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  1. *Warning. Mind blowing copy/paste paint skills below. View at your own risk o_O *


    I highlighted both areas so you can notice it clearly. Basically, i added the consumables to the left, and the vehicle timer bar to the right. The resources are just below the vehicles. Now, how would these 2 help the player in any way? Simple! Here's why:

    - Vehicle timer -
    So, you've died. Bummer. Now you gotta select your spawn location, but you also want to know for sure if a certain vehicle is available, or still in cooldown, without having to switch screen tabs to do so. Personally, i've lost count on how many times i've spawned into a tower, thinking a certain aircraft was already available, just to realize it wasn't, and got stuck on a backwards location, having to drive all the way back into the warzone, or redeploying/dieing to do so.

    By having this small visual-only tab on my death screen, ill know for sure which vehicles i can use, and if i have the resources for them. So instead of switching multiple tabs, i got all the info i need right here, and can properly select where i want to deploy, with certainty that what i want will be there, and whether or not i have the resources for them.

    - Consumables -
    This is something that bugs me by far: the need to go into a specific class, and resupply 1 by 1 what i want to have in stock. It's annoying, not to mention the fact that sometimes you're in a long war or doing whatever, to only notice you've had max resources for a while, and didn't resupply. The way it is now, it's just not efficient. Most players lose a lot of resources that way, and then when they really start using these consumables, they easily run out.

    My suggestion is an easy fix. It's right there on the death screen. You have your resource tab, so you'll know if you're piling up on infantry points to spend, and you got all your bought consumables to the left (i made the highlight bigger so you can see the space where the other stuff i haven't bought yet would be at). That way, even before spawning or having to go into a specific class window, you simply click the consumables you want to buy, and then deploy. Simple and efficient.


    I believe these 2 suggestions will greatly help the majority of the players, and hope to see something like it on a future update.
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  2. now try to make that work on a 4:3 5:4 monitor...
  3. Well, considering thats the actual image of the death screen, with just some details added into it, i don't see how that would be in any way a problem. If there is, there are easy solutions, like 'side scrolling' or 'smaller icons'.
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  4. I gotta say, i was expecting a lot of positive feedback, specially due to the simple nature of it. Easy to implement, and beneficial for everyone. Maybe some other suggestions?
  5. i like it
  6. That.

    Also I want the cause-of-death window to be placed somewhere in that screen as long as I want to look at it. The timer on that window is ridiculous as well as it's design (not to mention the bugs like the turret model failure...).

    The 3D model is a nice gimmick. But thats about it. Maybe think about removing it completely because it doesn't have much information value.
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  7. Seems like a nice and clean addition. For the 4:3 aspect problem, I would suggest making them openable/closeable with a small arrow at the edge of the two new windows.
  8. Like it a lot except would prefer resources at lower left instead.
  9. Initially i was gonna cut off the infantry resources and paste them below the consumables area, but then i remembered i skipped the paint course that would lead me to learn advanced design skills :D

    Seriously though, it's just a concept idea. How SOE would implement it wouldn't really matter, as long as all the information is there. I'm particular hoping more for the consumables, since nothing is more mind-numbing than going all the time into specific classes, clicking on the item, just to refill. Having all of it on the death screen would be......."fabulous". Yes, i'd turn gay for it. That's how much i want this.
  10. Liking the idea as well. How about a solution for my issue that I spawn as Light Assault after using the Max, like selecting a favorite class?

    And why not add those green 'deployment/instant' action button on the minimap? Highlighting your Squad and Platoon leader beter would be a nice improvement as well.,
  11. Kon

    you cant pull vehicles from fresh air, you need to re-spawn and pull from a HARD Spawn this is how the mechanic works, they are also working on UI mods already for resupplying infantry it should be in the next big update
  12. /facepalm

    His suggestion is for seeing the timers of the vehicle so that you can decide whether respawn at a tower 2 miles away or not without having to go through many tabs. You are not spawning a vehicle from the death screen. Maybe listing only the vehicles on cooldown would do the trick.

    It's a quality of life improvement, so i'd love to see this implemented even though the devs have probably thought about something like this. :)
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  13. Being able to supply and view vehicle timers from the deployment screen would be very useful indeed. But if there's one thing I'd love to see, it's how far along a base is to being capped, basically what is on the map screen.

    The deployment screen needs a lot of work, atm i'm traipsing through 2-3 menus every time I spawn.
  14. Reading the post helps in understanding what the thread is about. It's not all about the pictures.
  15. Kon

    because the UI changes coming next week might be perfect already
  16. Excellent idea, but not with your current UI obviously! I suffer from the exact issues you mentioned.
  17. Yea. On a positive note, the death screen is now the same as the real map tab, so you don't have to shift to the map tab in order to mouse over and checkout how the facilities around are doing progress-wise. This is very good for when you're trying to figure out which spawn location you're gonna use during a complicated offensive/defense that has been overrun and requires flanking.

    I haven't been playing much due to tests, but i still want the concept of the thread in the in-game map, so i'll remake with the new UI.
  18. What do you think of this, to add to your vision: We make everything besides the map a tab which, though open when you first die, can be closed if you wish to view the map across the whole screen, and opened again whenever you like?
  19. Remove the drop-down list for loadout and you're good :D

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