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  1. Does anyone have a spare WarZ guest key.
    I've been wanting to play the game but with all the bad publicity want to try it first.
    Thanks guys PM me if you have one.

  2. No one likes it.
  3. meee!! I would like to try it out.

    Edit: oh i thought you were giving them out.
  4. Trust me, you don't want too.
    Contrary to popular belief, Dayz is also bad(worse, probably not), but dayz didn't release a completely unfinished and broken game complete with completely pointless microtransactions.

    Just as Total Biscut put it, you buy a new baseball bat weapon and get killed by a player who hasn't rendered yet and loose it forever, and 3 people spawn in the same spot on a 75 Km map.

    Then theres the bully tactics of the devs and the completely ******** things like no swimming and falling 2 feet will drop half your health.
  5. Just get a copy of Fallout 1 and the FIXT mod for higher resolution, new games are crud.
  6. dayz is alot of fun when you are playing with a group of friend but by yourself just sucks. warz is terrible from what i understand theres not much of a survival and scavenge for food/equipment aspect to the game. its very easy to get weapons and stuff and its more of a pvp game with zombies on the side than a zombie game with some pvp aspects to it. trust me dont waist your time. if you want to see the game go look up vitalsyntax's videos. he has a few reviews about the game.
  7. Project Zomboid looks more fun that WarZ o_O
  8. DayZ was the only online game that actually made me tense. Despite all the bugs, you could have fun IF you could bring your group together. But once that happened you kind of lost sight of things and the only thing you ought to bother doing once you get ANY weapons is camp out and be a bandit. I don't see that as much of a problem, the game is great conceptually, but the lack of actual objective-driven content(Too sandboxy?) coupled with the buggy game itself and the extreme difficulty of hooking up with your friends made the game very frustrating and I just quit after a while.

    WarZ on the other hand, sucks balls.
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  9. i have the warZ game dont try it i used to defend this game so much and loved to play it but now its filled with hackers and let downs people get banned just for talking bad about the game.the mods are ******* and the devs well the devs are just useless.the game just went down hill you wont be able to survive more than 5 mins or less in game cause some hacker will shoot you across the map.
  10. I look forward to "State of Decay" a game which actually went into production BEFORE Day Z came out (unlike the War Z which lied that it had). State was called "Class 4" back then and is an interesting game that's a stepping stone until they finish the MMO version of it.
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  11. i saw videos of it looks nice
  12. Sort of like a cross between the survival hardcore world of Day Z and the fun of Dead Rising.
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  13. im so excited about it.basically state of decay is what i wanted warZ to be.Sadly i let the screen shots of warZ trick me and i bought the game :/
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  14. RAS

    is the guy in the video describing ps2 and soe but with a video from another game ?

  15. Please, this is not a game this is a pure scam ! The game got removed from Steam.

    The game is not f2p and you have to pay for the client which is actually still a half finished game.
    All items you can obtain in the ingame shop for real money are lost if you die. Btw items you can buy in a so called survival game....
    If you die you have to wait minimum 1 hour for your respawn or if you wish you can pay for an instant respawn.

    The game is just a pvp shooter with zombies as a side effect, an allegedly survival game where you buy most items in an ingame shop....stay away from this game, there are much better FPS shooter out there.
    If you like Zombies and if you like survival gameplay, try for sure DayZ...thats a much more polished game and actually quiete fun without any hassle or ripp off attempts, besides of that with Arma 2 you will obtain one of the best military FPS out there.

    The War Z was released in mid October 2012, whilst still in Alpha stages of production. While the game was eagerly anticipated, this fact largely contributed to its downfall, as after release on Steam the game promptly received a 1.1(11/100) on metacritic.[103] This was due to the fact that the game advertised promising features that were yet to be fully implemented in-game and as such it was removed from Steam shortly after release and still cannot be purchased there.[104] War Z has also been at the center of controversy regarding its main producer Sergey Titov (also the producer of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing --> which is widely regarded as one of the worst video games of all time), who is accused of refusing legitimate refunds to people unhappy with having been misled into buying an unfinished game, as well as false advertising and an overall poor grasp of the English language and grammar in regards to responding to unhappy customers.[105][2]Other notable reviews include half a star from Gamespy who stated "All I can say is that The War Z is a bad game that deserves all the controversy it's drawn, and that you should avoid it like the undead."[106] It received a 3.7/10 on GameSpot with one user saying he gave it a rating of 1.0 for "The blatant lies, scamming, and investigations."[107] Geekenstein gave the game a 0.5 stating "If I could give The War Z a score lower than 0.5, I would, but that’s the lowest point on our scale at this point."[108] TotalBiscuit described it as an "Irredeemable farce."[109] Its trademark has been revoked for being "too similar" to World War Z [110] and it is under fire for stealing images from AMC's T.V series "The Walking Dead.
  16. stay away from that game if you don't wanna smash your keyboard and monitor.
  17. I was try
    I remember playing with my friend once, but he barely knew how to use the map. I kept asking "Where are you?" to which he replied, "I'm by the railroad." I said "There's a whole freaking bunch of railroads!" I don't understand how anyone manages to find eachother XD
  18. warz lol, I moan about PS2 but at least it has potential.

    warz just... lol, watch the totalbiscuit video on BoreZ.

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