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    • We'd like to add growth and progression to Outfits.
    • One of the ideas we have for doing this is to allow players to contribute points to their Outfit by earning experience, and when enough points are accrued, the Outfit will earn a rank.
      • At each rank, the Outfit Leader can select a benefit/perk/specialization that will affect everyone in the outfit.
      • What these benefits might be is still a topic of discussion, so toss us any ideas you have.
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  • I believe this outfit progression should entail some bonus to outfit leaders and the respected chain of command. The examples i provide require major changes to the game and its mechanics, and are purely for illustrating a point, thought these idea's also would make the game awesome as ****.

    For and example:

    From what i hear there's a plan to implement naval combat. I don't know the details or plans or whatever but lets just say for being hypothetical there are massive warships that need to be taken over/destroyed by other warships, much like the scale of a bio lab, as a outfit gains ranks, solders in the outfit gain acess to defensive systems.

    So lets say there are 50 ranks for an outfit. level 1-10, your outfit gian no acess to defensive measures, this includes cannons, etc. rank 10-20, your outfit gains acess to cannons and small defensive positions such as murder holes, etc. 20-30, your able to enter a generating room to help repair the ships overall energy, or whatever. At rank 50, your outfit leader can gain control of the ship, manually manoeuvring it, deploying counter measures like EMP's, that sort of stuff, officers in the command can gain acess to more effective turrets placed on the base, while low ranking members play more of a "support role". This would encourage massive otufits to stick together and level, at the same time encouraging members of large outfits to be proactive so they can be promoted into higher ranks to operate more important defensive positions.

    The same thought process can be applied to existing bio labs, however with major changes.

    For example:

    A bio lab is anchored to the ground normally and is being taken over, a rank 50 outfit commander would beable to head to command room, take control of the bio lab, and lift it off the ground, but at the expense of making openings in their roof. at this point teleporters no longer work and neither do jump pads, so the strategy needs to change for the attacking faction by bringing in air support to carry in troops and using liberators to try to aim in man sized openings to help provide support. This may provide an edge for the defending faction by allowing them time to regroup

    I'd like to cite battlefield 2142 "titan" gameplay mode where the opposing faction tries to take over the enemies warship as a basic idea behind the concept.

    I know this is very ****tily written, im just regurgitating some idea i had in my head
  • Just had a thought

    Allow outfits to come up with there own unique camo pattern via some MSpaint like in game tool. The tool would of course have to have the base template that belongs to the empire they are in. It could allow for outfits to create an outfit pattern camo. That would be available to purchase via certs or SC. The over all cost to the user would be the same as any other camo. The additional cost of outfit resources would also apply to the initial creation of the camo. (Not to each members purchase just a one time design cost to the outfit.)
  • no,your trying to turn it into wow,stop it.
  • if health, damage done, armor, carry capacity, are things that are affected then his is a hugely bad idea and the person who thought of it should be fired immediately
  • What about making outfit able to specialize a little? Like infantry, air, ground or sea(as far as I remember we'll have sea right)? (allowing them to switch once a month if needed or something).

    Maybe go for, commando, support or vehicles. Hm
  • Why not sooner than June? Thats the kind of stuff that would help out tremendously now.

  • Leader of Phoenix Battalion [PHX] here. Outfit benefits should be based on infantry class and vehicle role, ie. Assault (Light and Heavy), Support (Medic and Engineer), Infiltrator, MAX, Air, Armor. Benefits should buff certs and exp. They could also reduce resource costs so that if an outfit doesn't have enough infiltrators, the leader could add an infiltrator benefit.
  • How about showing stats on outfit contribution to their faction? Captures, kills, whatever.
  • This (along with greater character progression scope) would be one of the additions that would keep me playing for much longer. Outfit certs/perks and -perhaps- ranks would be a big pull for me.

    However, what those perks might be- without unfairly unbalancing the game in favour of the mass pug-type outfits (or any outfit for that matter)- i do not quite know.

    One perk for me would be that the outfit would be able to mark missions on the map (as i don't believe a single individual should be able to have that power). Or perhaps going further into the game's future, the ability to place those mobile, ploppable barricades that are being talked about?

