Unscheduled - Class Revamp: Light Assault

Discussion in 'Roadmap' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood Developer

    We would like to polish and enhance the Light Assault class.
    • We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options
    • We want to add the ability for the Light Assault class to dual wield weapons
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  • Give light assaults the ability to create ladders or things wich give its squad the ability to ascend areas with easy, duel weilding SMGs is useless due to shotguns unless SMGs have a better range. (( I can clear a room if I can catch a group unprepared with the pandora) with extended mag)) maybe give the LA an "Oh **** let me run away" Button, Infils have cloak, maybe a boost ability wich launches us quikly in a direction we are facing?
  • I'm a LA ***** and I love it. As long as you let us keep the silent jet pack I'm fine w/ LA as is.
  • I'd LOVE IT, if we could cert into an ability that let's us carry one teammate with us as we jumpjet. You could work it so carrying a teammate burns your fuel two times as fast and that teammate cant fire while attached. Certing further into the ability lessens the burn penalty.

    Maybe build it into the Q system, where if you hold down Q over a LA you get an option to "request transport." The LA could also press Q while hovering over another non-LA infantry member and choose "provide transport," which would then bring up a Y/N notification on the person's screen.

    If a non-LA requests transport, or an LA request to provide transport receives a Y indication, then the LA can now approach that player and use the attach ability by pressing F. Once joined the passenger is placed in a tandem skydiving position, sprint and weapons firing is disabled for both characters, and ground movement is 25% slower.

    Heck, you could even grant a deploy bonus if your passenger kills someone within a certain period of time. Maybe 50 XP for each passenger kill, or something like that.

    I think this type of ability would be really cool, especially for organized squads and platoons, let alone random solos who just want to help out.
  • Dual wield does sound pretty cool, but dual wielding SMG's sounds really dumb IMO. If anything it should only be pistols. Dual SMG's sounds like a giant spam fest full of annoyance.
  • Please fire the guy who thought that dual Weild was a good idea. Dual CQB carabines is gonna make the LA class like a NC max with no CD or resources cost. Give LA some utility to his faction, dunno, something like the flash radar.
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  • How about removing the c-4 cert and adding a Hacking cert instead. granted it's a game but when 5 or so light assults have 2 c-4 in there inventory and a sunderer nearby they seem to hop around the spawn doors and drop them everywhere. Makes it real hard to get out the door.
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  • I do think they need new tools and abilities and such, downvoted for dual-wielding though, that's a huge advantage over every other class in the whole game that doesn't really work. It'd be no cooldown MAXes all over again, only with flying as well.

    If you wanted to allow them to take two primary weapons instead of primary/pistol, I could definitely see and get behind that. Perhaps a auto shotgun paired with a long range carbine or something. Just not at the same time, that's a horrible idea.
  • Would like to see more jet variants, like lower duration, higher speed drift jets that could be used for bursty mid-air dashes.
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    • I agree completly
  • Love light assault, making them more useful, like the idea... :p
  • I'm just throwing this out there because in my twisted world, this will make for a better experience as a Light Assault (LA) without being overpowered.

    Idea 1:

    Thrust Reversal:
    The ability to switch in between the two jump pack modes at will. Normal & Glide modes.
    Uses the ability key because for LA's, it's already unbound.
    When done, the jump pack canister is completely drained.
    The ability levels unlocked allow the player to retain some of that fuel, up to 40%.
    (Possibly up to a 5 second regeneration boost of up to 30-60%?)
    This is not really overpowered seeing as it takes 2000 something certs to have both fully unlocked and the second mode (Glide) is useless as is.
    With Thrust Reversal, players will finally be able to make use of Glide.

    Idea 2:

    Flame throwers:
    Smaller ones than what a max would have.

    The options will be as follows:

    Flamethrower (primary): This flamethrower is wielded with both hands and uses fuel from a canister.
    Ammo can't be restored by engineer's, only terminals.

    Flamethrower (Jetpack): This flamethrower is wielded with both hands and is attached to the jetpack which drains from the jetpack's storage tank when used instead of using an ammo canister.
    Looks like something similar to this.

    Neither will be overpowered, or ridiculous.
    Light Assaults are rather weak, especially in close quarters, so the weapons will be balanced out.

    Please let me me know what you think about this.

    Thank you for reading,
    Ultimate Powa
    • P.S.
      I trust these weapons will have a level requirement of around 40-75 and a hefty price in certs (2000-3000) or station cash (1000-1500).

      Idea 3:

      This ability will be available in the "utility slot" with C4.
      At base level, the player suffers an accuracy and small reloading debuff.
      Higher levels of the ability allow for increased accuracy (up to normal) and reloading speed (past normal) while duel wielding.
      When chosen, the player is allowed to wield two small weapons simultaneously.
      If the ability is chosen, the player is allowed to select small weapons for the secondary slot.
      However, any non-small weapons are not allowed in the primary slot while this ability is selected.

      Note that small weapons only need to be purchased once instead of one for each hand. The cert cost of the duel wield ability and sacrafice of the utility slot makes up for any inbalance in this situation.

      Smalls weapons are as follows:
      • Submachine guns
      • Pistols
      • Lever-Action Shotguns (details on this are listed below)
      • To be continued
      The sacrifice of the utility and accuracy debuff provides a balance to being able to duel wield.
      This ability should have a level requirement of 20. (To prevent a Halo situation where everyone was duel wielding.)

      Idea 4:

      Lever-Action Shotguns:

      Primary (small)
      These shotguns are lighter and provide a shorter, but wider spread that the standard shotguns.
      As with the standard shotguns, this one can use Slugs as well.

