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    We would like to polish and enhance the Galaxy.
    Some of the ideas being bandied about internally for the Galaxy at this point include stuff like:
    • Deploying into a forward garrison
    • Certifications for Proximity Repair
    • Certifications for Proximity Ammo Dispenser
    • Allowing it to provide transport for other vehicles
    • Adding a fifth, front facing weapon
    • Adding/unlocking some additional weapons for the wing slots
    These are still only ideas at this point - we may end up with some, all, or none of this stuff by the time we go live with the galaxy update, but it at least gives some more insight on what we're thinking about at the moment. Let us know what you think and please keep leaving your feedback for other cool ideas for the Galaxy.
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  • Something for rapid dustoff and redeployment maybe.

    Deployable energy scoop, squad teleport recall, etc.
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      • Deployable Phalanx... Yes please! that would be awesome for setting up a front line. You could also make it where if destroyed they could be repaired like a normal Phalanx turret, have them disappear if not repaired within a certain duration and/or time out (similar to an unoccupied vehicle).

        PS the suggestions on this site really are quite well thought out.
        • Something like this...

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          • Who came up with this, Satan?
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      Why cant Galaxies have Mobile spawn points? they clearly wouldn't be more overpowered than sunderers, which are on average more armored than a heavy tank.

      If I want to be safe from AA and enemy detection, etc, I am going to use a Sunderer.

      If i want to bypass an enemy walled off area and spawn men behind enemy lines, I'll use a galaxy (and NO! 12 men isn't going to do the job, even if you can get 12 in the galaxy in the first place.)

      Right now, only platoons are able to use galaxies strictly for getting their average inf over to an important battlefield or base. a Mobile spawn point on these vehicles would be all the more convenient.

      If it seems too O.P. (Which it is clearly Not), then increase the purchasing price of the galaxy or the certs to buy this ability


      Just b/c it was removed in Beta doesn't mean the community doesn't want it. Take a look at the forum for Bringing back the Beta Night
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      • You clearly have not played in beta. It was a bad idea then and I'm afraid it still it. way to much whack a mole game play. it does not enhance what the lattice system is attempting to bring in either.
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        • THen what is the purpose of the galaxy?
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          • Its main purpose is infantry transport. I've also had fun with a galaxy gun ship.

            The main problem with the G-AMS was that it allowed you to bypass basically all of an enemy's defenses and completely ignore the ground game and allows you to put up a spawn point behind enemy lines that your entire empire could spawn with. You can do this much faster than a sundy and you can ignore terrain by flying right over it. It killed the game in beta and a full G-AMS will kill the game now.
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            • is anti air not part of the ground game?
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              • explain the negresponse
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                • Could have sent me a message, wasting forum space, either not bothering to check the first few responses of the thread(AMS was 2nd post)or just trying to post at the top of the DEV posted thread, and your response about ground AA is irrelevant to what he and others here are saying. AMS on gals were tested in beta and didnt work; the idea is OP because you can get a hugely armored spawn point in a ton of different locations with ease making the ground line to line combat more difficult to achieve, and taking away from that side of the game along with other balance issues that arise from that mobile of a spawn point.
                  • Umm... the second response didnt provide reason for the change
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            • I don't see how this is any different from an infiltrator pulling an ESF (from any air tower) to a remote base (any remote base), hacking a vehicle terminal (any vehicle terminal) and pulling a Sunderer.

              G-AMS were only a problem back when Sunderers could only be pulled from certain locations and had to make their way across a continent to a decent area for deployment. This hasn't been the case since the beta. This is not a reason to disregard the G-AMS.

