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  1. Tactics Over Principles This group is run like no other gaming outfit in PlanetSide2.

    TOP is a multi gaming clan without an established leadership. When this clan was founded by 40 BF2 players in 2005 it was established that all members would have the same rights. This fights the tyranny and corruption that grows and tears apart many more organized groups whose fate depends on just a few empowered members. This has worked very well.

    Instead of set leaders, all members are encouraged to lead their own pro-teams/servers/pwning parties/websites using all TOP's resources directly. This throws aside any barriers that most players encounter when they have a good idea and the will to organize but differ with the establishment. All of our websites, servers, voips and logistics are supported by self-appointed volunteers who work on that which interests them.

    Since BF2 we have created clans, platoons, and guilds in just about every online PC game non-stop for over 7 years acquiring new members and organizers of many types. What we have now is a huge network of players that cross-recruit and create new groups with a ready made veteran team for the newest games.

    Come find out why so many have stayed for so long.

    Strong Community -100 plus lifetime members pwning together for many years.
    International -Half American/Canadian and half European.
    Social/Inviting -Easy environment to become familiar with and make your mark.
    Casual/Fun -No flawed moral rules, censorship, dues, roll calls, or expirations.
    Fair -No seniority or hierarchy. No forced decisions or arbitration on disagreements.
    Competitive -We PTFO and encourage improvement. (by cursing eachother out)
    Teamwork -We always play on the same team. We all use voip. We cooperate.
    Creative -We sandbox. We try out complex game mechanics to use in pubs and work successfully.
    Adult -We treat eachother like adults. ALL full TOP members have admin rights to all servers.
    Long Term -Membership is lifetime. Many members return after years and pick up immediately.

    Hop in Teamspeak and play...don't be shy. TS Info: ts.tacticsoverprinciples.com
  2. ToP is unlike anything I've ever joined. Quite amazing.
  3. If your not sure if you want to join, come join us on teamspeak and play wit us for couple of hours. Bunch of cool guys.
  4. TOP, "we have more fun than you"

  5. ^ he's right you know
  6. Excellent.
  7. link isnt working for me :( ...


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.
    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  8. Yea thats our teamspeak IP, not website.

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