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  1. Waterson East is where we make our home alongside our allies Tox, Xen, Quantum, WNx, and B-EL. all great guys and gals.
  2. I like your ad. It's funny. I join you guys.

    Started playing 3 days ago, main char is VS on Waterson, BR 8. Bought a bunch of SC and bought some basic stuff such as duals for MAX, launchers for HA, infantry bundle, Scythe missiles, etc. Certed Sunderer mobile spawn point also. I'm not that good at playing yet, but I'm a decent AA and it's hard to be a bad medic.

    Played a bunch of online games before, played RO/DoD for years, the furthest I got in organizing is running a company in World of Tanks (ordering around 15 players) for a few months. Never got to competitive level though.

    I'll fill out the membership application I found on your forums and log on to teamspeak either late tonight or tomorrow.

    Best wishes,
  3. Hey, I'm Nic Rage, and I'm here for the party. Did anyone bring cake?
  4. dude, totally remember seeing you over in warpgate commenting on my Ugly sundy / armor combo. welcome aboard!
  5. I got 99 problems and a cert ain't one.

  6. You dont have to be afraid, you dont even have to be brave! Sentinels welcome you with open purple arms! The only risk is that you go insane.
  7. No offense but from my experience high quantities of players in guilds, outfits, clans tend to lead to a lot of bad eggs which can create a volatile outfit chat (never know what 100 people may do at any time) and can cause outfit to loose their good name so to speak. Running a big outfit is like running a small country which requires a law and some policing if you want to avoid conflict inside and outside of the outfit. I do understand that this is planetside and player population can make a difference, but when recruiting I hope you are looking for players that show some discretion despite the outfits population goals.

    With that said I wanted to know which server this outfit is on and where I can find some other information about it.
  8. The fact that thread is like 2 months old leads me to believe you researched this post very thoroughly as it is somewhere in the midst of all these posts i cannot even remember when and we're at 270 currently.

    It's a shame we cannot edit our original post to inform people we are on waterson, although I do have an idea how to fix that with the image on page one in editing.

    so yah, waterson. However we belong to the VSA (van sov alliance) and we have fellow Vanu outfits on waterson, Matherson, and Connery all of which are great people helping to paint the world purple.

  9. and there! done, added waterson to the ranks image so as to help people when deciding on the outfit. I've been needing to do that since we officially chose this server a week ago at the VSA meeting. Need to tweak the ranks next.
  10. Sure was nice having a full platoon a couple times last night. Sure can show you what kind of damage organization can do.
  11. Figures TR would get on during the off hours of the night and take all the continents.

    Can't spell Trash without TR.
  12. Inviso I blame totalbiscuit! We'll get it back no problem.
  13. Totalbiscuit isn't any good, nor is his outfit.

    It's the EURO's playing on US servers and logging in at 4am server time to take territory that cause this crap.
  14. Ready to rock and roll. Sents recruitment going strong.
  15. sign up now... doors will be closing for the new year shortly...

    need to get our house in order and train all the new talent we've acquired before we add to it.
  16. Got anyone playing on Jaeger?

  17. [IMG]

    Sentinels has been gaming in Planetside for nearly a decade.

    our allies are Toxin, Quantum, Xen and Warrior Nation

    Pick one of the above outfits..

    and you get the bonus of ALL of their combined firepower.

    Together we represent the Vanu-Sov Alliance on Waterson


    be a part of it

  18. Didn't even know there was an alliance on our server, neat. Always good to see you guys in game, even if I do sometimes flip my mag over on your heads by accident :<
  19. that's no fault of yours... didn't you also know.. Magriders run off the blood of vanu.. they need to feed.. OFTEN as it turns out!

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