    As long as the perks do not affect damage output/health/fire-rate and other core stats like that, then you can use your imagination without unbalancing the core gameplay.
  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make these ranks only go up based upon successful operations (part of the already-by-now implemented missions system), otherwise this will simply lead to a continuation of the cert farming currently prevalent.
  • This is must and should be moved further on February or march.
  • Yeah - Maintenance rather than getting well established super outfits
    also - not sure if it's been mentioned in this post but it has somewhere else.... how about Outfit/Platoon built structures? tank barriers, turrets, maybe even a small tower!
  • Id like to see nothing that allows a true advantage over a outfitted BR1 (new player) in anything other than potential organization and cooperation. No damage, defensive or movement bonuses. I do feel this has a viable use just not with direct bonuses. You could however provide a bonus to say resource accumulation or exp and i feel it wouldn't negatively impact game play but it needs to be fairly minor and the progression itself needs to scale so that both small and large outfits have no real advantage to unlock it. Mostly cosmetics is where i feel like this lay.
    • In other words don't try to create game which would be unique blend of MMO elements and FPS. Instead just make sci-fi Battlefield on steroids.

      And by MMO I mean deeper strategy and progression not just massively multiplayer online.
  • What about allowing outfits to "claim" an outpost so they get more XP fighting and defending in the territory?
  • Tactical Crayolas

  • Outfit Logistics (outfit pool)
    Outfit creation should have a roster cap. 100 members on startup, that is enough for 2 platoons if you have a fully active roster. NOW that said there would be a way to increase the outfit size. This idea is to combat the new outfit, mass zerg recruiting that has happened in PS2 (an plenty of complaints)

    Utilizing a % taxation model for acquiring certifications+resources for the outfit itself. This could be a new rank feature, an option available to be set by the leader for w/e ranks they want, as well this can be set to tax either all members or a completely voluntary system. Depending on how the outfit leader/officers wish to operate. Outfit logistic certs could be useful for unlocking/expanding the outfits strength/size, as well allowance of command features for use during operations. A New outfit starts off with a 200 (+/- 50?) member roster cap, with a logistic cert system paying to expand with either additional +platoon strength, or simply +50 members for each unlock.

    This is not a hard counter to preventing zergfits from forming entirely, it will slow down the expansion of such outfits, as well allow outfits to maintain a MORE ACTIVE roster, rather than a massive roster that has 1/3 actives. Nor will it prevent larger groups from splintering into smaller outfits under a TS command structure under the same leadership as the previous large outfit. The Outfit Logistics (outfit pool) options reward outfits with more ability to affect the gameflow, have an impact on the global scale as they are more successful strategically, as well outfits that maintain a highly active playerbase will net more rewards.
    Outfits looking to stockpile or unlock features will be more dedicated to maintaining rosters of active players an less likely to zergfill a roster with mostly 2/3 inactive lists. Just as well they will be more inclined to securing an protecting resource territories as many of the outfit pool features will have a considerable cost both in certs an resources.


    Contribution of members to the outfit cert pool via a tax% system or through % breakdown based on outfit points accumulated. Will allow an outfit to unlock perks and purchase deployable features. Call down support items, from air strikes, bombardments, supplies, fortifications, mine fields (anti-personnel, vehicle or even air) or any other fancy outfit only ideas.

    All these options can be stockpiled, just like consumables an require resources to purchase once unlocked. These options will then be available to Platoon an Squad leaders that purchase the unlocks in their own certification trees.

    Outfit Logistics - increases roster size by 50 (?) for each unlock.

    Platoon objective markers (These markers will increase CEP gain on set objectives by a % modifier)

    Call Downs - Will cost a mix of certs to unlock, an resources to stockpile. There would be cooldown timers for frequency of use, as well a set timer for length of use.
    Call Downs (defense)- Heavy Gun Emplacement (AI/AV/AA) (consumable)
    Call Downs (defense)- Barrier Defense (bubble shield on temporary timer) (consumable)
    Call Downs (defense)- Deployable Minefields (Infantry/Vehicle/Air) (consumable)
    Call Downs (defense)- Deployable Tank Barricade (consumable)

    Call Downs (attack) - Orbital Strike (timer CD)
    Call Downs (attack) - Artillery Barrage (AV) (timer CD)
    Call Downs (attack) - Munitions Air burst (AI) (timer CD)

    Call Downs (Support) - Supply Crate (acts as AOE vehicle/infantry resupply + equipment terminal for both) (consumable)
    Call Downs (Support) - Health Field (doubles health/increases regen rate) (consumable)
    Call Downs (Support) - EMP Blast
    Call Downs (Support) - Radar Field (100m/200m/300m) (consumable)

    This also makes a revamp on the leadership certification system necessary to distinguish players that actively command versus those that just form groups randomly an infrequently.