              Unlike the Sunderer, the Galaxy is still limited on where you can spawn it from.
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              • It's totally different because what you just described is some skilled gameplay. The galaxy AMS just enables zerging. It didn't work in the beta and they shouldn't bring it back. It wasn't fun.
            • CARRY MORE PEOPLE!!! Yes, I know that in beta the galaxy had an AMS utility. Yes, it was a bad idea and got shot down. Instead, now, they should give us a utility that allows the galaxy to care up to twice the number of people. I know what you're thinking, "Most of the time now, a normal galaxy can hardly get a full crew!" but if you did this, you would only need Two galaxies to care an entire platoon into battle. And by making this a certable utility, it makes it virtually impossible for the enemy to tell how many people are about to rain from the skies upon him.
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              • dude you realize you can just point at a gal and it'll tell you 12/12 for a full one, or 6/12, 1/12 etc..
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                • Fixed recently.
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              • Can you imagine the XP you can get from shooting down a whole platoon? I love your idea good sir, but not for the reason you do...;)
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            • I have several ideas of how to bring it back and meanwhile avoid SOME of the problems (thanks to your post):

              1: (Ignoring ground game). Give the G-AMS the drawback of faster lock-on times and slower overall movement speed (performance slot item still has an effect on speed) --> Increasing time required to cross hotzones and arrive at target area while AA infantry and vehicles have an easier time shooting them down --> Ground game has increased influence over galaxy gameplay and thus require more attention from galaxy pilots.

              2: (Entire-empire spawn point). Make it a squad or platoon only spawn point --> Limits the amount of players who can use the spawn point --> Avoid massive armies suddenly spawning behind defensive lines --> Forces more tactical gameplay for maximum damage on defenses.

              3: (Much faster than sundy). Set a limit on how many can spawn in a set time interval --> Increasing the amount of time it takes to build a sizable force to flank the defenses --> Longer time for defenders to detect and/or prepare for the flanking attack.

              These are what I could come up with right away, but surely there are more ways to prevent "this killing the game" that was seen in the beta. Additionally I am fond of 2 ideas to the galaxy: This idea of a mobile, airborne spawn point and a means of transporting tanks across the continent. And if these ideas are brought into the game they should both be in the utility slot (like the sundy).
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            • Make deployed Galaxies weaker, when it opens up that be area that allows you to spawn is more vulnerable to attacks, making them easier to kill while deployed. Give them a huge no deploy range for other Galaxies and or sundies so that you can have 1 maybe 2 at a large base, and only 1 near any smaller base.

              Only let them deploy on Hex's that are directly connected to another Hex that you currently control...

              There are ways you can do this without breaking the game, it just requires careful planing and feedback.
        • it was only a bad idea when it took a drop pod to kill a 'deployed' Galaxy.

          Note this was back when they had nearly 4x the hp, engineers never ran into 'heat' problems.. and could perma-repair galaxies either with their tools or with intentional useage of the insta-repair bugs.

          All of these issues have been fixed.

          I say its time to return the AMS ability to the Galaxies and see how they work in their current state, with the current fixes to the enginneers.
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        • Why the hell does everyone forget that we didn't have adjacency when we had G-AMS!!!!!!!!!!!

          You cannot have "whack a mole" with adjacency, what it hard to understand about this!

          You can't attack anything you're not adjacent to so why the hell shouldn't we have G-AMS, in beta it was OP as f**k because you could just fly to the other side of the map and cap everything, this is impossible with adjecency.

          Is this clear yet?
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          • G-AMS is the equivalent of BFR's from ps1. The idea was so poorly implemented initially no one wants them even if they do get balanced.
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          • Agreed. Many have complained that galaxies aren't worth the risk involved with flying them, except when directly transporting troops into enemy territory. The galaxy at this point has no long-term tactical use other than transport. Every other vehicle is either useful for attacking, hit-and-run, or a spawn point. The galaxy is far less effective than the liberator at attacking. It only makes sense to expand upon what they do best, transport infantry.
      • Cause that would be outright broken.
      • Make it have the same deploy range from sundies, but a very large range for other galaxies, so that you can only have 1 or 2 at a large base, and only 1 in any other smaller base.
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    • These could be cool in the new hossin environment, but when i heard it was a swamp, i thought bomb runs. the galaxies have a huge cargo hold appearance, and i think more than 6 people can fit inside that area. so i was thinking maybe another weapon galaxies could have are bomb payloads and u can purchase different types with resources and unlock them with certs and station cash. an example would be maybe some ordinary bombs used similar to the b-27 in WWII. maybe another could be napalm or some sort of sticky damage "acid,electromagnetic goo to disable radar and special weapons optics, etc"
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  • Vehicle loading?
    AMS when hovering stationary?

