[VIDEO] Infiltrator faction comparison

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Ssidistik, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Comparison of the first guns you get as a infiltrator. Working on all the guns as I unlock them.

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  2. Tr stock wep is a POS imo.
  3. Eta on the sidegrade gun videos?
  4. Very informative.
    Good video
  5. Semi-auto trumps bolt-action, IMO. More useful in oh-**** situations, and drops targets at distance just as fast. Not to mention you don't have to unscope very often. The only weapon better than the stock TR is the HSR-1. I use the stock TR sniper on my infiltrator, and it is basically unstoppable.
  6. One shot, one kill. Shouldn't be scoped all the time anyways.
  7. yup
  8. With VFG, it works well enough.
  9. Like I have stated in the past, all weapons are great for different place styles and setups. A weapon I might think is junk might be great for someone else.
  10. Is there any variablity in head shots? In other words is a headshot ALWAYS a kill with every sniper rifle, or with every gun for that matter?
  11. A headshot is a one hit kill with bolt action only.
  12. plz do video of more guns and what you think of them too!
  13. As I have time I will get to all weapons. takes time cuz work gets in the way. thanks for watching.
  14. Sorry for the LONG away . I had a HORID LONG Holiday. New vids soon. I actually had to come back to WA state to get away from snow???? WOW

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