What is up with the NC?!

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  1. I tried 3 different servers and all three continents. And NC is at best 1/4 or the map, but mostly at their warp gate.
    Is the NC underpowered or just full of noobs?
  2. Some would say they are all noobs, but I believe that they are slightly under powered. Pretty much your bringing up something that will probably degrade into bickering.
  3. I think it is more subtle than simply that they are
    I think there is something subtle at work here.

    First, NC weapons are quite powerful -- in close quarters. Range is their weakness, but if you gave them range, you'd be forced to reduce their CQC ability, and now the Empires all start to look and feel alike in their tactics and weapons...so let's not go there.

    Second, I believe the NC attracts a certain kind of player expecting a certain "traditional FPS" style of play. This style bias leads to a rush mentality (coupled with the fact the NC must close to be effective) that exposes the NC players to enemy fire whereas the other sides are more careful in their approaches.

    It's not that NC players are noobs, nor is that their weapons are underpowered, but that the current crop of NC players, new to PS, have not adjusted their style bias to PS.

    That's my theory, anyway...
  4. It's a combo. We do great inside a base yeah, but when you get more than 30ft away we cannot do anything.
    As far as us being full of noobs I disagree. Although I'm on connery and we currently control 2 continents. Maybe we just need more organization on your server?
  5. Always thought, and felt that the TR do well in close quarters. Now I'm not saying the NC weapons are bad, I can use them just fine. What I'm saying is that they are the harder weapons to use. If you know what your doing you can do fine, but the other two factions feel much easier to me. I personally like the NC guns feel, but I still feel like they are the more difficult ones to use. Also I'm not biased and play all three factions pretty equally(admittedly less TR, but I still play them). I may be misinterpreting what you said, but you seem to think I'm trying to influence something. I'm just more tired of the "you guys suck deal with it" attitude that every biased player seems to say in these conversations.
  6. Where do you play?
    There seems to be a big difference in population distribution between US and EU servers.
    On most EU servers the NC has the smallest population, by quite a bit sometimes.
    A few screens from miller when i played the last days.

    From my experience so far in PS2, from the beta and after, population size is the most importend part when it comes to owning territory.
    That may chance later with ourfits getting bigger and more experienced, but right now the smallest faction usually has the smallest territory.
    Has advantages too, i am fairly sure i level faster than the other factions on miller because since the launch of the game i did not play even once without the population bonus to XP.
  7. The weapons stats from the game files don't support your beliefs.

    Default TR carbines and assault rifles have about a 5-10% TTK advantage over their VS and NC equivalents. NC guns also have worse recoil stats, particularly the stats that contribute to CoF and random recoil, the things least counterable by skill.

  8. I'm not sure we understand each other, because you didn't seem to understand me and I am certainly not sure what you're trying to say now.

    Let me try again. I think each empire has a sweet spot. I think the NC's sweet spot is up close and personal. Getting up close and personal can require the NC players to expose themselves to fire within the TR and VS's medium range (which is the VS' sweet spot, for sure). Not being able to close and use their weapons generates a feeling of being underpowered. I don't think they are underpowered, just not quite using the right tactics to close safely yet.

    All of this is sort of a long-winded way of saying that I think once the NC infantry figure out how to close safely, they will get to use their weapons more where they are most powerful, and we (on the other side) will be chewing lead a lot.
  9. No understood you fine. What I was saying is I think TR is more of the close up guys(they need there bullets to hit for best effectiveness which would be at close range). They can also afford to hip fire, which I don't think the NC can really do. What I was also saying is that NC guns aren't bad, they just require more skill. This kind of setup a system where the NC get a higher skill cap, but the other factions skill cap is more standardized. Pretty much NC noobs vs other faction noobs loses, but NC pro vs other faction pro is much more even. Take note I don't claim to be an expert on any of this so I could be wrong, but this is how I feel from playing the factions. As for the second part that was about that first sentence about something subtle at work, which I assumed meant that you thought I was biased towards NC and wished to try to make them look the victim, which I'm not. No 100% sure that is what you intended, but that's kind of how I read it. Can be hard to tell intentions through emotionless text at times.
  10. Gotcha.

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