    None of the above? :)
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    • Vehicle loading. Hell yes. Maybe not allow deployable sunderers to be loaded because that might create similar (if not greater) issues than deployable galaxies. But moving armor across long distances or over mountains would be incredibly useful. Could maybe have the vehicles take up passenger seats depending on size (like medivacs in Starcraft) and prevent a galaxy from dropping a MBT along with 12 infantry.
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      • Well Loading of a MBT would not be OP if the Galaxy had to be on the ground and "deployed" to offload. In PS1, Gals and Lodestars had physical doors that had to open up for stuff to enter and exit. none of this instant pooping inside. Make it so A galaxy has to land, and press B, kind of like a sunderer, to "open the cargo door" and let a tank leave.
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      • i would love to see galaxies used as transports for vehicles but if they were a certification and if you transported vehicles you lost most of your capacity to carry passengers so instead of 11 passengers you could only carry 3 passengers(a driver and 2 gunners for a sunderer) and you could carry 1 of any land vehicle.
        if this were added i would like to see the galaxy have to land and deploy to "eject the vehicle"
        gameplay wise i think that this would add improved functionality to a galaxy and allow you to transport tanks, sundies and harrassors to open up new fronts. the fact that a galaxy whould have to land to "deploy" the vehicle whould mean that the defenders would have a chance to stop a vehicle being dropped into their front yard.
        In my opinion this change would allow gameplay and strategies to be more flexible and strategic orientated rather than now that influence lines have replaced the old system(the one on Amerish).
        the "deployment" of galaxies could even be controlled in the same way that sunderer ones are and this would stop galaxies from dropping tanks onto biolab landingpads ect.
        i would love to see this added if only to open up more strategic styles of play because at the moment strategies are being restricted to 90% zerging and 10% using your brain so plz like it and SOE plz add or atleast look into this
        • I like the comparison to a starcraft dropship or medivac. Make the vehicle take up more space based on size.
          Driver 1-2 gunners with a Sundy
          Driver 3 gunners with MBT
          Driver 5 gunners with lighting, or 2 lightnings no passengers.
          Harasser gets same deal as lightning but can have a gunner or two while loaded with 2 Harasser
          Driver and 9 passengers for a flash, or driver gunner and 4 flashes
          I like the Idea of having to open the doors, with this option it should be deployed, you drive up and press a button to enter it, it goes into a scripted loading where it drives on or off of the galaxy.

          Or attach them to the bottom with something that makes sure you cant crush them when landing, and if you drop them from while moving, or more than a few meters off ground deal massive damage.
  • Give gal's the option to trade most/all infantry carrying capacity to carry vehicles. Can fit either a lightning or some flashes, and eventually the buggy. MBT drops may be too powerful, and a sundy dropped on certain capable buildings would probably be OP without a no deploy zone on top.
    Allow a radar utility slot. Would Function like a UAV, allows the pilot to get points from spot bonus!
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    • Yeah, I like the idea of losing passenger slots to gain special abilities. In addition to transporting vehicles, SOE could possibly allow a real Galaxy gunship carrying only gunners (but have some additional variety of weapons).

