This is how Planetside 2 SHOULD look, no excuse guys.

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  1. Var

    Doing this will get your account banned. Do not modify the Material XML files.

    You can still enable ultra settings too whoever said you couldn't. It has to be done in the INI files. It's only disabled in the menus
  2. Yeah mine was disabled also and still is hazy. It really strains my eyes looking at haze for several hours. I wish it would go away.

    It's like a need glasses or something, but I don't. Faded out only looks good on jeans lol
  3. i tried sweetfex for a few days

    i could not, for the life of me, figure out how to make it turn off fxaa

    nor could i find any settings files online, or on any forums that would allow me to do it

    also, for the record, disabling fxaa via the nvidia control panel DOES NOT WORK!.

    it does absolutely nothing
  4. You can't actually turn off fxaa i think. What sweetfx actually does is use LumaSharpen to sharpen the image. FXAA blurs, LumaSharpen unblurs. Then it applies SMAA to give you a non-blurry image while still providing some good antialiasing. Oh and don't use sweetfx anymore its bannable.
  5. i see absolutely no difference between fxaa on or off, including in that video. what are you all smoking?
  6. Perhaps that's because if you don't let people like me in who actually work and spend our hard earned money on things that matter more often than on video games... we wouldn't be here to play their game in our spare time and be willing to dump down some money to support a developer who would rather be a perfectionist in aesthetics than please its crowd.

    I'd much rather play a pixel game that plays well, than a beautiful game that doesn't. Also, assuming I did buy a rig like that, it would be nothing more than vanity for me. I'd much rather buy a car accessory or a sweet camera than a computer to play video games. I applaud the developers for keeping the game on a balanced level, even if some of you may complain. My friend who plays along side me has a sweet rig and runs the game with his blizzardnator. That's the name we gave it. The game still looks breathtaking, it's just not unnecessarily breathtaking.

    Case and point: The developers would rather have more happy subscribers than a few people who are more concerned about looks.

    I am in support of the best graphics possible while maintaining a high player base. If the developers would rather make a small sacrifice to the looks in a trade off for functionality, by all means, take my money. :)

    And yes, I know you can build a legit computer for $700.
  7. Get away! You can't use logic and reasoning on the internet!

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