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  1. Thanks to SOE for merging my post with a completely different post i will try to attempt to make another one, hoping they dont merge it yet again for some unknown reason with an unrelated subject, im talking about TR and VANU AIR TO AIR missiles and the SCYTHE, dont put it in a topic thats talking about the heavy assault missile launchers and busters!!!

    -Ive had it happen on many occasions that my TR A2A missiles just fly past a scyte and then the missile continiues to fly aimlessly straith ahead (it litterally lost its lock on target and becomes a dumbfire missile)
    -Also the scyte can make VERY agile turns which again the TR missile cant follow and it acts like it loses its lock on target.
    Ive even had one guy in a scyte who managed to avoid 4 of my TR A2A missiles with these sharp turns, at which point i was starting to think this is beyond ridiculous, soon all scyte pilots will be able to just avoid missiles all together.
    The vanu A2A missiles dont have this issue, ive tested it out and their missiles are way more agile and can do easy 180s without losing lock.
    Personally ive never seen any of my TR A2A miss on the NC aircraft tho, its only scyte related.

    I sure hope this isnt intended to be this way, the scyte on itself has the upperhand, give them the ability to avoid missiles like this and the vanu will just OP air beyond fairness and they wont even need decoy flares anymore, all they need to do is slow down speed, turn and boost.
    So in essence, vanu A2A maintain a steady lock and do quick 180s, the TR A2A loses its lock and become a dumbfire missile.
    Does anyone else have problems in this regard, or did they make TR A2A missiles like this on purpose?
  2. I've had this happen to me a few times too with the trial a2a missiles, It's happening on scythes and TR aircraft, but not NC :(
  3. Ha that would explain why I don't fear the missile lock in my scythe. Let me ask you one thing, do you try a scythe with a2a missiles? Those a2a are junk, because what? you can throw 6 against a mosquito to blow it up. And all of them hitting it. The scythe is the fastest plane but it has a bad firepower when you compare it to the two others. Also hovering is not so easy like the two others.
    I like to fly but really I dont have fun in the scythe because those lousy firepower. I need all my ammo from a rocket pod to blow up a mbt or sunderer how long do you need for that in a mosquito? only a half or less ammo.
  4. I haven't used the A2A missiles but the NC lock-on heavy launcher regularly misses the target and sails off into nowhere. most of the time it's scythes (maybe because of their super-thin profile) but I've seen it with liberators a few times.
  5. I didn't really read your whole post. But here are some corrections:
    Reaver is the fastest ESF.

    Scythe is the most agile ESF, although Reaver has its own (thruster/momentum) maneuvers to give it an edge in skilled hands.

    All ESFs are equally durable and deal the same damage (with anti-air nosegun) except for mossie. Mossies aa nosegun is lagging behind slightly (barely noticeable with no upgrades) and doesn't get as many extra ammo for magazine from upgrades.
  6. Then don't quote the whole thing. the scythe turn you faster, roll faster, let you rise faster. Reaver can fly strait faster and how would that help in a dogfight? All weapons are equal, on what? Then you proly never use the a2a on the scythe. I dont talk about the regular gun. With the regular gun it is easy to shoot down a plane , not with the a2a because I dont need all my ammunition for ONE ESF.
  7. You obviously don't know what you're talking about and it'd be too much of a pain in the butt for me to explain it to you because my English is so bad. =P

    Also maybe due to my or your bad English, you did not understand the content of my last post.
  8. also can I say it to you , do you fly the scythe with anti air missiles or not? I fly this thing the whole day and the a2a are pointless on this plane.
  9. what are you talking about? 2 a2a missiles from any ESF will flame any other ESF. unless you have the fire suppression cert, that usually equals death
  10. I have absolutely had mosquitoes do this and have also done it in my reaver (without the dogfighting airframe).
  11. Just shot him down with A2A missiles in a Mosquito, he was quoted in /yell saying something about 'Geodude' interference on Amerish? I think he's foreign guys.
  12. Sdragoner: Look up "Munchausen By Proxy". You've got it in spades, kiddo.
  13. I don't see this effect when I fly with the scythe I need 6 missiles to kill a other ESF and I am close enough to smell the engines.

    Made my day thx :)
  14. Dis

    It's absolutely mind boggling how many terrible players this game already has.
  15. seriosly, you should look if your missles hit your target.
    i did nothing else than flying in a scythe with a2a since i got that weapon.
    i don't need more than 2 rockets and a few hits with the nose gun to blow up any esf. sometimes 2 rockets are enough and those are in flames.
    but only if the rockets really hit the target.
    you can't just fire from any angle or range you like and be sure, that your rockets won't be evaded.
  16. Than it must be fly through that because I am always at their tale with that but who cares I don't use the a2a after I saw this once.
  17. Well i saw my Scythe AA missle being out manuvered by a mosquito.

    I said it one times and i say it again. Its PURE luck. You dont know how far away the missle is. In order to out manuverere it it must be pretty close but you cant tell how far so you are manuvering like crazy and hope to lose the missile..

    Or that the missle will hit a obstacle.
  18. Yeah, I'm calling pure lock on this as well. I've seen my A2A simply fly past a slowly, dare I say, meandering Scythe some days, and on others I've seen the missle fly past, flip 180, fly past again, pull another 180 and still hit the target.

    I think it's just a poor tracking subroutine.
  19. Actually the "problem" you are describing is seen across factions in A2A and G2A weapons. It's completely apropriate to merge this topic with a topic on G2A/A2A lock-on weapons.

    I play A2A with my Scythe, I can confirm that on both enemy factions' aircraft my lock on photons have missed, continuing onwards unguided despite the lack of enemy countermeasures. Most of the time this happens during a dog fight in which the enemy aircraft is rolling, turning etc. at a fast rate. I assumed this was a feature to liven up dogfights and give Air a chance to breathe. when it occurs on a stationary target I assume this is a bug or that there is some sort of range issue.

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