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Discussion in 'Roadmap' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

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    We would like to polish and enhance the Light Assault class.
    • We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options
    • We want to add the ability for the Light Assault class to dual wield weapons
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  • 1. Make the jump juet upgrades actually do what the tooltip and upgrade chart says. Compare level 1 vs level 6, and its a pity of an upgrade. Then main "ability of the class.

    2. Adrenaline Pump is very weak. Make this an LA specific trait, no slot needed, certed into. From 1-10%.
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  • I think that the Infil needs some love before LA. LA is already fairly effective at what they do. Personally i think they are the most annoying class in the game.

    Make the LA jetpack louder. Its so underwhelming when you Jetpack, no screen shake or sound. It doesnt feel like i have a rocket basically strapped to my back. It also makes it super easy for LA to move around compleatly unnoticed, which is supposed to be the Infiltrators job.

    I wouldnt mind some tools for LA, but what kind of tools, im not sure of.

    And definately no to Dual Wielding. It doesn't really have a place in a shooter like this. They tried duel wielding in Halo and it didnt really work out. It was either super overpowered or useless. Rifles are pretty much a superior option to Dual Wield in any situation.

    But push this stuff back, fix up Infiltrators first.
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    • omfg would you infils stop derailing this thread? THIS AIN'T ABOUT YOU.............
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      • I am not an infil. You'd never catch me playing one with how useless they are currently. If anything, Light Assault is one of the most well-off classes at the current time. Fixing other classes should be a priority over LA. Infil is currently in the most need of some love.
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        • I completely agree infil needs love first, but can't they start a seperate thread? I just think this thread should be for discussion about what to do about LA even if it's "do nothing"
      • and to the infils thumbs downing this post, it's ok we know you just want someone to hear you crying.
  • I disagree a bit with dual wield. May only with "small guns" like pistols and SMG's.
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  • Wait, what is wrong with the LA? Perhaps the most popular class for advanced players/high battleranks. Bugs with skills, weapons, etc should be fixed, but the class in and of itself doesn't need dual wield, or any other additions.
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    • I doubt you could find one server on planetside universe that has more than 5 LA's in the top 100. Engineers, Heavy Assaults and Medics outnumber Light Assaults significantly.
  • So many people screaming about how infiltrator needs a revamp and light assault needs a revamp and its true they both do!
    Wonder if the real problem is we have 2 special ops classes when the should have been only one and end up watering down both because of this.
    What if we merge both LA and INF classes together into one complete class called RECON or such move the hacking to it as an in-built ability, add the scout dart tool to it, AP mines and sniper guns as a third weapon slot. Swap the INFs origional cloaking ability to an inheriant effect called camouflage that kicks in when a "RECON" dosent move / take damage / get spotted for more then 15seconds, to allow for ambushing or for scouting out targets.
    Sniper guns on LA with jump jets no different then beacon + esf landing and drop pods atm for sniping as to shotgun on hidden toon, so what atm a person behind or to your side is invisible to you anyhow. MAJOR rebuild I know, but you end up with a complete special ops class that can operate as a "lone wolf" or have value in a squad.
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    • I wouldn't normally agree with a class merger, but frankly, this idea is good. Having a hopping sniper isn't as bad as it sounds, what with the current places a player can legitimately get their characters into. Just make it so the stealthy aspect switches off when you go a-hopping. Auto-off would also make sense, if using this "stealth is automatic if you don't move". Would just need to understand, you hop, you're extremely visible.
  • Dual wielding would be nice only for small weapons, then there would actually be a point to using an smg over a rifle
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  • Flag bearer!
    Have them be the face of their empire and inspire others. Let them place empire specific flags that remind the soldiers what they are fighting for! The flag will give an AoE buff to allies, which could be specific to their empire. The flag can't be destroyed by gunfire (like beacons), but instead have to be taken down holding "E" much like hacking.

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  • Add "Disruptors" as a anti-vehicle tool that is placed like C-4. They don't destroy the vehicle, but instead disables it for a time.

    This way all Light Assault can add Vehicle Disruption to their niche skillset. C-4 can also be used in conjunction with Disruptors (different item slots). But Disruptors are unlocked from day 1.
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  • What about a couple of tweaks to solidify the LA's role in the game? Take a page from TF2's Scout, for instance, and give light assaults a boost to point capture speed or something? I also like the idea of a second primary weapon (called a tool slot on other classes), or dedicated tool weapons, such as auxilliary anti-infantry grenade launchers, SMGs, etc.