      However, unlike standard shotguns, this one can be duel wielded when used with the correct perk.
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  • to me, the light assault class has always been the flanker, the sneaky bastard, what i'd like see done with the class is actually more fuel on the jet packs, those 40% extra, i would like to be able to feel the affect of it, raising me those 40% higher than non-certed jet-packs.

    as for tools: i've made some suggestions below

    tool: trip wires with explosives or just knocking the enemy over for 3 seconds.
    + the ability to disarm tripwires and take them with you when you leave.

    tool: night vision goggles, switch between night, normal and thermal vision, it's close combat anyways most of the time, so those wont make way to much damage.

    tool: disarming toolkit for C4/trip wire mines and anti-tank mines - and claiming it as your own(lets just revert it to the infantry ressource at 50% for any claimed explosives) - if you have certed into C4.

    tool: targeting laser system- everything with a targeting engine (heatseeker rockets, ground or air) would get an increase in speed on targets with the laser on it.

    tool: grappling rope, as suggested by others, make it a tool to help us retain a certain altitude while we wait for our jets to fuel up again.. also allowing hanging from the ceiling or out

    tool: the infiltrators portable radar, they seem to be ******** so much about it, i'll gladly take it of their hands if they dont want it, those extra seconds warning = GOLD to my survival

    tool: hologram of myself, mimicking my movements but placed wherever i would place it, facing the direction i was when placing it.

    tool: portable shield generator, make a shield on placement, 5 second spawn time, twice the size of the LA in width, 3/4 in height, screaming bright colors, lasts for 10 seconds, 5 charges, 5 second cooldown, works like the shield doors on the spawnrooms. resupply only at warpgate.

    tool: Flash-grenade launcher, move the flash grenades out of the grenade section and make them the tool insted, like the infiltrators radar only with a flash bang, 3 shots, with option to upgrade the numbers.
  • Currently the LA has the least number of tools. Letting them carry (though not dual-wield) two full-sized weapons would in my opinion make sense - similar to the Heavy Assault carrying a LMG and a rocket launcher, the LA should have a carbine or shotgun paired with a grenade launcher - not an underslung one but a proper tertiary weapon that would actually be tangibly different based one one's faction. The TR grenade launcher would be a 20mm to 30mm with a six or even twelve-shot drum mag, the six-shot ones possibly having a napalm-filled variant which leaves some fires in its AOE and thus providing excellent area denial, whereas the NC grenade launchers would be single-shot 40mm to 80mm weapons, capable of significant single-shot damage or dealing large amounts of splash damage. Vanu would probably have light Lashers or somesuch.
  • How about adding the ability for Assault to use Assault Rifles (medic guns), rather than just Carbines?
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  • That's all great, but the thing that's been missing for me in Planetside 2 is the ability to move faster as infantry. The light assault is perfect: jump jets when you hold spacebar, then thruster jets when you press the ability button that increase your speed, much like the MAX.
  • Personally, I think the Light Assault creates a huge redundancy with the Infiltrator, and with the Class System as a whole. The Light Assault contributes nothing that any other class can't feasibly contribute to a team, and in a game about team coordination, this is incredibly stupid.

    They should get rid of Light Assault and give Infiltrators Jet Packs. This would make the Infiltrator much more maneuverable, allow it to fill any part of the Light Assault's roll that couldn't already be filled, and diversify the Infiltrators play style while fixing many of it's inherit problems. Obviously this would require a lot of balancing, but it would make the game better in the long run.
  • Jj upgrade bug fixed
    Smokes fixed to work against people with low settings
    Gave flash grenades audible detonation and hit indicator
    Removed smokes from grenade slot
    New tool, smoke grenade generator. Gives you smoke grenades, the maximum you can hold and rate of generation are upgradeable.
    Added sticky grenades to grenade slot
    Fixed sticky grenades

    There you go, la are most capable of staying up front compared to other classes and can provide valuable concealment for allies to move up. They will be rocking much more powerful jet packs now that their upgrades work, flash will rock for clearing rooms, stickies well be much easier to use in flight

    So the engineer doesn't share the sticky, move their c4 to grenade in place of their stickies. This will allow them to rock both c4s and AT mines, further buffing the utility pouch upgrade and making engineers beastly threats.
  • I want to be able to drop a grenade, not just throw. Light assault are often close but up above people where dropping a grenade would be very effective.
  • Small short range infantry portals could be fun. With a nice balance between the time to set it up, the cooldown between allies teleporting, and the range of the portal, it could be a way, for the light infantry, to be useful for his whole team, by setting up two portals and allowing teammates to go to complicated areas. This would have, of course, to be carefully balanced, but it could really be fun.
  • Something I think that really needs to be looked at is the switchability of jump jets and drifter jets being built in suit so you don't have to go to a terminal to change in-between them. Both of them are useful for completely different situations, and by choosing drifter jets and not jump's you can leave yourself vulnerable to an attack that you could have escaped if you didnt need a weapon terminal to quickly switch your jets. Equally I find myself many times wanting my drifter jets to go from one side of a canyon to the other, but don't have the time or want to go back to a terminal to switch off from my usual jump jets. To me the jump jets are essentially more useful for all situations because if you need the effect of a drifter jet you just tap on the jump jet to get a "similar" effect, so why not just give us the ability to change it in field. We still have to pay for all the certs for both, it should just be more functional and accesible so there will be more of a want to put your certs into both jets. Otherwise right now drifter jets seems like a waste to me, I'd rather just have jump jets that work for all around and not waste my certs on drifters.

    To the point on guns, I don't think a dual wield is in order. I would prefer a light (small) smg "option" for the light assault class, rather than the pistol option. I myself feel pretty stunted with the small light assault gun and a basic pistol. Having a secondary gun with a little bit more bullet output would help the class to have more staying power in fights against other heavier enemies. But mostly I want more options with the jets!!!

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