When the HA AA launcher has lost it's dumb-fire...

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Stolen_Insanity, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Dreadnaut

    Funny you should mention that. Rumor has it, the Decimator will make an appearance in PS2.
  2. SiosDashcR

    Seems like someone obviously hasn't checked the description pre-patch for the launchers which did state: Dumbfire and lock-on.

    Just because SOE can change the description with a snap of their fingers, doesn't mean what was there BEFORE, didn't exist.
  3. Silver Pepper

    Why did they need to remove the dumb-fire option? It'd make more sense to nerf it's damage against ground vehicles/infantry than remove it completely. I personally ran around with the AA rocket because it was good as a deterrent - half the time it barely scratched air, but it at least managed to scare them off. Half the time it didn't manage to scratch tanks, but it at least managed to distract / irritate them while someone else did something important.
  4. TheEvilBlight

    It's confirmed, it *will* appear.

    I suspect it'll be a higher velocity, non-arcing, non-splash version of the starter HA rocket. But it gets more damage against tank, so spend your station cash...
  5. Deathcapt

    here's what's going to happen, SOE will say **** you,

    The existing launcher will stay as a awkwards, sucks at everything, and there will be a new item, called the Hawk mkII or Nemesis MkII or the Grounder MkII. It will be what the change should have been, and instead of fixing the game, SOE will go into, flood with new content mode, and then nerf the OP stuff into the ground, with the numbers they're legally allowed to use.

    I know with some MMOs they'd offer free respecs if they significantly changed functionality, I know D2 had tons of respecs when they added the expansions, and the synergies. You're not getting your SC back, at best you might get 1000 certs back, worst case, you'll get a "sorry you feel that way, we just think this will make the weapon fill it's intended role better".

    Personally I used the Hawk against MAXs, and engineer turrets, mostly, as it was useless against tanks anyways, (4 hits to the back), I'd rather it be more effective against air, personally. that being said, I'm all about getting freebies!
  6. Dreadnaut

    I hope it has ZERO arc and fires straight. That would be really nice.
  7. Gary

    Thought it was going to be a slow fire rate low ammo, Low projectile speed and high arc but massive damage
  8. Dornez

    I WANT TO SEE THIS. I am not even kidding. I would love to see an MMO company get drug through the courts for something like this. It would need to be a class action lawsuit proving they ousted thousands of dollars. I bet if someone was really adamant about it there could be a lawsuit.

    Posting here is useless, unless you're submitting a support ticket or a letter to a congressman/equivalent, or trying to sue SOE over it you're just a worthless whiner.

    In the end all this will end up causing is a change in the Terms of Service allowing SOE to not do **** when they change things in the future.
  10. VoidMagic

    Do some research it's happened. /enjoy
  11. Sento

    But does that count for SC since you are not actually buying the in-game item but the SC instead? That's what I wonder with all this.
  12. Hosp

    For the record:
    - I am ok w/o an SC refund. I'll accept an unlock swap or cert refund.
    - If I see a Mk II ANYTHING that requires us to buy a new weapon, rather than completely replacing a broken one or adding something vastly different & new within the realm of balance w/ everything else...I'm out.
  13. Dornez

    Did research, couldn't find anything regarding anyone being sued for changing in game items and refusing to refund.
  14. VoidMagic


  15. Grizzz

    Yes, yes and yes. If you are going to change the BASIC functions of an item I purchased I think its fair to return SC. Some may have enough disposable income to purchase any new weapon. But I have a limited investment I can put in the game. The Nemesis was worth the $7 I spent as is. Not so much if you cannot dumbfire it. I am cool if you want to change it, just don't bait and switch.
  16. Stolen_Insanity

    I like how my thread is the top topic of today, gaining many responses and views but not a single SOE staff member post.

    Either they are ignoring their players and our fears that they will bait and switch have been realised.


    They are biding their time so they can think very carefully about their response so they don't add fuel to the fire.

    It can't be that none of them have seen the thread as they have posted on other threads since this one started.
  17. Timperium

    Unfortunately, SoE seem to be completely ignoring the Sale of Goods Act even with it taking into account digital currency i.e. Station Cash.

    They seem to be giving a "blah blah terms of service agreement" answer, even though the Act clearly overides the EULA.

    Ah well, perhaps some will fill in a form for the small claims court, some won't bother.

    I personally wont buy more station cash from SoE most likely.
  18. Stolen_Insanity

    I'll fill in the claim. In the UK you can pick up the form from your local police station or council office.
    You don't have to do anything else. I don't think SOE realise there are these UK laws that override their EULA.

    I can probably claim for Internet costs and electricity costs too.

    For people who live in the UK. This method will work, they have no choice but to reimburse you.
    Shame really because this could be settled so easily without SOE losing any money by just giving back the SC/certs.

    People outside of the UK, just keep this thread going till SOE acknowledge that they have been unfair with you.
  19. Neurotoxin

    You bought Station Cash, a valueless virtual currency owned and maintained by SOE. Station Cash can be exchanged for access to items and services in SOE's games, and these items and services are also owned and maintained by SOE. That is the good you purchased, you didn't buy shares of SOE stock, you didn't buy a currency that is backed by a sovereign nation, you bought SOE Funbucks to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

    I understand your disappointment, but I don't think that it is worth SOE's resources to spend Customer Service time on refunds. Maybe one day they'll add a buyback or trading system, but until then, getting a refund for your weapon is solely at SOE's discretion. They may say yes, they may say no, but the place to handle it is the customer support page.
  20. broken

    Do that and they will pretty much laugh you off. The EULA that you agreed to when you signed up for your account is completely on their side in this issue. You don't own the item and even if you did you waived your ability to get a refund when you agreed to the EULA.
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