To the people of PS2 (edit)

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  1. Hello everyone.
    It is a dark day indeed....Cheaters, hackers and glitch user are every where. BUT! this is not a day to cry, this is not a day to quite. This is a day to fight! yes the game is seeing bad days but it will get better. To the people who say things like this "I wont spend any more money till the game is fixed" good then stop, don't tell people just do it. Wait till the game is up to par. I don't pay for this game, why? bc its not done (that what I think anyway) it has a long way to go before it is pay worthy.

    Now SOE I am not saying "this game is bad! don't spend your money on it" no I am needs work, things need to be fixed before we spend the money to be a member or buy a gun from you. This game is mmm good...But it can be better and it will be.

    Just relax people and let SOE work threw the bugs, ban hackers and cheaters. If you cry about the hackers and cheaters they win. All they want is you to get mad and it feeds them, Hints don't feed the trolls. So fight on! Show the hackers and cheaters we are here to stay and we will fight with our last bullet, battery and even knife's.

    To all empires I say this, if you see a hacker kill it, even if its on your team kill it. Bc at the end of the day if a hacker helped you...well you did not win. You cheated not 100% cheated but you helped him. Let this war be remembered..the war against hackers! Don't point your gun at a TR,NC or VS. Point at the hackers. We are all bothers and sisters in this war.

    So...WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Or SOE could implement a reporting system that's less archaic than /report and just hope you spelled the name correctly in the 5 seconds you saw them or hope they don't have a name that is filled with capital i's and lower case L's.

    "dam hacker just killed me!! What's his name? 'IIIIllllIII' wth is that iiiLLLiiLliii?"

    Yeah, that works so well.
  3. are we seriously getting those people again from planetside 1 dong this crap in PS2? wow, just wow. I didn't know that vurtial stats were that important.

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