    How about a 'shield breaching' field similar to what you can get on a Sunderer? Allow the Light Assault to get through infantry blocking shields such as those protecting SCUs (probably leave spawn point shields innaccessible though)?
    • Actually, on further consideration, Shield Phasing should probably be an Infiltrator Ability rather than Light Assault. Maybe an upgrade to their cloaking device (really need some better cloaking upgrades, seriously).
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  • Have you guys ever thought about adding a helmet for the LA that looks suspiciously like Jango Fett's?
    Just think about it.
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    • if anything it'll be Boba Fett...You must be too young to know that ep1-3 are for kids 4-6 are for adults :)
      • Eh, either one works, It won't matter which one though since it'll be In TR red.
        Besides, Jango actually managed to fight, Boba just got knocked in the jaws of doom. (Sure Expanded universe gets him out but on screen Jango causes more damage.)
  • Haha I need a like with conditions button :)

    I primarily play LA so I'm all for changes to the class to improve it, but I'm not sure dual wielding weapons is the way to go. It seems... an odd choice for an infantry class. I suppose it'll be an option, but it really does seem weird haha.
  • I've never really been a big fan of dual-wielding weapons, but I'd like to hear more details on that idea before I shoot it down.

    However, I do have a suggestion for adjusting the Suit slot certs for the Light Assault. I'm going to lead into that a bit, but just look for the highlighted text if you're impatient.

    The main feature of the Light Assault seems to be having high mobility, which allows the class to get in odd locations and engage the enemy from a direction or area they don't expect. The downside is that this leaves the Light Assault trooper in situations where his teammates cannot support him. In a way, this reminded me of modern-day Light Infantry, where entire groups of soldiers operate without the assistance of vehicles or heavy weapons. Reading into that a bit more, this statement struck me as incredibly relevant:
    "Ironically, forces in a light unit will normally carry heavier individual loads versus other forces; they must carry everything they require to fight, survive and win..."

    I think this also makes sense for a Light Assault soldier. Their jetpack puts them in situations where they must be more self-sufficient than other classes. As a result, I suggest making the following change:

    Separate the Light Assault's Suit slot into 2 different slots: "Suit (Offense)" and "Suit (Defense)."
    The "Suit (Defense)" slot would allow for 1 of the following certs: Nanoweave Armor, Flak Armor, or Advanced Shield Capacitor.
    The "Suit (Offense)" slot would then allow for 1 of the remaining certs: Adrenaline Pump, Ammunition Belt, or Grenade Bandolier.

    I was initially planning to suggest this change for ALL classes, but it sounded like it might have had too big of an impact on gameplay. Instead, only introducing it to the Light Assault sounds like a great way to improve the class without introducing any drastic changes or entirely new items. (Even if it could probably still use a tool of some kind).

    Some have proposed that Adrenaline Pump should be a default/passive class cert. Making this change would allow a player to choose whichever defensive bonus they like, as well as have the Adrenaline Pump equipped. However, by separating the Suit certs, we achieve the same effect, but the Adrenaline Pump could also be swapped out for another cert. A player could choose to have the Ammunition Belt instead, allowing them to find an ammo pack or supply station less frequently.

    In addition to this change, I support the idea of expanding/enhancing the Adrenaline Pump cert.
  • I want more options, a bit better looking armor options (Style is important), jumpjets fixed, ability to shoot better while moving/jetpacking and jetpack should inherit your momentum. That said, I know most people will despise me for this, but I also like the idea of dual wielding guns. However, only add it for sidearms. Even that would help immensely
  • Dual wield SMGs or Pistols. Sounds awesome.
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  • Let me ask ... in what battlefield outside the darkest africa tribal dual-ak47 heroics you see soldies dual wielding weapons ?

    What a terrible COD idea ... I bet they will be using dual SMGs in no time.
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  • "dual wielding"

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  • Oh god I really really hope dual-wield stays the hell out of this, leave it to the MAX's.
    Otherwise the lines will just become more blurred and we'll end up with one dominant class.
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  • I primarily play as Light Assualt and would love to have something similar to a thumper or rocket gun from the original planetside.

    I like the idea of dual SMGs or dual pistols for light assualt.
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  • I am SUPER amazed that there as many thumbs down as there are. I get that people think other classes need help too but based on that why would you thumbs this down? They're not going to move your class up in its place.

    LA could definitely use some help so try not to get your tears all over this post :) Honestly if they had a post that said infiltrators were going to get extra attention by giving them the extra option to throw fish at their enemies I would vote for it because it's at least more options.
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