      Also, since you mentioned radar, I'd like to see an AWACS mode where it's pilot-only with NO GUNS, but a huge scout radar radius.
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    • Easily fixed: (at least from a concept point of view) if you drop an AMS on top of a building, it deconstructs.
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      • That might be a little too drastic. It would punish someone for messing up a drop far too much. Say you carry an AMS across the whole map, just to get it destroyed by a over excited drop, clipping the roof of the building as it drops. Oops, no more sunderer. Besides, there are much simpler ways of doing this, like not allowing AMSs to deploy on the object that contains the roof.
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    • I'd happily trade passenger slots for that or a bomb bay.
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    • I think galaxies should have bottom and side utility slots. Both would start with standard issue heavy armor, and could be replaced with various support options at the cost of survivability.
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    • The galaxy could function like a modern AWACS platform. Because currently the galaxy drops it's payload then either dies immediately or flies around being a distraction until it gets shot down. Either the ability to spot vehicles and aircraft at long distances or spot ground targets would give the galaxy pilot a reason to try to stay alive post-drop.
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  • No AMS..

    You saw how that went back in beta :c

    Galaxies.. Galaxies everywhere.
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    • SQUAD spawning could work.

      The problem was a gal taking the full zerg past any defense lines, but a squad could really use squad spawning on a Gal. Considering we have squad beacons and squad leader spawn already, this wouldn't add much more than convenience as well as potential points for the squad gal pilot.
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    • Agree on no AMS, but I'd like to see them have an equipment panel like a sunderer.
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    • yeah but now there are sunderers everywhere. plus being able to spawn on a landing pad back in beta offered major tactical advantages which made battles more fun. to balance this mebbe the galaxy would be more vulnerable to flak and explosives?
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    • Remember that galaxies had several times the life they do now, and Surrenders could not be pulled from every base nor did they even have AMS. In beta Galaxy WAS the AMS. Now instead of Galaxies everywhere it is Sunderers everywhere.

      I think A modified AMS would not be a problem. Say to make it work the armor has to be lightened, and it has a longer spawn timer then a sunderer, or make it platoon only option
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  • A ram shield on the front and the ability to trade its weapons for flamethrowers.

    Though in all seriousness, vehicle transport would be great.
    And while it might be a pipe dream actually being able to see the loading area for people to hop in would be great as well.
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  • gunship variant requiring multiple people
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  • Please no AMS or spawning ability!

    Forward base/deployment

    When equipped allows the galaxy to deploy when landed and stationary on the ground. This turns the Galaxy into a forward base providing a large area shield.
    • The shield cannot be fired through from either faction but can be passed through by all sides. This prevents attackers placing one in front of a spawn room or objective and simply firing through a one way shield
    • The Shield will remain in place as long as the Galaxy remains deployed and intact, Moving it or destroying it removes the shield.
    • Whilst in deployed state the galaxy allows players to swap all aspects of the character and weapons just like a terminal.
    • Also allows vehicles to change loadout without respawning the vehicle .
    Vehicle hauling

    • Trade in a number of Passenger seats for the ability to carry vehicles.
    • Vehicle carrying Capacity is based on the vehicles being transported, 1 MBT or 1 Sunderer, Couple of Lightnings, small amount of buggies (when implemented) or larger amount of flashes,
    • Galaxy must land in order to disembark vehicles, No dropping them onto bases by flying over!
    Plus some sort of gunship variant that allows more weaponry but lower transport ability not thought about it to much, To be honest the above was thought up as i went along in 5 minutes! feel free to add to it :)
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    • Make the vehicle transport work on a cert tree, something like follows:

      L1 (100c): 1x Flash
      L2 (200c): 2x Flash or 1x Harasser
      L3 (500c): 2x Harasser or 1x Lightning
      L4 (1000c): 1x Sunderer or 1x MBT

      The Galaxy would need to deploy (ie: open cargo doors), in order to offload the vehicles, so anywhere you can't deploy a Sunderer, you can't offload one either.

