it isn't there.
    Third option down is Antialiasing - FXAA.
    Select OFF.
    Apply, lower right hand corner.
  3. Well, Adam Clegg A game designer with SOE tweeted some links to Sweetfx screenshots (some good for wallpapers) attributed as being via @RedditSide, and the Planetside 2 twitter account retweeted it, no sign of a "please don't do that" anywhere.
  4. SOE won't ever give the greenlight for something like this. No MMO/Free-to-Play group would, mainly because there's no contract that benefits SOE and guarantee that it's safe for users to use or not laden with some infection. WE know otherwise, but SOE can't endorse something like that.

    I can put up with everything, I just hate FXAA.
  5. What's worse?

    1) Microstutters

    2) 10 frames per second

    I can't make up my mind.
  6. I thought my 560 2gb wouldn't handle max graphics on this game, but I've turned everything except shadows (medium) to high and textures to ultra via game files
    and of course in warp gate the FPS difference from minimum graphics is around 10-15 compared to maximum
    but in an intense situation like fighting for the crown on indar, minimum graphics would give me about a 1-2 FPS increase compared to max graphics... soooo... I just play on maximum. Also, the games not even taking half of my comp's resources... I can imagine having a big boost when the game is 100% optimized and using all of my computer.

    Also, some one said having to buy a 1,200 dollar computer...
    You can this:
    i5 3570 3.8ghz
    16gb 1600mhz RAM
    Gtx 660 (I have a 560, but the GTX at launch is only 30 dollars more than the 560 at launch, so get a 660)
    Gigabyte motherboard (or w/e ur preference around 105 dollars)
    1 TB HDD (Mines 455gb, but it's rather old, and 455 was a **** load back then)
    disk drive
    600w power supply (a cheap 700w+ power supply is rather hard to find, my 600w cost like 30 or 40 bucks)
    A nice case
    a 60hz 1920x1080 screen
    mouse and keyboard
    head set (mine only cost 20 bucks and it's just as good as any head set out there)
    any extra wiring

    For around 800 dollars.

    I got my original case, screen, mouse and keyboard for a birthday, so all parts cost about 600 bucks, w/o HDD or disk drive.

    Also, I'm a jobless high school student that makes money off of recycling, so I can imagine you people out there able to shell 800 dollars out on a good investment like a gaming computer easy...
  7. and even if PS2 will use punkbuster, u wont get banned


    because evenbalance (pb) already stated they wont BAN FXAA injector or the sweetFX, it only kicks you from the server all the time so you have to remove it
  8. I'd like to see an option for TXAA in the future - that seems to offer good quality with good performance. If I had a 690 I would like the option to run SGSSAA, which really makes a huge difference to IQ.

    Has anyone tried downsampling the game to increase quality?
  9. Hmm I run everything on highest setting without a problem...

    My specs are:

    i5 2500k @ 4.8Ghz
    XFX 6870 1gb
    WD Black 1TB
    8gb Corsair Vengeance
    Resolution at 1680x1050

    Only time I have problems is with huge battles, dont know if its my fault or server but it starts to lag baaaaad so I say its the server...
  10. Don't think it looks better, and this guy sounds like chris griffon. I think that planet side 2 looks pretty damn good. Personally I think it looks better then bf3 did when it came out.
  11. As opposed to High settings, which cause stability issues with the client?
    Or medium settings, which cause stability issues with the client?
    Or low settings, which cause stability issues with the client?
    Or custom settings, which cause stability issues with the client? :p
  12. it wasnt worse then that...i looked and found it instantly :D cheers m8 wasnt aware of that option *facepalm* and yea my PS2 wasnt on the list so i added it to the list.
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  13. To the OP:

    The devs do have a perfectly valid excuse: They're making an entire game.

    Honestly, the nerve of some gamers. A basic coder working on his basement can easily whip out some graphics tweaks, he's not responsible for anything he does. Doesn't have to write engine code, doesn't have to maintain driver compatibility, and so much more responsibility.

    A real developer has to make sure the game runs on as many systems as possible first and foremost. Then, if he has time away from making new stuff, can add in the pretty ultra high end stuff later. That graphics and engine programmer might be busy implementing water for the much rumored water centric continent, or new effects for new weapons and vehicles, or a plethora of possible futures for the game.

    PS2 is honestly in open testing to me, and it's something that will never truly be finished. 5 years from now the game will still be going strong and when PCs all can run ultra settings then we'll see updates.

    Another thing is artistic design.

    It's essentially adding on a lot of effects that are there just to make you think everything looks better, when it's just making everything look brighter and more contrasting, not essentially better. It's like the apple stores, do you know they turn all the contrasts and brightness on their in-store monitors way up so everything seems in your face?

    I took a look at sweet effects and while it looks a little nice, things like their example shots of skyrim show classic examples of tricks that I even use an illustrator to fool the viewer into the thinking it looks better.
  14. [IMG]
  15. What are you talking about? There are these things called graphics options you can adjust so your weaker computer can run it. This isn't a console game, graphical options are invented.
    ''Yeah, the first Crysis game should look like the games on Commodore Vic 20, so people who can't normally run it on full can then at least run it on full, even if there are graphical options invented in video to set the bar lower.''
    What sense does that make? Because everybody can't run the game on high settings, then the maximum graphics should be worse?! Are you kidding me? People actually liked your comment.
  16. Why isn't my computer this good?
  17. [IMG]

    This is what options the Nvidia settings show me. I believe I am not the only one, as UK.KWF was asking for help over the matter.

  18. I have a GTX 570 with the 10.2.12 drivers. The Nvidia Control Panel is V 4.8.750.0.

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