What's up with the Mossie? How come no one is mentioning it?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Rubius, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. And lol @ your statement on grasping straws. I'm a farmer. Don't talk to me about grasping straws.

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  2. I'll not comment about the mossie as I have not had any flying experience in it.

    However, I do feel like the scythe has been significantly worse handling since GU2. And before you say it, yes I know the sensitivty was adjusted and I have tried to compensate for that in the settings. Still does not feel the same.
  3. And I'm a Game Programmer with a background in cognitive science and psychology... Along with a masters degree in law and quantum physics. :D At least I wish I had masters degree there...

    Anyway proclaiming to be something while true will not give you any kind of credibility, considering the opposite might also be true that you're talking out of your ****...

    Now I've only flown the Reaver... Yes the flying brick... Yes people do actually fly it... Yes it feels like flying a giant brick with a bullseye on it...

    So I tried Mossie, faster, more maneuverable for sure. Reason it's more maneuverable is because of it's mass and acceleration. It got a low mass which with the acceleration leads to very quick turns, now the downside being that these quick turns are quite wide in comparison. Now you won't really notice the difference unless you go into a hover battle with a scythe so it is quite negligible unless you got the jump on them.

    The scythe is by far the more maneuverable one for sure when it comes to using your pitch to turn... Now this has both drawbacks and advantages. It gives them a clear advantage in hover battles or very tight dogfights, the drawback tho is that cause it can pull off these tight turns it's momentum is basically completely lost in the turn. Which compared to a Mossie slows it down considerably.

    The thing being here is that the scythe loses it's momentum in it's tight turns while the Mossie mostly keeps it due to higher base acceleration and cruise speed. So in short if you have a Scythe and Mossie do a 180 degree pitch turn at the same time at full speed, the scythe will finish the rotation first but will be close to a standstill, while the Mossie will still have significant speed to get a headstart even tho it finished the rotation slower.
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  4. Friend of mine in the same outfit as me once said that if they ever make hacking vehicle a thing in this game he'll open a squad for himself with 11 people doing nothing but trying to hack mossies for him to fly. After trying out the mossie I agree. The thing seems to handle as good as a reaver if it had all max level performance upgrades installed at the same time. Possibly even better.
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  5. I love the magical mystery drugs that make people think they know what something is intended to be more than the people that made it.
  6. The ammount of bias in this thread is reaching dangerous stupid levels.

    Honestly folks, play every faction for a decent ammount of time (spend a good long while in each vehicle, and trying each infantry weapons) before making complete fools out of yourselves in the forums, in almost every thread.
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  7. when you all start arguing about this stuff, i just sit here and make fart noises with my mouth. It's seriously ******* boring.

    As far as i know, they have made no changes to the handling of any of the ESF's in recent patches. I've seen multiple tweets from the devs stating such.
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  8. Thanks for your reply. Does anyone else have the same experience? Scythe handling worse since GU2. I haven't noticed any changes on mossy handling so if scythes really did get downgraded in the update, that would explain a lot.
  9. so far i felt that reaver is the one that needs the fix. I had way too many odd physic issues with it, Instant explosion if the landing gear wasnt release or lost 20% health if i dont do a complete brake before landing, Scratching the ground will cause instant explosion, Odd hitbox issue, AB+ v-thrust doesnt work sometimes when your hovering, cetera.

    rotary nosegun - off-centre
  10. generally i find the GU2 scythe handling suit my taste, better than the pre-patch. It makes fine aiming easier.

    Also SOE, sort of fix reaver's yawing left and right, so it no longer oversteers.
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  11. Really? I find it very twitchy, easier to overshoot what I aim for e.t.c. since the last update.
  12. Interesting to see always the same Vanu jumping in the "TR OP" ambulance. Mossies have not been buffed, yet now I have seen a couple of these "Mossies are the best ESF" posts blossoming in several threads. Scythes and Mossies are on the same level with Reavers behind, and if one of the two is better, it's the Scythe. HE Prowlers are also being decried as OP, when they've also remained unchanged for quite a lot of time.

    Lovely how much repercussion the Magrider nerf had,

    If we keep on this downward spiral in a while we will have VS threads complaining about "Claymores being OP compared to Bouncing Betties and Proximity Mines".
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  13. yep vs went oh no we aint op lets blame it on tr.
  14. ESFs in general need to differentiate themselves more from each other. Not less. The differences right now are so small if you're calling another ESF OP, you're bad. Plain and simple. That little extra turn time or top speed isn't going to make you any better.

    You're just a whiner, and the reason why we get these massive balance swings with no real purpose other than the complete loss of flavor for each empire. It's already happening with the slow homogenization of every vehicle and weapon. Soon it won't be TR, NC, or VS. It'll be what color team do you want? Red, Blue, or Purple?
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  15. This thread would deserve a scythe nerf just to give it a reason to be here.
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  16. The mosquito by default, cannot outrun missiles. I can atest to this, severely lol
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  17. Yeah, my sentinments exactly. The fighters in PS2 are pretty much identical as it is, I've killed and been killed in all of them, and against all of them. There's no real difference. And since there's no situational awareness to speak of, and no way to escape once spotted (since all ESF's have basically the same performance), it's the guy who sees the other first who wins everytime. I'd like to see some kind of energy management, so that there's a point to climbing for altitude before a fight, but currently whoever gets slow, can just AB away and regain all his energy in half a second.
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  18. Nobody calling out the op for showing how skilled he is by showing clips of him spamming ground targets and lazily taking down esf with lockons at high altitude? :(

    Being able to keep momentum is not a blessing in ESF vs ESF fights in this game. What you need to do is be able to change momentum and direction quickly. And as hitboxes go the old moss monster has a deceptively fat tail as anyone who has used one for a while knows. Other ESF look fatter from some angles but you don't have to be as accurate as all that to hit a mosquito.

    But other than that, show me that stats I guess. Then give a plausible explanation for why the stats are so skewed.
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  19. Didn't bother to watch his vids, I just assumed he was an A2A scrub. Don't get me wrong, I am too...but I don't pretend to be a god of the skies lol
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  20. From my experience, the Scythe felt like the best ESF for dogfighting. Might just be my bias though. Grass is always greener on the other side and such.

    I'm sure the ESFs are quite balanced vs each others as they haven't gotten any changes for a while.

    Mag was nerfed because stats showed it was out performing the other MBTs by a large margin. If any of the ESFs outperforms the others by a similar margin, I'm sure some sort of changes are on their way.

    OP really does sound like just another kid who got owned one too many times so he comes to cry for a nerf in forumside... Good luck with that.

    Ps. Maybe people are not mentioning Mossie because they see no problem with it?
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