[Suggestion] What if the Striker fired heat-seekers?

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  1. There seems to be only room for 3 lock-on rocket launchers for each faction; the anti-air, the anti-tank, and the Ani.
    The TR's Striker shares the same lock-on mechanic, so kinda ends up being either a weaker or stronger version of one of them.

    What if the Striker instead fired a barrage of fast-moving mini-missiles with heat-seeking capability (like the Coyote missiles on PTS)?

    This would mean you'd have an easier time hitting tanks (if it locks on to tanks), though a harder time against aircraft - you actually have to aim at and lead the thing you're trying to shoot down, but your opponent would have less time to react - having little, if any, lock-on warning. You'd also get dumbfire capability (which probably would mean reduced damage versus infantry like the other two launchers), letting you finally take out turrets again.

    I think it would also bring it in line with the other faction launcher's (Phoenix, Lancer) AA capabilities - it'd be best against slower moving air targets at close range as you'd need to lead your target, but don't need to wait for a lock.

    tl;dr: Would be neat if Striker worked like those ESF missiles on PTS.
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  2. Yeah this would make things more interesting.
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  3. What if the Striker missiles simply showed up on everyone's minimap?
  4. I think that even if it didn't work out it's definitely worth a run on test and maybe a couple weeks on live. What could go wrong?
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  5. A quote from "The Pentagon Wars"...So you decided to heat up the target to help your heat seeking missile lock on to it's target?And how heated up it was.I could fry eggs from 15ft away.
  6. Wow a suggestion I actually like.
    Hmmm is this a sign, should I prepare for the end? I wonder..........
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  7. yeah that might make it more useful then it is now.
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  8. given that flares are the countermeasure to lock-ons I'd venture to say they already ARE heat seeking munitions

    just saying
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  9. I think this is a very interesting idea. Short range, rapid fire missiles sounds awesome. Only let's make it a swarm missile launcher. Up the clip to 15. Up the rate of fire. Lower the damage to match the rest and apply this new lock on mechanic. It'll definatly give the striker its own niche rather than being an alternate anni.
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  10. I would actually buy it if it were like this.
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  11. I'd much rather 5 dumbfires or 5 wire guided missiles like the Hornets on PTS.
  12. The only problem is with having a warning, since the striker can bring an ESF below half health. The big red target of them will help as will the sound. It also means that they can be dumbfired and thus would need to be nerfed against infantry. As long as it's easier to dodge 'em, I'd say go for it.
  13. Better post this on Reddit so a dev will actually read it. Or make it more inflammatory.
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  14. Give the rockets a Phoenix style low damage/low resistance so they are ineffective against infantry.
    Wouldn't want a bunch of RED Soldiers running around.
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  15. Right now any change would be for the better. The striker may have been OP before but it's just a joke now. What's even worse is that I have 2 of those horrible things in my inventory.
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  16. Really cool idea. Might have to tune the damage down a wee bit, but it's cool!
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  17. This would make more sense if you have a bunch of missiles all fired in a spread (like the TR have), but the problem I have is that we don't need a RL that can fast-fire dumb rockets if they were used against infantry.

    You'd basically have to kick the recoil after each shot way the hell up, to help prevent it from being too easy to use without the heat seeking against smaller targets like infantry.

    The other problem I have is that giving infantry heat seekers will end up creating the situation we just had with lockons being crazy fire-and-forget waves with no way to break the lock.

    If they did this, they'd have to increase the reload time by a lot, make the missiles' turn speeds low enough to dodge at respectable ranges, lower (if there was any) splash to prevent it from being used to blanket spam an area with only a handful of soldiers, increase the recoil to help prevent easy use as a dumbfire against smaller infantry targets, and then maybe we'll have something.

    What we'll probably end up with though is another NS RL or very similar Empire Specific RLs from this. Otherwise, yes the idea is very cool and sounds very much more like TR than mass lockons. Personally I think the lockons are a holdover from PS1, and as others have said, it was useful back then because it was the only lock on rocket launcher.
  18. I like the idea!


    Then again I am TR

    Gotta run this by the other two factions first and see if they like it too
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  19. Yeah I think that's a damn fine idea! But I do think that a crazy hip fire CoF should be added like LMG CoF.
  20. Have you seen the Coyote Missiles on PTS? They have crazy slow projectile velocity and track to target only if they pass within 10m of center mass (otherwise they are just a straight line dumbfire). Which means for something like a Galaxy, you can actually shoot and pass right by the tail section by less than 0.5m and still be a miss.

    This would actually bring skill to the TR ESRL, as you would have to actually lead the target. All they need to do is give it the same resist as the Phoenix/Lancer and drop the damage to 140 per rocket. That way it does the same max damage on vehicles (2000) as the other two if all 5 hit. Can still be dumb fired, but has the same effective poor damage against infantry (700). It gives no initial warning to the target, just like the other two. It can hit hoover aircraft just as easy, but makes it a lot harder to hit fast moving aircraft just like the other two. And can be used in a pinch for self defence against infantry if caught off guard, again just like the other two.

    The only real difference it the limitation placed on it. Lancer you have to charge, Phoenix you can only hit target within 300m, and the Striker you have to hit all 5 rockets. Overall this is a damn good idea.
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