TR unable to see today's daily sale.

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Mudroc, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Mudroc

    almost 15m left until the daily sale will be gone. anything?
  2. Keystone

    It's okay, you only have to pay 1 cert for laser sights on some of your weapons. It's cool.
  3. AssaultPig

    Was there ever any resolution for this? I wanna buy a cheap HE cannon!
  4. Mudroc

    Hey Jesse any word yet?
  5. Arkha3

    Which weapons?
  6. Mudroc

    I have no idea what he's talking about either, and 1 cert laser doesn't equate to a 50% off anti-Infantry MBT cannon.
  7. gunfox

    I sure hope they rerun the HE sale for the TR. Maybe with a little compensation since we're the ones getting fcked everytime.
  8. Mudroc

    Compensation is always nice but i'll honestly be greatful if I can just buy it. I been waiting for this daily sale for weeks, I really would hate to miss it.
  9. Netham

    So ummm... For those TR who wanted to purchase said weapon, did we basically get a massive "Go Fun yourself"?

    Any word? Something?
  10. Mudroc

    Hey! its been over 25 hours since a PS2 forum staff gave us some insight on yesterday's lack of a daily deal for TR. Can we get some kind of update guys, please?
  11. Netham

    Well, at the very least, they just lost out on potential buyers.
  12. Mudroc

    I'm not giving up that easily. Vigilance my friend, as long as this thread remains on the front page the staff will know TR is serious and we want our opportunity to purchase the AP MBT cannon.
  13. Netham

    I'm not a huge tanker, so unless it was on sale, I certainly wasnt going to buy it. If they wont remedy it, I simply wont give them my money. If they do, well then by all means, they'll have some of my cash. I'm still shocked that they were like "Oh, its just some of our revenue, no biggie, we dont need it"
  14. Soldiermandude

    So whats the deal? Seeing as sales are likely one of the primary ways money is made on this game it seems like someone needs to lose their job.
  15. AssaultPig

    calling for somebody to lose their job over this is beyond stupid.

    Not only is managing the daily deal probably just a small part of some member of the teams' job, they didn't even take anything from you. And there at least appears to be a solution in the works.

    hopefully none of you 'fire somebody' shmucks have ever made a minor error in the course of your own jobs
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  16. Soldiermandude

    I don't want someone to lose their job, I'm just saying that when it comes to financial aspects of their game I'm sure it's pretty important and touchy to them. Just not something I'd want to be responsible for and screw up (consistently).
  17. Pudgeinabowl

    Like they're old/mature enough to hold down a job.
  18. Moh819

    I demand satisfaction, in the form of being able to buy yesterday`s daily deal at 50 % off like every other faction had the chance to.

    Dont have to fire the employee, demote him and promote someone with attention to detail and quality assurance.

    Heres an idea, after you post your sales, test them with 3 separate faction log on. OMG GENIUS !!!1one!!!
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  19. Mudroc

    I feel like that stapler guy from office space at this point. "Have you seen my daily deal?" All I want is for myself and any TR to purchase yesterday's deal.
  20. Moh819

    name is Milton, remember what happens when "Milton" has had enough ?

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