      Also, equipping the "Loadmaster Certification" would remove all but the crew seats (1-5), but the vehicle could have crew members already in it, to streamline the offloading process (Sunderer crew only, Harassers driver + gunner, etc.) and, depending on the vehicle/number of vehicles being hauled, would have an impact on the performance characteristics of the Galaxy (Increased inertia, decreased horizontal+vertical acceleration) These effects would be significant if say, a Vanguard or Sunderer were being hauled (ie: The Galaxy barely staying in the air), but could be offset by certing into the "High Capacity Chassis" which would negate the negative effects of hauling vehicles.

      As for the forward base deployment, I would hold off on that, since a Sunderer transport would essentially have the same effect, without causing performance issues from rebuilding the model of the Galaxy to perform 2 secondary function, instead of only one.
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      • Sounds fine, but I'd decrease the cost of the vehicle transport module, maybe by half.
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      • I'd also add the amount of vehicles that were able to fit into the Galaxy on previous levels in the amounts I'll state now. The main examples I can think of are L3 allowing the Galaxy to haul up to 4 Flashes as an alternative to 2 Harassers or 1 Lightning, and L4 allowing the Galaxy to haul up to 8 Flashes, 4 Harassers, and maybe 2 Lightnings as alternatives to a Sunderer or MBT(not all at once though, that'd be obviously OP). Also, I believe a Sunderer is narrower than a Harasser, so maybe for L4 the Galaxy could fit up to 2 Sunderers?
      • I think that you should be able to para drop any vehicle except for sunderers and MBT's. IRL parachute regiments are able to drop light tanks, such as the M551 out of moving aircraft.

        I agree that you shouldn't be able to drop super heavy hardware in the air. landing and opening of cargo doors should be required
    • The vehichle hauling is an amazing idea. I you are in a base with armor and you need to move over to another base quick you don't have to drive all the way there. Just grab an extra galaxy or two.
      The gal would have to be landed to let vehicles out
  • Maybe a ammo supply crate crate drop? Say, there's low numbers of sunderer with ammos on them and you can fly in and drop the crate midair. and get XP for every time you resupply a tank or something
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  • i want to be able to actually use that big rear door to deploy from/get into the gal.
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  • I like the idea of vehicle deployment. Also, more armament options, especially for the wing and tail guns would be nice.

    Here's a crazy idea: a cert upgrade, either for the chassis or the wing turrets that moves one of the guns to the other side of the Galaxy, giving both of the possible Bulldog turrets an overlaping field of fire. Combine that with maybe a new gun or two, and now players can have the own AC-120 gunship :D
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    • This has already existed. It was called the Galaxy Gunship in Planetside.
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    • Banshee on Galaxy would be amazing, bulldog is good when landing/close up, but a explosive AI minigun would be epic for aerial cover fire gunship style.
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  • I think one of the things they were talking about someone was making it have the ability to have a squad only based ams where you spawned inside of it in the air and could drop out, but it had to be in the air and/or staying still or something like that....I think this would work as long as it had limmited spawns, and the galaxy wasnt uber tanky like it was when deployed in early beta...

    also, let me see inside the gal when inside it for immersion :D
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    • I like the squad only deploy idea but to balance it maybe it can only be used when in the air (say 50m plus). That way the defenders have a chance. Or maybe just a simple weapons lock.
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  • What I would love to see, when people bail out of Galaxies they come down in drop pods.
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  • Gunship airframe with much, much higher resistance to damage of all kinds, but with much less maneuverability.
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  • I am pretty satisfied as is, honestly. You can specialize in AA (for airdrops) and gunship already. Its tough, and can carry up to 12 maxes. Not much more to ask for. AMS would be overpowered and you cant really argue for it as it would add too much weight realistically.

    I would suggest an ability to carry a light vehicle (we only have lightnings thus far) in exchange for losing half the troop space.

    What we really need is a half scale faster galaxy that carries half a squad.

