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Discussion in 'Roadmap' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

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    We would like to polish and enhance the Light Assault class.
    • We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options
    • We want to add the ability for the Light Assault class to dual wield weapons
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  • Add a type of jetpack called the Booster Jet. It should allow people to rocket forward in a short burst. It would be activated by pressing F, and it would launch you in the direction you are aiming. This way, you could do boosts along the ground, or do a sort of 'boost jump. 'Also, you can slightly stear the boost, but not very much. The Fuel would run out incredibly quickly, and you could only do one burst per full fuel tank. Upgrading it would increade the rate of fuel regeneration. The first teir, the boost would regenerate every 30 seconds. The next, it would take 25 seconds. The third, 20 seconds.
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  • Not to start a flame thing, but Light assaults are way OP. Can we at least add a sound effect to their jetpacks so we can hear them coming? Or a louder one? Light assaults are more stealthy than infiltrators, its just plain wrong and out of balance.
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    • Are you serious? The Heavy Assualt is a one man army. You were Killed by a Light Assault I guess :/ heaven forbid.
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      • I kill and in turn get killed by lights all the time. But my special ability makes a distinct sound, Lights should too. Let me guess: you ARE a light assault?
        • Or you know...take a moment to look up once in a while. It's not like we can become nearly invisible. This class has already received enough indirect nerfs. I'm all for infiltrator cloak's volume being decreased and SOE fixing how it shows on low graphic settings. There aren't that many LAs.

          The main issue is shotguns, not jetpacks because people refuse to look up.
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          • That hit the point, the LA isnt OP at all, its just a tactical class which can be great if you know how to handle it. The once who get hit by a skilled LA may call that OP and want that to be nerfed, but you cant punish skill. The thing I dont like about the LA is the Pump, but the Medic and the ingenieer can carry that too... Its just way to easy to kill with that thing, and as soon as you figured it out how to move, to force your oponent to come closer its a beast, even though its great fun to play. I would say the Pump causes a lot of rage quits.
            The Idea of the jetpack making sounds others can hear how ever is a good idea. I dont play the LA myself, so if there isnt already a sound cause by the jetpack, then it should be there, just for the fairness to the infiltrators and tanks, and as an addition to the great audio experience in the game, and for the realistic side of the game.

            I myself would like to see some combination of LA and the Galaxy, similar to the PS2 trailer, that it probably can exit on the top of the galaxy and then jetpack upwards and plant C4 on another galaxy. That might be some fun, but people would call it OP, even though it might be a difficult maneuver.
  • Class revamp suggestion:

    Add tool: Jumppack explorer gear.
    Add another took, lets call it Frontline Assault Gear.

    Equiping the JPEG in the tool slot opens up both current abilities for useage. (the two jumpjet types) So a LA with it equipped is what our current LA is.
    Equipping the F.A.G. (juvenile giggle) changes a bit how the class behaves (as we have no jetpacks now, doh). But on the bright side it raises your maximum shield by 100 points, unlocks assault rifles for you and enableas you to equip 2 new abilities.
    And those are:

    Adrenaline Rush: Yeah, you got me. AR gets moved to abilities, but at the same time gets buffed. Instead of 1 rank with 10% increase it is now 5 ranks with 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%, and aditionally it increases the height you can fall without taking falling damage by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%. (This should enable you to jump out of windows without taking damage.)

    Combat Movement: Decreases the additional cone of fire added by movement by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%. Also reduces overall recoil by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%.


    This new tool and the abilities stay true to what the LA is about, movement, location and speed.
    The old one does it by simply taking shortcuts and being where you don't expect anyone to be.
    The new one with the Frontline Assault Gear does it with speed or the ability to effectively fight while moving. It also gives us the "medium assault class" that some people have expressed wishes for, the kind of class the combat-only-medics looked for. (You know, this one guy out of ten medics who only runs around enjoying the assault rifle and never does anything like healing or reviving.)
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    • I have many mixed feeling about this. On one hand I really like that it allows the class to implement so many additional features that some might consider OP if paired with a jetpack. I really like this idea of a medium assault class, even though I think it might be redundant in practice and how it preserves the idea of a mobile infantry even without a jetpack.