    What is Command Experience (CEP)
    Command Experience or CEP is a second set xp reward system for players who take up positions of squad/platoon lead, doing their best to keep other players organized, run operations, do the logistic work to keep their squads or platoons on target, in the fight an keep them moving. They are the players spending more of their time staring at the map, versus down the sights of their weapons.

    Command Experience (CEP) was a reward system that did very well in PS1 it clearly defined the differences between the grunts an the players who were willing to take the selfless mantle of command and could be recognized for it. The Global faction com channel was only available to the highest ranking CR4 and CR5s (Command Ranks of which there were 1 to 5).

    Why have Command Experience?
    Having leadership skills/options purchased through XP gained certs is simply a poor reward system. There's little to no incentive for actual leaders to step up. Yes there are plenty of vets or players that enjoy doing this, there is no reward/minimal tools for them in doing this. Adding CEP will minimize early abuse of command systems that are currently open to ANYONE (anytroll).

    Currently the system has no defined reward system for those that want to command nor an incentive for new players to step up an take role as a leader. The common pool cert gain is allowing an promoting irresponsible players access to features they have no intention of using with proper strategic purpose or insight, for the most part access to GLOBAL faction is showing more TROLL/Ethug commentary use rather than strategic (maybe not the case on Waterson, but I've noticed it on a few other servers).

    Gaining CEP xp for CommandCerts only occurs from successfully taking objectives (either territory or objectives like CP/Gen/SCU's). A squad leader/platoon commander who uses objective marker to designate attack priorities an members of their group are present once it is taken.. he will gain a % of that cap as command certs. These command certs are spent on command skills/options.

    Squad Leadership
    Remains just as it currently is, but no longer can be unlocked with common pool certs, requires active gains via leading successful squads.
    Calldowns (limited types)

    Platoon Command (only command certifications can be used to purchase with)
    Platoon beacon - Gives the platoon commander a spawn beacon that will allow all platoon members to lock on an hot drop to.
    Platoon objective markers (Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta markers)
    Platoon Priority Markers (Attack/Defense)
    Platoon Markers (additional markers)
    Platoon reinforcement markers
    Calldowns (frequency of use, types = defensive/attack/support)

    Just some rough thoughts an ideas?
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  • I posted this very topic in forum, I add it here now that I see its the future.

    The standard skill tree from other games, like WoW, darksiders 2, Deus Ex.

    Tier 1: Mostly visable changes, custom camo for players and vehicles (which you need to buy with cert of SC)

    Outfit decals, your own special decal same deal as above.

    Tier 2: 1 extra round in a mag for any grunt gun up to 3.

    Tier 3: Emp blast - local area scan (like PS1)

    Tier 4: Deployments: call down a shield wall, guard wall, bunker. (not inside bases or beside building as that would be too OP)
    what this does is make a temp cover for players to ensure longer life span.
    Shield wall could be at rank 1 a 5m straight wall that you can duck behind, it can be destroyed by heavy damage and only last a few min.

    Guard wall: same as shield wall execpt for vehicles, tall enough to cover behind but not able to have eg your top gun fire over it.

    Bunker: Much like starcraft bunker, a bunker with gun holes and a roof.

    All of these deployables should have massive cooldown and costs so you cant spam them. You can only have 1 per outfit. they cannot be placed within xxxx range of eachother.

    fx. 1 hour cooldown, 250-750 outfit points to place.

    The outfit points will have a max cap of points per day so large outfits can't keep using them.
  • Why not allow the outfit to "claim" an outpost for a better xp rating for that area as well for defense?
  • No.

    So huge outfits get extra stat bonuses / perks?

    As if them being huge isn't a benefit as it already is.

    Remember, you do have customers that do not enjoy all-out zergs or huge platoon / outfit raids, and that do enjoy to play in small squads.

    Don't screw them over.
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  • When you lead a squad or platoon, you should get Command Rank points.

    Again - 1-5 levels should exist and you should be recognised within the outfit by your command level.

    When you are in a squad and someone just "leaves" .. rather than some random becomming squad leader - the next highest ranking player (BR and CR) should get control of that squad.
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