    Thinking about it, just based on size, the Galaxy is way too big for what it currently carries. Look at a man standing beside it... You could fit two or more squads in the current model.
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    • I totally agree with adding a smaller transport aircraft. The equivalent of the buggy for the air. A 4-6 man air transport with limited firepower, but moderate durability. Perhaps even something like the buggy without any firepower of its own but 2 of the passengers could shoot down from the sides (like helicopters IRL)
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      • That role was filled by the Phantasm in PS1, a small, unarmed, fast, cloakable, airborne infantry transport for tactical insertion behind enemy lines
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      • A Landspeeder like in Warhammer could be really cool. maybe a front gunner seat like in the picture below. moar vehicles is always the way to go!
        I also agree that the Gal needs something more to make it more useful. There are lots of Gunship variants of transports. the AC130 is a great example of a transport aircraft turned into a moving weapons platform. the Lib is more like a Cobra Gunship, while the Gal can be the AC130 with huge AP or HE cannons that can bring down the pain on infantry below.

        If not that someone mentioned the ability to carry light vehicles at the cost of troop seats. I would like to see troops be able to drop out of the Gal via Pods, that would make it look super cool.
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        • I have a feeling this is going to be the Upcoming Buggy for the Vanu (but purple and cooler)
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        • Yeah... They should also add Dreadnoughts... Lol
        • That would also be super OP for anything other than Flashes, and even then...
      • I really like this idea too, something analogous to the MH-6 Littlebird but a bit more protected. I gotta say though, only rifles/smgs should be usable from inside, no rockets or anything like that, or repair tools. In Battlefield 2142 the EU's Air Transport can be used as an anti-everything battle-barge - 2x rotary cannons for anti infantry and Air-Air, 4 spaces where engineers can sit and use their anti-air launchers and anti-vehicle motion mines, 2 of which players can repair from.

      • Definitely. LAAT/I gunship from Star Wars, anyone?
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        • Yes, I love those. They are talking about that in the Liberator thread as well.
  • Call me crazy, but there are really only 2 possible ways to improve the galaxy in my opinion:

    1. Make it more battle capable.
    2. Make it a spawn point in some way.

    Lots of ideas for option 1

    Option 2 is frowned upon negatively for good reasons, but really it is the only thing that would give a galaxy a niche. Is there somehow, some possibility of making this a balanced real possibility? Perhaps the galaxy has to land and undergo a transformation to become a stationary AMS. Once this transformation has occured a set of requirements or a set duration of time must be met before it can switch back to a galaxy.

    Also (or alternatively), the time to respawn could be used as a great limiting factor to the usefulness of galaxy respawning. If you can respawn with a sundy in 8 seconds, but with a galaxy you had to sit out 30 seconds, the sundy would still maintain its superiority as an AMS, but the galaxy would have some purpose.

    Feel free to disagree or voice your opinion on this. It's just an idea tossed into a discussion.
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  • Maybe allow galaxy turrets to be replaced with dumb fire bombs, giving 4 possible seats to drop bombs from with each about a 3-5 second reload time. In order to deal proper damage it would have to be static, and therefore vulnerable.
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  • I want it to fill more rolls.

    1. Vehicle Transport
    - Able to carry two MBT's
    - Able to carry two Sundys.
    - Able to carry three Lightnings
    - Able to carry squad of Flashes
    - Mix of above

    2. Bomber roll
    - In trade for all transport options, it can carry different types of bombs
    - Small grade bombs allowing you to carpet bombing a area, after the bomb run, must return to Warpgate to rearm, defence of the galaxy is lowered for roll.
    - High explosives, few bombs that can deal great damage to vehicles, must return to Warpgate to rearm and defence is lowered.