      On the other hand, I don't see a reason why most of those effects could not be an option with the current class design. An extra 100hp is kinda a big deal. Currently the class is tied with Medic, HA, and ENG for 500, so this would put the class much tougher than the others (minus HA shield). Also the F.A.G. pretty much only offers passive effects which is strange.

      I like the general idea though.
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  • I added only passives to keep it as easy to play as possible, (the positioning metagame does offer enough stuff to master all by itself, for the players who like it more complex.) this is also the reason why I think the 100 extra shield should stay.
    I want this "medium assault" to be the class the... "average" players turn to. Those that look for simple run'n'gun gameplay. What is there for them to use in the current game?

    Light Assault? Doing the flanking right is hard, and it is very easy to screw up. Shotguns have made it easier, as the average player can still kill someone, but most will fail it a dozen times and then give up at playing the class (I've seen quite some people do that).

    Infiltrator? Even harder to play at the frontlines, as the cloak is a hindrance if used wrong and the class has less health then the others.

    Engi? Umlimited ammo is nice, but the "average" guy will not often come into situations whre he ran out of ammo. Turrets are hard to use well, so they might also give up on them after geing 'naded a few times.

    Medic? Yes thats a good class for that. They have assault rifles (which have a nice feel to them) and come with an unlimited self recharging medikit. The meditool can and will be ignored (I'd wager everyone with enough playtime has seen such a guy at least one)

    That leaves the heavy assault. Which is indeed usually the class these people use. LMGs are nice weapons, the shield is a powerful and easy tool ("activate if shot at", everyone can do that) and it carries anti tank weapons on top of that. It is straightforward and powerful.

    I do think this is also the reason why it sometimes feels like that some 70% of all guys running around in the actual infantry gameplay (so subtracting the engies crewing vehicles) are heavies. I want my suggestion to reduce that number, and the way to do that is to offer these players another choice that is as straightforward and powerful as possible. (Without making it OP of course.)
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  • I say that they need to be nerfed, What i was thinking was Getting rid of the C4's or make them expensive (Beyond normal). Cause its most annoying when some one C4's you're tank, Then you come at them then they have A-T mines waiting for you. That and they need to have less health and shields, But move faster by default. And whoever owns C4's already if they get removed from the class don't get refunds for how OP one stick of C4 is to one tank.
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  • It is so annoying when someone pulls a tank and kills you. They should increase cost for tanks. Also the top gun kills so it should be removed.
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  • Dual wielding is stupid.
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  • LA should be about forward assault, HA is all about pushing the line forward, LA should be ahead of that line and softening it up for the the big guys to come in.

    Radar - probably the most underrated yet important ability in this game, its almost a legal wall hack and is fantastic. Allow LA to place bouncing betty like consumables on walls, ceilings and floors that give off a small radar.

    Drastically improve the Flashbang and smoke grenade, you cant tell whos flashbanged when you throw it and smoke grenade on low settings (which a lot of people play on to get decent framerates) clears up ion 50% of the time than on med and high settings.

    In fact grenades sounds like it could be the LAs 'thing' Improved Grenade Bandolier could allow us to carry more than 1 type of grenade e.g. 1 flash, 1 smoke and 1 frag. It sucks to only have 3 things on my mouse wheel when everyone else has 4+

    The icarus jets are pretty amazing and if they come back would be very much loved. Tone it down slightly but still make them high altitude with a slow recharge.

    If the Orbital strike is coming in why not have the LA place targetting markers? If all it takes to fire an OS is some idiot to click and hold for a few seconds then this game will b going COD/BF3 which is very remedial. If the LA or Infil could place markers that a second person could lock onto and then fire that would be pretty dynamic.
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  • Yes Please?
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  • So the upcoming change to jetpack noise got me thinking. At this time the one and only advantage the LA has is its ability to silently move around. We have no other abilities or tools and our weapon selection sucks. The cqc carbines have a longer ttk than the cqc assault rifles and the heavy assault can outlast us in a straight up fight by using shields. The HA dominates infantry mid range and relies on durability to survive. Being the other assault class, I think the LA should also have an advantage over other infantry. The difference being that the LA focuses on cqc with the use of effective cqc weapons and high mobility.

    Dual Wielding
    At first I thought this was a terrible idea. Reason being that in every game that utilizes it, dual wielding is nothing more than a gimmick or completely overpowered. However if done correctly it could be the extra firepower the LA needs in cqc. The obvious side effects of dual wielding are increased CoF, longer reload, and no aim down sight. The most important to making dual wielding work correctly is the CoF. The weapons need to be accurate enough so that the user can quickly and reliably take out close range enemies. But not so accurate that they would be able to easily take out enemies past ten meters. The weapons I would think could be dual wield options are pistols and SMGs. I don't think dual wielding in general would be overpowered in this game, especially with OHK shotguns available to nearly every class.

    Adrenaline Pump
    This should be a passive, not a suit option. It could be split up into a tiered upgrade and end somewhere around 15%. This would give a little more uniqueness as well as add extra mobility to the light assault class, without having to give up one of the more beneficial suit options.

    Scout Rifles
    As I have said before, our weapons selection sucks. With the addition of SMGs and additional shotguns everyone has a cqc option. The LA is the only class that doesn't have a choice of medium to long range weapons. I believe that if heavies can run around with a OHK shotgun there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving the LA scout rifles.

    We currently have to use our jetpacks as a crutch to make up for our lack of firepower. With the above changes the LA would become a true light assault class, attacking fast and hard. The other players want to hear us coming, I say let them hear us come.
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    • The jetpack is/was used as a flanking tool because it isn't a toe to toe fighter. I hope with the new jetpack noise they're giving the LA something else as an offset. A cloaker on the ground when heard can still hide amongst clutter. An LA in the sky will stand out easily when heard.
    • I like your ideas about the Adrenaline Pump. I use it now, but it would be nice to have it be upgradable further, and actually have shielding options available. I think that you should also get a movement bonus to non-sprinting movement as well, including strafing.

      I think a good F-key ability would be a jet pack "juke" of some sort. So if you hit F, depending on which WASD key was pressed at the time, your jetpack would boost you quickly horizontally in that direction a very short distance, maybe 1-2 meters, and have a cooldown timer similar to a max charge. Just enough distance to juke sideways out of the line of fire of a HA, close the gap quickly to bring your CQC weapon to bear, or back yourself out a doorway you just ran through quickly. That would give the class a little more survivability, especially since everyone will be able to hear you coming now.
  • No duel wielding, god please.. no dual wielding..
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  • Scout rifles... I love it. Especially considering that they're fixing them now.
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  • Dear SOE stop trying to cod**** PS2 - thank you.

    It is already bad enough our Gunships have more effective Armor then the MBTs and now you would like to present us with the kids choice award Dual wielding weapons - Hope in PS2 Devs is lost.
  • Honestly this sounds like a nightmare to balance properly. I would focus my attention on other things.
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  • Light assault is already game breaking with their ability to overcome all defenses and the idiotic idea of allowing them to have a pump action ohk weapon. While tweaking is probably welcome making the class even more powerful is a massive mistake and dual wielding? maybe if it was pistols only then sure but i reckon you are thinking of SMG's and that's just madness.
    • Fix the pump action ohk weapon then. Any physical defense (like walls) they can bypass can be protected by active player defense. Besides it isn't like the walls stop other non-LA's either.
  • You would say dual wield "secondary weapon" right?
    Only pistols right?
    Even special ones, made for the pourpose, like revolvers or the real "TEC DC-9" kind of full automatic pistol.
    But no dual wield of existing primary weapons, right?

    Please.."dual wield" anything else it's like throwing a nuke inside the weapon's balance core.
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  • give them a tool instead of duel wielding give them the ability to carry a extra primary or secondary in the tool slot
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  • Extra utility slot would be just enough. So you could carry Medkits and C4s at the same time.
  • So we're bumping LA in favor of another class...again. Apologies to anyone who really wanted this to happen sooner than later, but as we assess the need for updates to classes, LA doesn't seem to ever end up topping the list.