    3. Supply roll
    - Able to rearm air vehicles
    - Able to repair air vehicles
    - Able to drop "rearm/repair" packages for ground units, can only carry so many so must return to Warpgate to resupply
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    • I like the idea of giving different roles, especially lowering defense for a bomber role.
      Only thing in your post Id change is limiting the vehicles slots to 1 MBT/sundy or 2 lightnings, and even then MBT/sundy drops have a potential to be too powerful, but I think it could work. Definitely worth testing.
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      • How did it work in PS1? The reason I suggest 2 MBT's/Sundys is because of the physcial size of the Galaxy when you compare it to the vehicles. You can easy fit them inside, through it might be pushing it with the Sundy.

        Sure, using tactics will be powerful, but modern warfare is hard and unforgiven and vehicle drops in the real world happen, even modern day battle tanks can be dropped by what they call a Low-Velocity Airdrop.

        If this is added, they would need to add "fields" where vehicles can't be deployed too, on top of buildings, sky dock, airpads and things like that.

        Through, I would suggest only allowing vehicles to be dropped in "open" areas, that might be easier then adding "no vehicle drop zones" to all possible places where you could abuse this.
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        • I agree with the physical size part it definitely looks like it could fit 2 haha, I only said one for balance reasons, but if 2 was tested and worked, id be okay with it!
          I love that this would require significant coordination and tactics to pull off, getting tanks with a squad of men to back it up and repair it
          Those no vehicle deploy fields are a perfect solution to ensure you cant put a sundy or MBT in an OP position.
          • To further add balance to this, the cert system could be used where the first level only allows you to carry 1 Lightning, the second allows you to carry one MBT, the third allows you to carry a Sundy and the forth allows you to carry 2 MBT's and the final level would allow you to carry everything I said in the first post.

            I should had added in my first post that troop transport would be halved or removed even, but players may ride in their vehicles.
        • Please no mid air dropping vehicles. Force the Galaxy to touch down and to open the rear door so that we dont have to experiense tanks raining down all over the place
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          • nice design.,its like the starcraft battleship
        • [IMG][IMG]
          Here's how the Sundy and large tanks can be transported. Although I think to balance it out, if you are carrying vehicles, troop transport should be limited or eliminated.
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          • Yours looks like what the NC one should look like, TR should look like these.
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    • If you compare the sizes of the MBTs and Sundies to the Galaxy, sadly, i think it would be 1 MBT, 1 sundy, two lightnings, or two ESFs max
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      • You want to put ESFs into a Galaxy?
        • Hell Yeah! think of all the "SURPRISE MOTHERFCKR!" moments you'd get dropping out the back of a Galaxy. Also, this might be cheesy, but if you had to get some ESF's to kill some tanks, but there was AA between you and the tanks, you could transport the ESFs in the safe, strong galaxies till you're out of range.
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    • The supply role I agree with!
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  • I like the vehicle hauling idea being thrown around. Could have tow hooks to carry vehicles Chinook style underneath. also should take a long time to attach/deploy the vehicle, and should be limited to smaller vehicles. (two flashes, one lightning, no MBT's please)
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  • I know its stupid but how about an ability to deploy it into a flash spawner? :eek:
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    • +1 i love this idea just this alone would make it viable!! it would be VERY cool if the back opened up and the spawned flashes come out of there!!! the vehicle panel could be on the inside!!
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  • ground enabled infantry protection bubble or GEIB!

    galaxy lands and deploys, shield bubble appears and will last for say 15 seconds or so projectiles do not penetrate it from the outside but will go out of it.
    any infantry, friendly or enemy can pass through in either direction.

    usage - provide a beachhead for 15 seconds on landing allowing attackers to clear landing zone and move out using the shield for cover.

    counter - enemy infantry/tanks can charge through the shield and attack the enemies from inside it or the galaxy.

    best usage would be with multiple galaxies at once. but engineers and heavies can still kill galaxies by rushing them. the shield lasts a short time to force attackers to adopt an agressive attack stance instead of a shield camp scenario

    possible issues -
    shield could possibly go through walls and annoy people in a building (thats a coding issue though)
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