    Rest assured that we'll get there eventually, but for now the Infiltrator will join the MAX as a class we think needs the attention first.
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    • I would like to get an explanation why doesn't this class is making your priorities, since it's already played by few and obviously lacking unique traits.
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      • Infils QQ louder basically.
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        • Check again: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/why-does-the-la-need-a-nerf.113770/
          No Thread anywhere in the INF forums on 1 single tool component ever got that big.
          You won the QQ award. Enjoy!

          You guys are looking at this the wrong way. You think your "update" would have only brought you good things. But What you got instead was a piece of rebalancing that ended up in early as most audio/artwork stuff tends to be scheduled....

          The response tells SOE that they need to approach your situation differently. While Time constraints tell all of us that they couldn't do that this month. Maybe dodging bullets is in your future b/c IMHO, you may be dodging a few already this next month by getting your rebalance later when more Development time will no doubt be put into it.
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          • Because the LA class has that only Tool item? Also let me know if the infils will get any nerf. You are getting more tools (smg/wraith) and buffs (map with zoom) yet there are threads about "how broken" infils are. Just stop the BS. And you came to the LA thread only to justify your whines. Because you play infil and for some reason you hate somone for playing a class you don't like.
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            • I like the LA, I want to see it buffed to take out HA's better. Your argument isn't even an argument, it's just a personal attack.
          • The 2nd post in the Infil roadmap was QQ'ing about the LA vs infiltrator. Infils spread their QQ across multiple threads instead of just one large one. There is also at least one celebratory post about jetpacks in the infil forum, and infils have been complaining about how the jetpack is quieter than their cloak for a long, long time.

            Of course there is going to be a long thread about a single tool when it is the only unique tool the LA has. It isn't like it has two class abilities, class specific weapons, and a class specific tool.

            LA's thing is its jetpack, which is being nerfed (maybe fairly) but without fleshing out the class. So maybe a jetpack sound nerf in conjunction with giving the LA something else would have been fine, but instead it goes to "unscheduled."
    • That is understandable. Both infiltrators and MAXes are even more underused than light assault, and they are also quite underwhelming. I am willing to forgo the improvement of my favorite class for the good of the game.
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      • MAXES are under used because of the timer and infiltaitor is because people doesnt try 2 sneak around or use flash with cloak I have only seen 4 cloaked flaes so fa(uncloak cloak) and not one has ever tried 2 acually get around into a base too hack the turretsdont whine about the class because people cant play it a would love 2 see more infiltraitor love :)
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        • Radar Flash is far more useful - 100m radar is like a legal wall hack.
      • BS. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmUavphHXmIxdFhHUzJfN1VYalRnWS0xMnBUdTJpM1E&gid=33
        In total there is less player using LA than inf. As per faction only the vanu players are using the LA more.

        MAX class has a timer and infantry resource, not to mention technically it's not a class but a suit, a vehicle if you like. The only difference that you have to spawn it at a infantry terminal and not at a vehicle one.
    • This is pure 100% bull. The LA class is UNFINISHED. At least slap a freaking tool slot item (ANY Of them!) on us before you make us even more mad and want to quit the game even more than you currently are with your CONSTANT NERFS TO LIGHT ASSAULT. Get a freaking clue SOE and stop messing over Light Assault.
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      • As much as I want the LA update, the class will benefit from more time for the developers to think about what it should be contributing. If you have any suggestions, please post them here, tweet them to the devs and recommend them in chats on Twitch during dev casts.
  • Seriously? When did they move this to unscheduled? WTF, and they are about to nerf jump jets too. Can the LA get some love for once?
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    • Because Onehitkill shotguns was such a hateful thing to give you.
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      • Was that an attempt to say something intelligent? I'm fairly certain every class except infiltrator can use "Onehitkill shotguns." Pardon me if I don't look at that as some some gift bestowed from the developers on the neglected LA class even if I like to use one...
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